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StarlingWings 06-12-2015 02:26 PM


Originally Posted by aluz (Post 2998834)
He doesn't look dark green to me at all. I have had plenty of dark green budgies over the years (as well as the other different shades) and currently have one (my boy Carioca) and Eric's colouring doesn't seem to match based from the photos.
Also the yellow on a green series budgie should even be more vibrant, and I can see a lot of blue mingled with the yellow and the rump doesn't look dark green at all, in fact it's quite similar to my Goldilock's rump.

To my understanding, the golden face mutation doesn't have the type I and II, there is only differentiation between single factor and double factor.

You're right, forgot that dark greens are much more vibrant. If he was a green series it would have to be olive sf violet, I think.
I agree about the rump coloring, that's what threw me off, and looks mauve, although his green is very green. If he has such consistent green it has to be a II mutation like yellowface, but his bright yellow says maybe goldenface? I always assumed goldenface was the same as yf, but if not, then maybe its a combination of the two. The green is very green for a blue series bird. :dunno:

aluz 06-12-2015 03:31 PM

I'm not very good at identifying violet on green series budgies. It may be my computer but I really see a lot of blue (mauve colour to be precise) on Eric.

Just for comparison, I will use some of my chicks, their yellow heads have a stronger shade of yellow, and this was before first moult where colours aren't intensified:
Two dark green normal budgies and my Peppy who is olive opaline RP

You can see baby Peppy's olive colour here.

Olive green normal budgie chick

Goldilocks' rump colour.

katharinemfinch 06-12-2015 04:30 PM

He does resemble your goldilocks!

StarlingWings 06-12-2015 07:13 PM

Yeah, he looks like Goldilocks more :o. Agreed with Aluz! :thumbsup:

tonic 06-12-2015 09:30 PM

I agree with Aluz.The body colour looks very Grey on my computer, but those violet cheek patches say otherwise, so Mauve it must be.

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