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acudogmama 11-23-2008 07:56 PM

Wing Pattern Question
I have a question about my budgie Puppy's mutations.
Thanks in advance~!

I know that it is a little difficult to be 100% accurate based on photos online. I have read the descriptions of all of these mutations and looked up photos online, and i understand how they are different, but if someone could explain how to distinguish these mutations on my bird it would be helpful. I've seen a few photos that seem to look like Puppy's colors, but they have been labeled with different mutation. *^_^*

Just a *Reminder*...This is Puppy-

When i first found Puppy, someone online (not here) identified him as a Continental Duchpied Greywing Skyblue. I understand that Continental Duchpied is also known as "Clearflight Pied" (thanks Nev90). So i understand his clear flight feathers and the "thumbprint" on the back of his head.

I've been trying to learn the various mutations, and i was wondering if Puppy's dilution is just a regular "greywing", or maybe a "full bodied greywing". I don't think he is just a "dilute" because his overall color isn't that light... but is his body color bright enough to be a "full bodied greywing"~? His stripes and markings are too dark to be a "clearwing", right~?

What do you think~?

Also, i was wondering if maybe he was Spangle as well~? It's hard for me to tell because his wing markings don't go all the way down because of the clearflight pied. But now that i have a budgie with "normal" wing markings, i think that Puppy's look different. Also, you can see some blue on his mantle, which i noticed i cannot see on my normal winged bird.


My cinnamon with "normal" wings-

Hehe~ When i got my two new budgies and they both happened to be skyblue i was thinking to myself, "'s not like i have a thing for skyblues. I don't know why 3 of my 4 are skyblues". As i was looking for pictures to use in this post, i realized that my "thing" isn't skyblues.... i think i have a "thing" for beautiful wings~! LoL~

Mouse, my Opaline-
Recessive Pied-
And my Cinnamon-


atvchick95 11-23-2008 10:58 PM

he is Sky blue Clear Flight pied, Grey wing - the grey wing

I don't see Spangle - the grey wing is a different in markings then "normal"

here are 2 of my Grey wings One "normal / not pied of any kind" one is Clear Flight pied like yours

The female (green grey wing) is the "normal" marking the male is a cobalt Clear wing pied grey wing (he may be another mutation as well that was never set in stone - but because of his Lack of wing markings it is thought he may be Double Factor Dominate pied Grey wing)

if you need a clearer pic of Belle (green grey wing female) I can see if i have one

acudogmama 11-23-2008 11:21 PM

Thanks ATV~

That helps. I always thought that "greywing" was the same markings as a regular, just grey instead of black. I didn't know that the markings were different. That's why the confusion. I went back and looked at my intro post here, and someone mentioned "spangle" so i was curious...
It doesn't look like your two in the picture have any of their body color on their mantle behind their wings. Puppy has a definate blue between his wings- not a lot, but it's there. Is that because of the pied maybe and not the greywing~?

I understand that even within a color- say skyblue- there can be a wide range of colors... from lighter to darker. So i get confused as to how to tell when a budgie is a full body greywing, just a greywing, and a clearwing. I think i can tell a suffused/dilute budgie because everything is very muted and light... but the other three confuse me a bit.

So, you think that Puppy is just a normal greywing~? So he has the light grey markings and a 50% diluted color~?

btw- beautiful birds~!

nev90 11-24-2008 12:35 AM

Puppy is greywing clearflight pied (or greywing Continental Dutchpied) his body colour is quite bright but I don't think it's bright enough for full body greywing. There is alway confusion between greywing, clearwing, dilute and full body greywing because there seems to be a lot of birds that are "in between" The wing pattern on clearflight pieds is not quite the same as a normal but it's not like a spangle.

acudogmama 11-24-2008 09:46 AM

Thanks for the explaination. *^_^*

So the different wing pattern is from the pied mutation.... not because of the dilute part of his mutation. Ok, that makes sense.

Good to know that i've been calling him the correct mutation this whole time then~!

atvchick95 11-24-2008 10:08 AM

Thank You :) they made some beautiful babies too :D

stacey101 11-24-2008 10:30 AM

Puppy is a Sky blue Clear Flight pied Grey wing :)

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