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parakeetaddict 04-25-2016 12:46 AM

I bred this bird last year. I will add a photo of the parents at the end. Dad is a recessive pied, mother is a dominant pied. I thought he was a Greywing, but when looking at him next to my other Greywings tonight I realized he was much darker in body color and also his cheek patch is as dark as my birds with normal markings. So now I'm a little confused as to what his specific mutation is.

I have photos of him next to his dominant pied sister, where you can see their cheek patches are basically the same color. As well as two other Greywings, where you can see how dark his cheek patch is compared to their's. The Greywing hen in one of the photos was pecking at him because he startled her, so he looks a little stressed in a couple of the photos. He also appears to have some grey markings (extra melanin) on his chest... He's not the first baby that's had extra melanin in the form of grey barring or body patches that the dad has bred. I've had multiple babies come from him that have had extra melanin in various places, including a recessive pied hen I posted about here a few months ago.

Oh, and in the photo (collage photo) of the parents, dad has red all over his face from eating some beets in his veggie chop- so its nothing to worry about! The photos of the parents are from way before I bred them- I did wait until they were old enough, just couldn't track down recent photos for this.






Here's the best photo of his tail that I have... It's from when he was a smaller chick. It looks like a lot of body color suffusion... Pointing to clearwing?


aluz 04-25-2016 05:18 AM

Beautiful flock you have there! :love:

By looking at the intensity on the markings on the wings the and barring, the colour on the cheek patches, I'd say your budgie is a full body colour greywing.
I believe he is a sky violet yellow face type II full body colour greywing budgie.

tonic 04-25-2016 05:09 PM

I agree with Aluz!

StarlingWings 04-25-2016 09:20 PM

He is stunning! I do agree that he is a fullbody greywing, as Aluz said.

I actually think, however, that he is sky blue double factor violet and goldenface rather than yellowface type II. From my experience with yellowface II budgies, the yellow on their face is not as bright at that age :thumbsup:

What a cutie :love:

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