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Aquaseafoam 04-25-2009 01:04 AM

different color chicks
I know I know... I could wait a week or so and find out, but I'm so anxious!
Any ideas on what color these chicks will be?
I know they are both opaline and yellowface.
Father is YF2 dilute sky blue opaline
Mother is opaline violet spangle

Bub 1

Bub 2


Guthwulf 04-25-2009 04:08 AM

Second one is definately an opaline spangle. For future reference, if you ever want to try and check for spangle mutation early in chicks, look at the two main tail feathers. You can clearly see the second chick has white (or yellow white) feathers, this is due to the spangle mutation and is not present in the first chick.


Chick 1: YF2 Sky blue opaline
Chick 2: YF2 Sky blue opaline spangle.

Aquaseafoam 04-25-2009 11:08 AM

Awesome! Just the advice I was looking for :)
The spangle is the one who had splayed legs... all better now!

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