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Anj 07-16-2009 07:42 AM

Lets talk about Violets...
So... I have two Violet Spangles that I'm selling and a women who wanted to buy them, wanted some pics... I took these pics, but it's so hard to get their true colour.. They are both brothers and are both a very deep purple colour, more like the last picture of 'Prince' my recessive pied...

But she is convince that they are 'Colbat rather than purple' and the pics of the colours she wants are all a light purple, not deep like my boys...

Can anyone shed light on where my boys are violets? Cause I'm convinced they are, cause they are seriously purple in colour, not at all blue...

Also - any tips as to how I can get their colours to show correctly in pic? The pic I took was with natural light, no flash - any other hints?

Coral 07-16-2009 07:58 AM

Your cock is beautiful.

Try playing around with your camera settings, like changing the aperture value and shutter speed, to get a more accurate picture of the colour of you budgies.

If all fails, photoshop it. (Jokes ;)

Anj 07-16-2009 08:01 AM

I'd love to be able to photoshop it!! lol Would solve the hassel I'm having taking an accurate pic of my 'Violets'? lol

The truely sad thing is that I actually thought the pics weren't too bad, but I guess my eyes play tricks on me, and adjust the colour to their true colour!! lol When I looked at them after the lady commented on their colour, I looked again and thought, you know, they are a way deeper colour than the pic shows...

Guthwulf 07-16-2009 09:05 PM

Even my straight-up-purple-not-even-close-to-blue violets dont show their crazy purple colour in pictures. With all the people i've had coming to purchase budgies they always comment on 3 birds - augrens son (who i call BIG-ren as opposed to his twin brother LITTLE-ren whom i sold lol) cos he is a YF2 sky blue opaline. They love his sea green colour.

The other 2 birds they comment on without fail are my DF violet sky blue spangle boy, and my DF violet cobalt spangle girl. Both of whom i hope to breed together near the end of this year to produce more DF violets and i hope to get some DF violet normals and DF violet DF spangles out of them as well.

As for your birds, they appear to be SF violet skyblues going by the pics at least. Definately not sky blues, although there is a possibility they are poorly coloured cobalts however the feathering is not right for cobalts, the feathering is definately sky blue which can only mean they are SF violet sky blues.

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