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teasha 12-21-2009 07:56 PM


Originally Posted by tweety123 (Post 561179)
i would just like to thank everyone for their replies you all have given me hope. i dont know how the budgie died apart from it bleeding but when i picked the dead body up the lump was gone unless it got ripped off causing it to bleed. it makes much more sense that it is muck, my budgies arnt that tame so i hate lifting up lids on their boxes because they scream and im afraid they will ditch the babies but the box is filthy with poo and i thought it was just natural and since the boxes are bolted to the wall there isnt really away to clean it.
i am happy for people to post on other sites as any info is precious to me.
i am really afraid to put it in a bath because i dont know what im doing. wold a vet do this for me?
another thing is the lumps are only on the back toes but in the pic it just looks like it has grown on both front and back but the lump is just on the back
thanks again for all your replies.

Hi you need to clean the boxes, filth and poop will lead to diseases and sickness.

What they mean by put it in a bath is soak just the foot in water and this will soften the poop balls so you can gently peel them off.

tweety123 12-21-2009 11:59 PM

i clean boxes every time after they have bred but have trouble cleaning when babies are in box. thanks i now get how to bath them but taking them to vet tomorrow

helenvee 12-22-2009 12:47 AM

It's really not that hard at all to clean a nest box. I have a breeding pair who in no way are tame by any means but still clean the nest box daily when the chicks get older. This does look like poop build up and now it has concreted itself to your poor babies feet.
To clean a nest box you just pick up each baby, put them into an ice cream container with a layer of nesting material on the bottom (wood shavings) and just clean away! You need to get your hen into a routiene of daily matenece like tapping on the nestbox door before entering so this doesn't scare her and make her 'scream'. For all she knows, its a preditor coming to get her, but she will get used to you and will not abandon her chicks. After you have given the nest box a good clean out you add clean nesting material. I use a mix of rolled oats and woos shavings. Its really great as the rolled oats partly soak up the poop, keeps them warm and is cheap as chips to buy at the supermarket.
As for the build up, you are going to have to take this off as you have already experienced a horrible death due to this build up.
If they are still young then they should be alright to handle. Just soak the feet and slowly pull it away.
Good luck!

chompie_puppy 12-22-2009 12:57 AM

I'm glad the mystery has been solved and that it's not an illness or disease! :D


Originally Posted by tweety123 (Post 561297)
i clean boxes every time after they have bred but have trouble cleaning when babies are in box. thanks i now get how to bath them but taking them to vet tomorrow

Is the muck coming off nicely? I think it's a good idea to take them to the vet anyway. :) It can't do any harm, and the vet might be able to remove it all for you.

tweety123 12-22-2009 04:20 PM

thanks everyone again your posts have been sooooooooo helpful.
i went to the vet this morning- despite her being a little angry she cleaned their feet in about 10 minutes, the two babies are now out hapily flying and churping along with the two parents.
i have taken the boxes out and have scrubbed them and wont put them in for a couple of months.
just 1 last question
i have 1 budgie in the breeding box that has named inferttile eggs and i want to pull her away but not sure what to do she has been in ther for like a month

SpickyDavies 12-22-2009 04:23 PM

happy to hear it was just muck, you will have to get us a photo :)
remove th box and eggs
reduce her daylight hours&food
rearrange the cage and the location of the cage
she will be alright

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