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berg 04-15-2010 10:38 PM

yf2 or goldenface?
I have a mauve (possibly violet- in certain lights there is almost a lavender color to vent feathers) bird with a quite bright yellow colored face.

I also have a sky blue dominant pied with a yellow face, nearly as bright but maybe not quite as bright as the other. I believe both are single factor, as post-molt the yellow coloring spread nearly throughout the entire body.

I understand that goldenface is brighter than yellowface, but how much? I am having trouble figuring it out, not having seen the two types side-by-side for comparison.

And is it correct that a double factor YF2 or DF goldenface do NOT have the same amount of yellow suffusion on the body? Is there any visible difference between a single factor GF and a YF2/GF?

nev90 04-16-2010 08:32 AM

The yellow spreads less in the double factor of both the golden face and the yellow face type 2. The yellow on a golden face should be much brighter than the type 2. There is quite a bit of confusion between the 2 mutations and you really need to see the two types together to learn the distinction

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