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wingedtoad 06-23-2010 11:58 PM

Skyblue dominant pied?
Am I correct in thinking that Buckbeak is all of the above?
Here's a pic of her from the back.

teasha 06-24-2010 12:11 AM

Isn't this the one you thought was opaline? She is dominant pied but post a back photo to see if she's opaline. :)

tonic 06-24-2010 12:16 AM

looks like a cobalt opaline dominant pied hen.

finefeathers 06-24-2010 12:17 AM

i would say yes she is opaline, and dominant pied- but i think she might be cobalt not skyblue, however im still learning so im not 100% sure, i hope someone can come along and help you out! :) she is so beautiful!

finefeathers 06-24-2010 12:18 AM

oh Tonic beat me to post, well at least i know im learning well ;)

wingedtoad 06-24-2010 12:21 AM

Thanks for the help!
Teasha, I did post a back pic.

teasha 06-24-2010 12:23 AM

Oops I see it now! :o She's beautiful btw!

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