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lapwings 07-27-2011 03:28 AM

baby budgie
I just had a quick look in one of the nest boxes today and I think I saw a violet coloured baby with grey wings Ihave been hope for one for the last three years ? Iam keeping my fingers cross will put picture as soon as I can.
Now I must away to the new forest show as Iam helping out with the show rabbits there:budgie:

ismyname 07-27-2011 03:41 AM

good luck on your violet baby:)

Budgiebud 07-27-2011 03:58 AM

Violet is one of my favorite colors in budgies.

Good Luck! :)


carlat187 07-27-2011 04:47 AM

Mine too. I got two of them i breed one got given one both r males so as long as i put a blue female to him i been told i should get another violet. When he is old enuf to breed she still young. Dont know how i got the violet tho as poppa is a sky blue recessive pied (harliquin) mumma budgie was colbat.Dont have mumma any more i got told to sell he as she didnt look after two clutches :-(

hrosec 07-27-2011 02:11 PM

Good luck on your violet baby!!

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