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monet 07-27-2011 05:01 AM

Mutation website
My sister saw the site and immediately had 100 questions to ask. :p and i am glad to help. she asked about some budgies we saw on the budgie of the month contest i believe it was cutelilbirdies (Lindsey's) coconut. she asked what they were mixed with other then the albino;). and i couldn't answer her. SO if you DO know what they are that would help. :p ALSO i know one of you have a website that has allot of the mutations on it. it has pictures of the different mutations and explains the differences in them.

I know what is when i see it. but i cannot find the website on my old posts i had. I can remember the back round was either a white or a tan. the home[age had a list of mutations to choose from like for example

then subsections of recessive and dominant.

opliens, cinnamons, Grey wing, clear wing, on another subject.

if you know what i am talking about please give me the website. it would help me out allot with explain to her a few things. :p

budgiemad 07-27-2011 05:13 AM

Before I joined this forum did a google search and found many that explain about mutations in budgies with detailed description too.
I was actually surfing to find a blackface mutation in budgies which describes the marking on my pet ANGEL.
I don't know if I can post links on this forum of other website otherwise I would have given you a list of what I had found?

JacoRBow_RSA 07-27-2011 08:03 AM

Hallo Monet,

I'm not really an expert on Genetics & Mutations...but I can offer these 2 links & cautious advice that may help:

A word of caution though (not that such concerns/errors mentioned herein applies to the above websites)...but this genetics subject is not the easiest to understand, neither so for anyone to express him/her-self correctly.....

...some heated "arguments" (well just opinions/ some just misunderstandings/ interpretations... lack of vacabulary, etc, etc) has taken place on TB on some budgie varieties...and for good reason, as some may express themselves in "lay-men terms"...whilst others use the accurate terminology...

Both groups on TB then referred to add value, but ..THIS is important:

It will be good to "tap-into the experience" of TB's (& other good forum's) genetic experts/members hear and understand the correct logic and facts...

I can recommend Nev90, RIPBudgies, atvchick95, SusanBudgies, Lindsey, Keane among others...for advice on such topics...

..and it's never a stupid do ask!

Good day,

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