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Mutations and Genetics Learn about budgie genetics and the wide variety of mutations.

Closed Thread
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Old 10-12-2011, 02:42 PM
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hines001 (Craig)
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hines001 will become famous soon enough
Default 3 New pairs put down

Hey everyone I will try and get some pics up soon as soon people have asked but in the meantime i wonder if anyone could give me some idea as what to expect from the pairs i have just put down.

I have had a go at working them out but a few things like the cinnamons confuse me a little

Pair 1) Lutino Hen x Grey Spangle

Pair 2) Light Green Cinnamon Hen x Sky Blue Recessive Pied

Pair 3) Opaline Grey Green Hen x YF Type 1 Cobalt

Oh and on a quick side note am i right in thinking that if i put my Albino hen with my Lutino male then the male babies be Lutino split for blue??

Oh and i now have 3 chicks, the last hatched a few hours ago
Which while i'm on that, the pair that have just had chicks i brought as a breeding pair and wasn't planning on letting them go down quite yet but they started laying about 2 days later on the cage floor so i gave her a nextbox but she wasn't in great condition so i dont really want her going down again after so if i take the nestbox away when the chicks are old enough will this stop her going down again?

Sorry for the long post but Thanks again for everyones help i really am learning alot and do appreciate it.


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Old 10-12-2011, 02:59 PM
equi's Avatar
equi (Hayley)
Young Budgie
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equi has a spectacular auraequi has a spectacular aura

Dunno anything about them tbh but ill be interested about the lutino and spangle cause thats what i have!
Old 10-12-2011, 03:58 PM
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Dries (Dries)
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Dries has a brilliant futureDries has a brilliant futureDries has a brilliant futureDries has a brilliant futureDries has a brilliant futureDries has a brilliant futureDries has a brilliant futureDries has a brilliant futureDries has a brilliant futureDries has a brilliant futureDries has a brilliant future

Pair 1: If they aren't split for anything else; this is what you can get:
1. green/blue
2. green spangle/blue
3. grey green/ blue
4. grey green spangle/ blue

All the cocks will also be /ino

Pair 2:

green/ blue rec pied (cocks will also be /cinnamon)

Pair 3:

1. Light and dark greens
2. Grey greens

All the cocks will be /opaline

Some of them will also carry the Yf gene, but you will not see them on the green birds.

Lutino X Albino:

I think that all the babies are going to be lutino and thei will all be /blue.

Last edited by Dries; 10-12-2011 at 04:13 PM.
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