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AnimalLuver 10-25-2011 09:25 PM

Incomplete Dominance in budgies?
For all the smarty pants breeders and just plain smarty pants out there :giggle: I know this question probably has already been asked but.... can you have incomplete dominance in budgies? Or any other birds, in that case? I know that you can have that in most mammals and some other species :S :dunno: I really wanted to know since it'd be really interesting if a cobalt budgie male & and lutino female resulted in vibrant green offsprings :budgie: Sorry if I'm asking a really dumb question :o but I don't know much about budgie genetics :p

miss parakeet 10-25-2011 09:49 PM

Im sorry but i dont quite understand your question.
But regarding the pair you mentioned you the chicks would just be green and possibly blue if the lutions is split for the blue colouring. Also if the male is split for any other mutations like cinnamon or opaline they will show in some females
hope that helps :)

AnimalLuver 10-25-2011 09:52 PM

Well like in flowers you can cross breed a red flower and a white flower and end up with a pink flower offspring. Could that type of thing happen in budgies?

miss parakeet 10-25-2011 09:55 PM

Oh i see what you mean. :P
Um. oh thats a head scratcher. I know that if you breed a violet budgie with a green you can get a violet green chick. if you breed a green with a grey you can get a grey green chick.
But a whole new colour cannot occur to my knowledge
But i dont think this occurs with other colours :D

AnimalLuver 10-25-2011 10:02 PM

Really?! You can get a violet green budgie? I'd like to see that :p Head scratching is good :D Anyone else? Please?

AnimalLuver 10-27-2011 08:39 PM

So does anyone have any pics of budgie with incomplete dominance?? Or a violet/green budgie??

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