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DyArianna 11-11-2011 10:31 PM

Digging deeper into Sam..
So here he is. I've posted this pic before but I'll use it again as it is a good clear pic.


I'm trying to learn all these new mutations.. (Budgies vs Tiels) and so I have been trying to figure out what he is. I have already thankfully been told by some of you on here that he is Dominant Pied.

So, based on that.. to me his green looks a bit olive.. So does that make him a yellow based olive? And also do you consider him a yellow face type 2?

Oh, someone also mentioned something about feet turning blue around 2, 2 and a half years old. Does that happen for green also? And if so, would you consider his feet being blue? I really don't although I think there's a tinge of some sort to them. Thank you in advance!

atvchick95 11-11-2011 10:42 PM

He is a Green Dominant pied

he is not olive - not dark enough

he can't be a YF 2 he's green series they all have yellow faces - Some say Greens can "mask" yellow face but that still makes absolutely no sense to me If they are a yellow face how in the world can they mask it too or be a different form of something they already are lol

his feet won't change

usually blueish feet are in darker blue budgies like Grey budgies some have greyish blue feet

if you go to www.budgieplace. com click on mutations it has a great area to learn - that is where is started. If you click on Base color it shows you all the Main Starters and how you get darker colors like Olive - Olive budgies have 2 Dark factors making them look much darker green than your bird is.

oh and no his feet are considered "pink"

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