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orangeclumsy 09-04-2012 12:22 PM

Pairing expectations for Rose and Calvin

Normal Light Green
Split for Recessive Pied
Possibly split for blue? (Her vent feathers are tinted a blue color)

Normal Sky Blue
Split for Recessive Pied
Split for Opaline


That's all I know about them right now. They've had two clutches, not with me but under another owner. Unfortunately those clutches were raised under less than ideal conditions, with a small nest box that was never cleaned and a filthy cage. Some of the chicks died. 9 eggs were laid her first clutch and 7 hatched and 4 survived. 7 eggs were laid her second clutch with 5 hatching and 3 surviving.

But this time I am prepared. I have an 18x18x30" finch flight cage with a Hagen Vision Breeding Box. I clean the cage weekly and the next box, when being used, will be cleaned daily. They're on a diet of fresh veggies daily, fresh water, Zupreem Fruit Blend and Naturals pellets with a powdered calcium supplement mixed in, and a good seed mix with the same calicum supplement mixed in. I also put cinnamon in all their food.

I have three cuttlebones in the cage, one mineral block, and a dish with egg shell in it for added calcium.

They've been separated for 5 months and I put them back together for the first time yesterday. They acted as if they've never left each other!!! They're touching beaks, preening one another, and Calvin even tried to MOUNT HER! ALREADY!!!!

When moving them into their new cage, I went ahead and gave them both a booty trim to help prevent infertile eggs. I also weighed them with Rose being 34 grams and Calvin being 32.


Anyways, here is my prediction for their babies:

If split for blue:
50% white based 50% yellow based split for white based
If not:
100% yellow based split for white based

25% Normal
50% Normal split for recessive pied
25% recessive pied

50% of females opaline
50% of females normal

50% of males normal
50% of males normal split for opaline


Anyone want to make corrections?

nev90 09-05-2012 02:31 AM

You seem to have done everything right and your predictions are correct

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