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embz20 10-17-2012 03:07 PM

What will the chicks be?
Hi everyone! It's been a long time since I posted :/

I'm posting on behalf of my mother. Two of her parakeets are currently raising six chicks!

The father is the green male in the middle here (my Chief is the baby on the right :) )

This is the mom with chicks, pretty sure she's an opaline dominant pied?

And here are the chicks! Since this photo was taken, the 4 oldest are downy so we can start to see that the oldest doesn't look pied, 2nd and 3rd chicks look pied, all have grayish down so no opalines. I'm no budgie genetics whiz yet but I think I understand all the basics (I'm a biologist)

Does anyone have some predictions, comments based on the photos?

Also, the male seems to be having some weird feather growth since the breeding began, as in -his tail feather is crazy long! Like 3 times longer than it should be??? and his head feathers seem to be paler than they were when he was younger...He's a mess. Just freaky stress?

UPDATE: here is the males crazy tail and he's moving his head, but you can also see his yellow band on back of head which he didn't always have

And here another more recent photo of mom and chicks:

epo 10-17-2012 05:20 PM

The male is a normal light green( with a large amount of opalescence) split to blue and to opaline as we can see from the chicks ...

The female is an opaline goldenface or YF2 dominant pied!

SusanBudgies 10-17-2012 06:15 PM


Originally Posted by epo (Post 1086774)
The male is a normal light green( with a large amount of opalescence) split to blue and to opaline as we can see from the chicks ...

The female is an opaline goldenface or YF2 dominant pied!

I'm not a mutations expert but ...

I think the cock bird is normal light green split to opaline and the hen is probably golden face or YF2 opaline single factor dominant pied cobalt.

All the chicks will be light or dark green unless the cock bird is split to blue.

Dominant pied is dominant to normal. Since the hen is single factor dominant pied, 50% of the chicks will be dominant pied (or opaline dominant pied) and 50% will be normal (or opaline). (If the hen were double factor dominant pied, then 100% of the chicks would be dominant pied.)

Opaline is a sex-linked gene located on the Z chromosome, and it is recessive to normal. Male budgies have two Z chromosomes (ZZ) and female budgies have one Z chromosome and one W chromosome (ZW). Consequently, to be visually opaline (like your hen), a male budgie needs two opaline genes whereas a female only needs one opaline gene. A male budgie with one opaline gene is visually normal (like your cock bird).

Chick #1 is normal, as indicated by the black and white wing pattern and grey down.

Chick #2 is opaline, as indicated by the white down. White down also can indicate recessive pied; however, both parents would have to be split to recessive pied in order to produce a recessive pied chick. Since this chick is visually opaline, your cock bird must be normal split to opaline.

As for your cock bird's unusual appearance, I recommend you take him to an avian vet:

Good luck!

SouthernFried 10-17-2012 06:45 PM

I am really to curious to know what the vet says about that tail feather! Good luck, hopefully it isn't something serious.

embz20 10-18-2012 09:09 AM

Thanks guys!

Wow I had no idea the female wasn't just green! Her green feathers do have an unusual hue to them. What's the difference between goldenface and yellowface? The female in the first picture for example ("Old Bird") what is she?

Also, the second chick which has kind of light grey down (the one in middle on top in the last photo I posted) I had thought it wasn't opaline? Is the light grey just from something else? It's certainly lighter than the normal oldest chick (to the left of it in the photo), but it didn't look as white as I remember Chief (my blue opaline) down being when he was a chick. Also these chicks seem to have a lot of dark head pin feathers, look too dark for an opaline? anyway I love opalines so I had been hoping for one :) Either way they are too cute!

Owlet 10-18-2012 10:29 AM

I do not know much of the mutations, but if the mom is so beautiful, what will babies be?:D

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