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They both are males. Kiwi is around 5-6 months old and mango is 1-2 months old. Kiwi treats magic like his own child, he feedes mango and takes good care of him.
I had two budgies before one of them died so I bought another one. The yellow one came last month.
Got a albino so ig that’s kinda cool lol
I’ve had her a few years and she is extremely healthy and loves playing hard to get with her bonded mate Pineapple.
He is the cutest boy you have probably ever seen. He’s my handsome boy Pineapple. I got him from Petsmart a few year back
These are my budgies. Estrella is the blue one; she’s a female. Cielito is the white one; he’s a male. This was the first day I got them.