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Sir won’t touch his 🥬
Hi hoomans! It’s morning here but very very cold so we kept the covers down.
Here’s Arashi waiting for his platform and natural perches to arrive in the mail ;)
Hey Arashi would you like a bath? Arashi: No thanks. Just some millet
Here’s Arashi enjoying whole grain oats and quinoa
As you know I have 2 birds mango and kiwi. This is mango sleeping in the feeder, again.
Picture of my budgies in their new home
They both are males. Kiwi is around 5-6 months old and mango is 1-2 months old. Kiwi treats magic like his own child, he feedes mango and takes good care of him.
Got a albino so ig that’s kinda cool lol
He is the cutest boy you have probably ever seen. He’s my handsome boy Pineapple. I got him from Petsmart a few year back
These are my budgies. Estrella is the blue one; she’s a female. Cielito is the white one; he’s a male. This was the first day I got them.