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FaeryBee 06-24-2015 07:04 PM

Karma -- How do we use it?

Karma is generally given to posts worthy of recognition

The member receiving the karma provided good advice, helpful links, a well-thought out or researched response or something that enhanced the giver’s experience on the forum (e.g. a picture, sentiment, etc.)

Karma Facts:
  • Everyone starts out with 10 Karma points for registering.
  • You must give Karma to 5 different people before giving to the same person again.
  • You can only give out Karma 20 times per day.
  • You can only give Karma to a post once.
  • Your Karma will not affect another users' total until you have made a total of 25 posts on the forum.
  • If you award Karma for a good post and you only have 15 posts, the number of karma points of the member to whom you gave Karma does not change.
  • Reputation or “Rep power”refers to the number of Karma points you award to a member each time you give Karma to a post.
If you have 10 Rep Power, you award 10 Karma points each time you give out Karma.
If a member has a Rep Power of 25 and they award you Karma, you will receive 25 Karma points.
• Karma points: the total amount of Karma points you have
• Members receive one rep power point for:
  • Every 365 days the member is registered to the site,
  • The first 1000 posts the member makes
  • Each additional 2500 posts the member makes
  • Every 500 Karma points the member receives

How to award Karma:

Click on the ying-yang symbol (NOTE: This has changed to a scale icon now) at the top right of the screen in the post to which you plan to award karma.

You can now type your comment(s) in the box that appears

The system will show you this message.

How can you tell who gave you karma?

You can check the last 15 Karma awards received by going to your User CP and scrolling down

You will see a list with the headings as shown in the image below:

How can you thank someone for giving you karma?

Simply click on the person’s name in the column showing who gave you karma

This will take you to that member’s profile page where you can type a quick Visitor Message thanking the person for giving you the karma!

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