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Taming and Bonding

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  1. Playful budgie?
  2. Traumatized Budgie?
  3. How to tame 2 budgies, if one bullies the other when treat is given?
  4. baby budgie behavior question
  5. Budgies won't perch on hand anymore
  6. Budgies Out and wont go back
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  8. Does your budgie plays on the floor?
  9. My budgie wont stand on my finger!
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  14. SOS Bonding Help
  15. Strange Budgie Behavior
  16. 2 taming questions.
  17. Taming and Bonding with Niko
  18. backwards in taming??
  19. Belle's great ecsape.
  20. Reducing jealousy to facilitate taming
  21. Advice
  22. Why is my parakeet so quiet?
  23. What did I do ?
  24. Moving Untame Budgies
  25. Taming and Bonding with Hedwig and Pigwidgeon
  26. having difficulties in taming
  27. Feel desperate....
  28. Budgie nibbling my finger
  29. Where to Begin?
  30. Scared of outside of cage
  31. Holding Budgie
  32. Taming
  33. Separation of Budgies
  34. Such wonderful creatures!
  35. What next? please advise regarding taming
  36. Taming Not Working
  37. Training during molting?
  38. Work changes
  39. Reforming My 7 year old Budgie
  40. Budgie won't stay on finger
  41. Budgie still having trust issues and won't eat millet seed
  42. Questions about clicker training.
  43. Need help with a new budgie showing strange behavior.
  44. accidental response training?
  45. Making progress with Frost!
  46. Budgie Sickness??
  47. Clicker Question
  48. How to Tame Two Budgies at the Same Time
  49. Bonding with two budgies?
  50. taming 3 budgies at the same time
  51. My budgie comes on my finger but jumps off right away
  52. Did I already ruin everything?
  53. Opposites
  54. Is this method ok?
  55. Hand fed vs pet store taming/bonding
  56. how should i wean my budgie
  57. I'm scared i'm doing this wrong!
  58. New Addition...
  59. One Step Forward, 10 Steps Back
  60. Please help me with taming two budgies
  61. Better to bond with new budgie when sleepy?
  62. Kiger surprised me
  63. A week and a half
  64. Taming Peri
  65. I can't figure them out.
  66. Progress with birds
  67. Tips or Advice for Best Practices in Speech / Mimicking Training
  68. Advice please: rehoming a budgie
  69. milestones and memories
  70. Slight progress with Bud and Sam
  71. Very strange behavior
  72. Bonding/training
  73. My Budgie hate me
  74. Will a pair of untame budgies affect tame pair?
  75. How do I tell if my Budgie is bonding
  76. Good or bad?
  77. Stubborn Budgie! Crazy story.. (Rescued)
  78. Unexpected turn
  79. So excited!
  80. Bonding with the new family members
  81. Thinking she's not a good fit?
  82. Separating budgies?
  83. Two Handfed Parakeets
  84. Taming
  85. Budgie coming to me
  86. advice again plz
  87. Throwing bird to fly
  88. Bity young budgie
  89. Budgie Training and Treats for Motivation :)
  90. Jays doing very well but... can I get some ideas plz
  91. Affect of cage on training/taming?
  92. First-time Budgie Friend
  93. Taming process
  94. Update on me any my budgie <3
  95. Bonding time!
  96. I figured out one problem!
  97. Need tips for training
  98. First Budgie!
  99. Budgie Taming - Always wants out of cage
  100. Proud of my little girl!
  101. Budgie Taming
  102. Taming birds outside the cage?
  103. Feeling accomplished!!
  104. Need tips on taming
  105. Got some thinking to be done
  106. Trouble with trust
  107. Breakthrough!
  108. Taming 2 budgies
  109. Best way to bond with two Budgies
  110. Conflicting Advice, and Taming Questions
  111. Different Room Out Of Cage
  112. Making the noise of doves' wings (but with her mouth)
  113. quick taming and training
  114. Making progress
  115. Tired of taming
  116. How long is too long?
  117. Taming Dawn and Finch
  118. Training Myst
  119. Bubbles does the cutest thing!
  120. Budgie Playground
  121. Housing non-breeding Male & Female
  122. More trusting than I thought
  123. Budgie too attached to toy
  124. Untameable?
  125. How long?
  126. Maintaining Bond After Catching Them?
  127. stubborn budgie?
  128. Training troubles
  129. Petie and training
  130. Bonding with old and tramatized budgie.
  131. Get Your Tickets Folks Only Two Sprigs Of Millet Each
  132. What am I REALLY teaching them? Help with taming budgies.
  133. Update, and some progress!
  134. Netflix addict...
  135. Atticus Questions and Updates -- Ongoing Thread
  136. Visitor of Birdie
  137. My budgie keeps knocking the perches off the cage and lifting the cage bottom tray
  138. How to get budgies to be comfortable being brought out of the cage?
  139. Male courting a male?!
  140. Budgies climb on my hand to eat millet. What can I do next?
  141. Taming two budgies at the same time
  142. 1st day out her cage
  143. Brand new budgie owner needs advice
  144. finally I got Jay eating from my finger
  145. My budgies like each other, but not me
  146. Screeching, not playing, hates hands!
  147. My sister wants to take Stormy to college with her
  148. They lost all trust
  149. Meet Rudyard
  150. Budgie Steps off hand as soon as he steps up.
  151. Need some advice on taming two budgies.
  152. Biting budgie for seemingly no reason?
  153. stepping up & stepping out (soon)
  154. new bird, antibiotics and taming question
  155. Taking it slow
  156. Budgie bonding & training
  157. Taming a new baby
  158. She perched on my finger!!
  159. Out of cage/ flight exercise
  160. Taming sundrop
  161. Taming bonded budgies?
  162. Question: Potty Train?
  163. Pre-Owned Budgie
  164. Help point me in the right direction?
  165. Baby budgie is afraid of me?
  166. Budgie tame when I have food
  167. Progress so far... and a question?
  168. Created a safe room for training and cleaning the cage
  169. is my budgie too bonded with me
  170. paper training
  171. Banana's progress
  172. Help on taming a parakeet pair.
  173. Any suggestions for bonding inside a cage?
  174. Taming 6 baby budgies?
  175. Taming after 2 years!
  176. How to tame a flock?
  177. Question on taming
  178. Budgie Keeps Biting!
  179. training two budgies at different levels.
  180. Advice about letting untamed budgie out
  181. Budgie Problem- Improvements
  182. Taming 1 Year Olds
  183. Trust beginning to form
  184. Budgie screeching and behaviour
  185. Fido starting to trust me!
  186. How do I tame an aggressive and stubborn budgie
  187. needing help training
  188. Budgie Problem
  189. Budgies won't fly to me
  190. What to do about this scenario?
  191. A quick study?
  192. Might Have to Recover From Some Damage... advice requested
  193. new owner looking for tips for training
  194. Year old suddenly starting to bite?
  195. Ruby and his Basketball toy
  196. Can a pair ever love a person?
  197. Where to start with nervous bird?
  198. Where to start?
  199. Where to next?
  200. Budgie keeps trying to escape cage
  201. my budgies bite my hand whenever they perch on my finger?
  202. Biteing bird?
  203. Taming/training tips and tricks
  204. Im working on taming may budgie and he keeps flying out of his cage.
  205. Best choice for my lone female budgie?
  206. Inconsistent Budgie
  207. Clicker Training for Companion Birds
  208. Clicker Training for Companion Birds
  209. my budgies have started eating from my hand what should i do next?
  210. Is it still possible to tame an older budgie?
  211. Thinking that I lost my budgie's trust
  212. Setting Boundries - Budgie ruining my blinds!
  213. Training an Adult budgie?
  214. Progress! :D
  215. wanted to share my Girl's newest Trick !
  216. My birds are still scared of me!
  217. Jelousy? :/
  218. Bonding with Harley Quinn
  219. Traumatized Budgie
  220. Taming my new girl
  221. second budgie is not taming
  222. Am I making good bonding/taming progress?
  223. Majorly aggressive young Budgie - Don't know what to do?
  224. Help with bonding with Kyna!
  225. training Sunshine
  226. Progress! (I think?)
  227. My bird won't come out of the cage anymore.
  228. Terrible twos!
  229. Afraid of Millet?
  230. Bird already eating out of my hand, what do I do now?
  231. A confused bunch of questions
  232. Female budgies talking??
  233. Sweetie the Smarty-pants and Lemon the Brave Girl
  234. How long until they like me?
  235. Feeling a little frustrated
  236. Some tips would be great :)
  237. Kind of depressing
  238. Super Proud Mama
  239. My answer to "One budgie or Two budgies" dilemma?
  240. Why does Comet suddenly prefer his cage to being let out?
  241. How to begin taming my baby?
  242. Bonding with Oogi
  243. Gaining a better bond after 10 months?
  244. At what point would you consider a budgie tame and bonded?
  245. Do I get another one?
  246. Taking birds out of the cage for bonding?
  247. whats is this? a training aid?
  248. Training and fighting
  249. Pip and Alfie Training issues
  250. i wanna train her