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Taming and Bonding

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  1. One Budgie or two?
  2. Budgie Bedtime Troubles -Assistance Request
  3. Tame training a flock?
  4. A Tutorial on Teaching your Budgie to say a phrase!
  5. Hand taming stalled out, what do I do?
  6. Old budgie teaching new budgie to be afraid of me
  7. Struggling with taming!
  8. Adding a second budgie to a silly tame budgie - different outcomes.
  9. Taming a flock-bonded baby?
  10. Am I doing things right?
  11. Shy bird
  12. How can I tame my parakeets?!
  13. Can I get some reassurance?
  14. Letting Squidgy out of the cage
  15. Cute little wierdo
  16. Me and Rodna getting to know each other
  17. Bonding with Alfie - where do I go from here?
  18. Playing or Attacking?
  19. Bucky needing Recall Training
  20. New Budgie Inactive
  21. It's been a day and my budgie is tamed?
  22. Companion for Budgie?
  23. Been months and they still are scared of me
  24. Training Assistance Requested
  25. Male Bonding
  26. Traning
  27. Can't get budgies back in their cage
  28. How do i make him eat vegetables?
  29. 2 Months and He Still Won't Come Out
  30. Berry Screeching!
  31. My budgie is mean...
  32. babies first outing
  33. Budgie biting
  34. (Unusual Situation) Should I get a Friend for my Budgie?
  35. Two untamed...
  36. I really want to get them out of the cage!
  37. Staying On My Finger?
  38. New Budgie Owner needs help with taming and bonding
  39. Gaining Trust?
  40. He let me give him a head scratch with my finger!
  41. 1 or 2 little babies
  42. Moving another budgie but not fully tamed
  43. Road block with taming
  44. How do i bond?
  45. How Do I Take My Budgie Out of the Cage?
  46. How to tame??
  47. First breeding condition?
  48. Youtube
  49. Struggling to bond with my budgie?!
  50. Step-up Training in Large Cage
  51. Handling question
  52. Berry the Talking Budgie?
  53. I rushed my budgie!
  54. Basics of Clicker Training
  55. Using Positive Reinforcement in Training
  56. Clicker training for humans!
  57. How to tame a budgie who is afraid of people
  58. How to train your bird to come to the door of it's cage when you open it
  59. How my grandfather taught me to tame budgies.
  60. Tips for getting your budgie in...or out of their cage!