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Taming and Bonding

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  1. Flight Time, aka "Happy Flappy Time"
  2. Assistance and Tips for Bonding with Older Budgie
  3. Need assistance with taming and bonding
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  5. Taming 2 budgies.
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  9. When I clicker train
  10. After 2 months, I haven't seen any progress with my two budgies.
  11. Taming Rescue Birds
  12. Need some serious help!
  13. Baby budgie behavior change
  14. Budgies Scared of our Hands
  15. How should I befriend my birds
  16. My budgies are sending me mixed signals but I think they hate me
  17. Patience is key!
  18. 3 budgies who absolutely detest me
  19. Taming an aggressive budgie and two "wild" budgies
  20. How to introduce a budige to new things?
  21. How to bond with my budgie
  22. Finches hiding place
  23. Free flight assistance
  24. My budgie is suddenly very clingy
  25. How to get Ben to be a little less nervous about my hand?
  26. cage-bound parakeets
  27. Separation Problems
  28. Two Budgies In one cage
  29. Budgie still won't come near me
  30. Can I still tame older budgies?
  31. Sunshine loves nutriberries
  32. Little steps
  33. How to bond successfully
  34. Advice
  35. Question on bonding
  36. Budgies Change in Behaviour
  37. Sudden aggressiveness.
  38. Sunshine Updates
  39. No Longer Tame
  40. Aggressive budgie
  41. Bean's Taming - Ongoing Thread
  42. Tame first or strait in?
  43. Need advice about my Gwen
  44. Brucie's first few days
  45. rescued a budgie...please help me i cant see them like this
  46. New Budgie not tame but wanting to come out
  47. Can't keep budgies
  48. hand taming my old boys
  49. A budgie named George
  50. Help with new budgie?
  51. Bonded pair and one has passed away
  52. Is there a way to train without treats?
  53. Bond Between Budgie and Green-Cheek Conure?
  54. Cage bound, very tame but unbonded bird
  55. How to Tame Scared Budgies?
  56. Trouble Training Budgie - Help!
  57. 2nd Budgie problems
  58. Need help with flighty bird
  59. Help with Hand Training
  60. What worked best for y'all?
  61. Reassuring a Shy/Bullied Budgie
  62. I've been having a couple problems with bonding
  63. Taming a budgie question
  64. Planning our first Budgies
  65. Chewing
  66. Am I Moving Too Fast?
  67. Going backwards?
  68. Female Budgy went on rampage
  69. Bird nibbling during taming/bonding
  70. Hitting a bump with taming my 2 budgies
  71. New-ish budgie not responding to training
  72. Moving untamed budgie to a new cage
  73. Are my parakeets fighting?
  74. Tame budgie introduced to new budgie- less tame?
  75. Taming question re: cage size, etc.
  76. Flying & freedom
  77. Hand Help!
  78. Older vs. Younger/ treat taming
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  80. Will 2 Bonded Budgies Bond With Me
  81. Female talking vídeos?
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  84. will he ever want to bond?
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  86. Taming / Getting an older budgie to trust you
  87. Recently brought two budgies
  88. Exercise
  89. Sunshine Steps Up!
  90. Aggressive preening me?
  91. Mirror In Cage.
  92. New Budgies Daisy & Donald
  93. My male is tamed and female is not
  94. Taming my budgies
  95. My Budgie Alex
  96. Moving birds from aviary to smaller indoor cage?
  97. Budgie STILL afraid of us.
  98. Annie Moods
  99. Regain My Budgies Trust
  100. Is she uncomfortable?
  101. Should I let my Untamed Budgie out of its cage?
  102. Two Budgie Training (after a long time!)
  103. New budgie training plus older hen?
  104. Extra stubborn budgie
  105. My first bird 3 months later still is afraid of me
  106. Is my budgie scared of me?
  107. Sweet Little Brats
  108. Letting Pip out of his cage
  109. Room change?
  110. Annie
  111. How to tame my four budgies
  112. Taming after 3 Weeks
  113. Untameable adult budgies
  114. Kowhai won't go in cage
  115. Need help for reckless danger-adict!
  116. Taming and Bonding process
  117. Trying to tame hand raised budgie but feel like I am going backwards?
  118. Maybe a friend?
  119. Budgie wont come out of cage
  120. Bonding is going well
  121. How to start off
  122. My budgie likes to bite
  123. New Parakeet
  124. Can a budgie be tamed without millet
  125. Letting untamed budgies fly
  126. How to move untamed bungie to new cage.
  127. Regaining trust in my hands
  128. Please help Rocky is being aggressive with me.
  129. Getting Him to Trust Consistently
  130. Trying to train my new budgie not to land on the window sills due to potential mold.
  131. Stepping up outside of the cage
  132. Multiple budgies, one wild one hand raised
  133. Nothing but seed.
  134. getting budgie SAFELY out of cage
  135. She did it!
  136. Getting a budgie soon, some questions about taming
  137. How to deal with a budgie that has potentially been traumatized.
  138. Questions about taming my Budgies
  139. How can I get Luna to stop biting?
  140. My budgie doesn’t care for millet!
  141. Is hand taming a 4 year old male possible? And what about teaching him english?
  142. Favourite person?
  143. Won't hop on my finger!
  144. Help taming 2 budgies
  145. Holly's Journal
  146. Help with 2 12 weeks males.
  147. Taming a bonded pair
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  152. Boosting a Bond?
  153. Chimi's Training Thread
  154. How to progress with taming?
  155. Will he hate me?
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  157. Bonding with Rocky
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  160. Saved a life, best way to do so?
  161. Hand Taming vs. Playing
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  163. Shy budgie
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  167. Wave Trick
  168. how to tame this budgie with this backround
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  170. Any advice on making a budgie feel comfortable outside of the cage?
  171. Please help this new accidental bird owner!
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  173. Budgie Bonding Help
  174. Did you teach your Budgie to talk?
  175. What should I do?
  176. Pacing his cage
  177. Not Sure What To Do Next?
  178. Advice please
  179. Worried I’m going to tread on my budgie
  180. Taking budgies out of the cage
  181. New to budgies
  182. Sugar and Shine
  183. Yurio stepped up, but he was exhausted.
  184. Is my Budgie beginning to trust me?
  185. Budgie likes my face but is scared of my hands?
  186. Budgie stepping up but...
  187. Bonding and Training
  188. Sad and Frustrated
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  190. Budgie help?
  191. Do over
  192. Taming very scared budgie who saw 2 other budgies die
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  195. Budgie Newbie
  196. Lapis the Budgie
  197. Check her out!
  198. What does this behavior mean?
  199. Steps up, but hops back on perch when too far away.
  200. Is play videos of birds ok?
  201. Four Budgies but no Experience - looking for Guidance
  202. Will my Budgie learn faster if it watches another one?
  203. Anyone else have a budgie who likes being pet?
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  207. A Success!
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  212. What Next?
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  216. taming older bird?
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  218. Aggressive
  219. Is My Bird used to me/Its environment?
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  231. failed bonding
  232. My budgie likes to bite us
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  235. untamed budgies
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