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Lighthearted and Upbeat Chit Chat Only

  1. Boys getting braver!
  2. Cute Calendar
  3. Hello
  4. Happy Mother's Day every mother!
  5. Yurio landed on me
  6. Budgie Travel question
  7. Anyone up to some conversation via Skype?
  8. Hello from myself and my lil guy Frankie
  9. I'e been gone too long
  10. hello everyone
  11. Interesting Mutation
  12. Hello everybirdie!!
  13. Your Favorite Things
  14. How do I upload a picture of my budgie for the Budgie of the Month contest??
  15. A Huge Hello Everybirdie
  16. Holiday
  17. Wait...
  18. Hello people!
  19. Spring Cleaning and Home Decor Updates
  20. April's Random Acts of Kindness
  21. Been gone for a while
  22. I'm moving...but what about my budgie?
  23. Have been missing in action
  24. Feather Tattoo
  25. Ultrasound therapy
  26. budgie safe air fresheners?
  27. Sweet quotes that remind you of your birdie friends?
  28. A Gift for Ana from Indi and me.
  29. Hair dye and birds
  30. How do you celebrate the New Year?
  31. Does your budge have a stocking?
  32. Budgie Christmas Carols
  33. Celebrating Birthdays
  34. Chicago area sale bird supplies
  35. Pleasant surprise!
  36. What?! No more bird toys!
  37. Help me with my pesto!
  38. Hoarding in Rhode Island
  39. Look who i run into. So Cute.
  40. I am surrounded by nuts...
  41. Not budgie related but wanted to share
  42. Absence Explained
  43. Lyn playing the keyboard at Senior's Week. Also will add me playing piano tomorrow.
  44. What food means "love" to you?
  45. Hummingbird or large bug? ;)
  46. Yay!! Getting a new camera.
  47. FB. Budgie breederso of the world
  48. What started your interest in birds?
  49. What Does Everyone Here Do for a Living?
  50. We made a YouTube Page
  51. Remember my Cruise night well here is the slideshow. Will add me playing the keyboard
  52. Ilvermorny School of Witchcraft and Wizardry
  53. Can't leave you guys alone!
  54. I've Hatched!!
  55. New bird room
  56. One of my favorite spots!
  57. FaeryBunch: The Movie
  58. Highly Commended Photo in the Show.
  59. Molting: so much fluff!
  60. Hurry up and wait!
  61. Hello Everybirdie
  62. New budgie naming woes
  63. I've had Echo for one year today
  64. The End of an Era
  65. PEDRO - The Dark Archer?
  66. Birds are the best!
  67. If someone is pointing in a picture, put a budgie on that finger!
  68. Budgie show etiquette?
  69. My Cruise night at kepnock Grove Bundaberg. So much fun. Photo's here.
  70. A little taste of Australia
  71. Feeling Loved :)
  72. My trip so far to the Hunter Valley Region :)
  73. My new Necklace to match my dress. What do you think? Photo attached.
  74. Late night Storm Photo's no rain and a photo of Willie wag tail.. Photo's attached.
  75. Budgie poetry
  76. A funny story on Australian Magpies and helmets that remind me of Deb's light.
  77. Computer fix and me
  78. What do you all think of this new Dress a friend bought me yesterday. Photo attached.
  79. A long awaited update, and Tilda
  80. My entry in the competition at the Art's festival. Photo attached.
  81. Chardonnay learned to play iPhone games...
  82. Birthday Bird-Lady
  83. Skippie-Kay-Yay!
  84. A Budgie Visitor
  85. Special Toy
  86. Bird theft update
  87. Echo Kissed me
  88. How I know I'm addicted to TB
  90. Does anyone have an Instagram for their bird?
  91. Moving Day Aproaching
  92. Monkey in the house?
  93. For David Bowie's fans
  94. What are some cute thing/s your bird does ?
  95. Interesting facts about parrots
  96. Let's Make The New Year Bright!
  97. Creative with food
  98. Santa came!!!
  99. End-of-year update!
  100. Look who I met :)
  101. Noah Breakthrough
  102. Who here has 4 male budgies named.....
  103. A Nice Cross Stictch Budgie card Thank you from Pete's Mum sent in the Mail.
  104. A Gift for Deb FaeryBee from Indigo..
  105. Lone birds?
  106. Aussie Xmas Jingle Bells Original.. Found this really funny video...
  107. Noah's Christmas Photo Shoot
  108. The SKIPOOTERKY Phenomenon - Part One
  109. Reputable breeder?
  110. Owls at the Christmas Market
  111. Storytime! Story Thread
  112. Sometimes, when I'm on TB, I'm supposed to be ____
  113. Breakfast at Mallorn's
  114. Jam Face
  115. My name is INDI...INDIGO
  116. Much Relief
  117. Pied pronunciation?
  118. A tisket, a tasket, an...update??
  119. Holiday Shopping for Budgies
  120. Sharing some photo's from my mum's holiday up in North Qld plus more in our area...
  121. Flemish Giant Rabbit
  122. Episode 2 My garden.
  123. Out in the Garden.
  124. History
  125. My 5 Year Old Niece Drew My Birds
  126. Mum Found her Prince Charming today a Beautiful frog. Other photo's of animals.
  127. Trip to the Beach!
  128. Noah pictures :)
  129. Farmer leaves crop for birds!!
  130. Budgie breakout
  131. Rescued animals and more excitement :)
  132. Your bird's 'human' personality
  133. ~A Royal Message from Mallorn to FaeryBee~
  134. My friend Clem Playing the Sax with me then half way through he played sax on floor.
  135. Wedding pictures
  136. Does she like me, does she not?
  137. A budgie present, for me??
  138. Old, New, Borrowed & Blue
  139. Noah sent a telegram :)
  140. Frankie'sFriend visits the FaeryBee Flock!
  141. Spring is in the air the wild Bearded Dragon is roaming in our front lawn.
  142. Picture This
  143. Budgie Dream Diary
  144. Veggie Garden gone wild I can't believe it has grown so much. Take a look.
  145. So excited :)
  146. Indigo gave me a lovely birthday gift. Got a garden peacock photo's here..
  147. Tomatoes
  148. What is your favorite way to eat chocolate? Brand? Type?
  149. RIP Cliff Adams
  150. I made a tiny friend while weeding
  151. Goldenfeast's President Sent Me a Reply!
  152. Noah broke into the pantry!
  153. Parrot ToDo List
  154. Fluffy little chatterbox
  155. Flower picture show
  156. Haha this reminds me of Noah!! It's exactly like something he would do
  157. Snow in Australia
  158. Social Media Pet Account's
  159. Hitch Hiker!!
  160. Anthony and Cleopatra
  161. Tilda is out of Quarantine, Mallorn wants her stuff, and there's a dove in our yard
  162. All The Peasants
  163. Happy Day
  164. Just wanted to say thank you to Deb and staff also Members.
  165. budgie background
  166. Ant Plant Native to Australia from North QLD. Photo's here.
  167. Meet Pablo :)
  168. Photobucket mobile version question
  169. A poem for Oisin and Noah
  170. Help me Name my Quaker
  171. Found the cutest pj pants today...budgie jammies!
  172. My first attempt at taking photo's of the moon and stars.
  173. My new back stepping stones
  174. Let's have a poetry slam!
  175. Can we talk?...
  176. Reasons and Confessions
  177. Meeting Face to Face
  178. I found a really pretty moth
  179. The transformation of Faery's Corner
  180. Can you do it?
  181. Another rescued baby surprise
  182. Updates on life, etc.
  183. A shared memory
  184. Of Storms and Gales
  185. Moulting How long does it Take?
  186. Thank you for existing
  187. Rather Random Information
  188. Thanks FaeryBee :)
  189. its so amazing!
  190. What are the vet prices in your country?
  191. Hi Friends!! Just 'checking in"
  192. Awe!
  193. Made my day
  194. Nicknames
  195. Trip lol.
  196. Take a look at what i caught today. Photo Included.
  197. Saw a Water Dragon, and took a photo of a beautiful darkorange Sunset over the river.
  198. Nala the Teacup Poodle
  199. Talk sense into me!
  200. Finished my crocheted cardigan!
  201. Mini-trip
  202. Scruffy Budgie
  203. The Princess Has Returned!
  204. Well, Guess Who Is Back!
  205. Easter traditions
  206. Amazing Budget
  207. Amazing Budgies
  208. Easter Food Fun!
  209. Someone please explain this
  210. Nervous about leaving Sammy for a night!
  211. Skip the Gifts!
  212. Hey, Hey! Mallorn really is a celebrity!
  213. First signs of Spring have arrived!
  214. Im a hobby photographer
  215. Helen makes Beautiful Jewellery. I have a Indi in a necklace and bracelet. Photo's .
  216. Make sure you follow the Site Guidelines when posting Videos
  217. Lyn's 50 years of Memories.. Slideshow video.
  218. Lyn Playing a Keyboard at a concert in a theather in Bundaberg QLD.
  219. FaeryBee's son and granddaughter, Joshua and Ana
  220. Beautiful Video
  221. FaeryBee - The Movie