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Budgie Breeding

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  1. My budgies are not breeding
  2. Traveling
  3. Question on discarding eggs from nest
  4. Five babies so far
  5. Second Half of Clutch is Not Hatching
  6. Separation
  7. Need urgent Help, Two hens in same nest Box.
  8. Advice with my brand new hatchling
  9. Help with breeding
  10. Hand feeding chicks
  11. Need help with weaning my budgies!
  12. what to do with first egg?
  13. Problem with hen
  14. My budgies are showing signs! I don't know what to do.
  15. Mom not going inside new nest.
  16. Cleaning the Nestbox
  17. new to breeding
  18. Mom abandoned clutch and isn't incubating newly hatched chick
  19. Breeder pair
  20. my little hens behavior during the breeding process
  21. My fertile eggs ALWAYS dies at 6 days?
  22. infertile and fertile eggs
  23. Increasing chanses of mating?
  24. Red Bird Bands
  25. Can i move Budgies cage while they are in a mating period?
  26. Candleing
  27. breeding pairs
  28. Breeding Budgies Needs
  29. Concerns
  30. Help- unexpected egg
  31. 2 Eggs layed
  32. breeding
  33. Questions about the new budgie addition
  34. Female & Male Problems
  35. Breeders in Central NC?
  36. Weaning budgie!
  37. This year breeding
  38. How to prevent eggs?
  39. New Baby Brother or Sister
  40. Nesting Box Size
  41. New Member (Diksha) asking for advice on breeding
  42. Are my budgies in breeding mode
  43. New baby bird born today
  44. To hand feed or not to hand feed?
  45. Too Small Nest Box??
  46. First egg hatched
  47. Baby budgie splayed legs! - Assistance requested
  48. Female and Male still mating even though they have chicks
  49. double factor
  50. Can someone please help
  51. Posting on the Forums
  52. Keeping babies
  53. Breeding assistance
  54. Mother bird question
  55. Dystocia in Birds: Risks, Signs, Treatment and Prevention
  56. Going to breed!
  57. is this posiible
  58. budgies stop breeding
  59. What would you do, and why?
  60. Huzzah More Eggs! (Update)
  61. Basic information please!
  62. What noises do budgies make when mating?
  63. Breeding Advice Needed Please!
  64. first time parakeet babies ~ looking for support
  65. My budgie just laid an infertile egg! Plz help
  66. Prevent Egg-binding in non-breeding female
  67. 3 New Additions
  68. Male budgie and female budgie in same cage?
  69. A heartfelt plea to forum members new and old
  70. A Heartfelt Plea to All Members
  71. Nest Box Ideas
  72. When to pull boxes
  73. Budgie Breeding - should I buy a male or female?
  74. Budgie Breeding
  75. Ringing Chicks?
  76. Breeding Budgie Feathers
  77. Breeding for Temperment
  78. Behaviour prior to laying???
  79. Surprise.....Eggs found!
  80. Interspecies breeding, HELP!
  81. Japanese crested (hagoromo) budgie questions
  82. Mutation help?
  83. Can a SHOW COCK mate successfully with a NORMAL PET TYPE hen?
  84. Heart Beat
  85. Nest question
  86. My budgie females are fighting over the Nesting Box
  87. Budgie Breeding - Eggs become black
  88. Advice Please
  89. French molt!
  90. Solo parenthood - should she do it alone?
  91. Please Help
  92. Feeding young chicks, advice please
  93. Budgie Babies
  94. Any breeders in NYC area?
  95. Selling your Babies to responsible owners:
  96. How to encourage budgie to use breeding box ?
  97. at what point do the chicks leave the box
  98. First Clutch, Sexing, Returning to the Box and other stuff :)
  99. Should I Expect Atempted Breeding?
  100. Juno's Special Story
  101. Budgie is going crazy!
  102. French Molt Recovery?
  103. what colour mutation would you call this little lady?
  104. Hand Raised Chick
  105. Pairs that wont breed in cabinets
  106. Every clutch is different
  107. Soiled breeding boxes
  108. Show Budgie breeding questions
  109. Colony breeding problems
  110. Help with female Budgie in breeding condition
  111. Budgie breaking her first egg!��
  112. Weaning Time!
  113. What would the chicks be?
  114. Need assistance with chick
  115. Need suggestions
  116. What mutations is this?
  117. Is this mutation possible?
  118. When is it 'too late' to take out the female?
  119. Should mating budgies still be let out of their cage?
  120. breed
  121. Introducing male to hen who got chicks
  122. I have an egg!
  123. I caught my budgies mating. Should I prepare for chicks?
  124. Fostering chicks?!
  125. Topping up Crop Before Bed?
  126. Female guarding nest of another female
  127. Budgie only feeding four older chicks, ignoring the young
  128. This is NOT good//Problem with 2nd Female
  129. Normal Baby Development Question?!
  130. Introducing Bucky
  131. English Budgie or American Parakeet?
  132. How Many Clutches before you "retire" a pair?
  133. The wait is over! :)
  134. Spangle TCB
  135. Budgie Handfeeding Formula
  136. Are my budgies going to breed?
  137. 9 eggs, first clutch
  138. Budgie first egg is layed
  139. Egg bound or ready to lay
  140. Hen Abandoning Nest?
  141. Nest with eggs inside Cage, Can I move it outside?
  142. Hens gonna lay eggs before paired up, what do?
  143. Bitter Budgie Jealousy
  144. Butterfly & Shoutmon
  145. Breeding
  146. Budgie started laying eggs but I am moving
  147. pairing options?
  148. Colours
  149. Chicks feathers have been plucked
  150. How long does it take for a budgie to hatch?
  151. Messy feeder
  152. Male feeding wrong female
  153. tame budgie
  154. Breeding in the fall - questions
  155. Budgie trying to lay egg
  156. french moult
  157. Can eggs hatch in 16 days?
  158. Tweety laid an egg
  159. Babies
  160. Chronic egg laying (still!)
  161. Few breeding questions!
  162. A few budgie breeding questions
  163. Caught budgies mating
  164. Budgie egg hatched on bottom of cage!!
  165. four eggs, two in concave two out
  166. how to look after splayed leg Budgie
  167. How much is too much
  168. Fake Eggs
  169. last egg
  170. 4 hours old, no sign of feeding
  171. Underweight Chick or Not?
  172. first clutch
  173. My female budgie has a swollen bottom
  174. Female Budgie Laid Egg, Should I move it?
  175. Gray egg?
  176. Couple quick questions
  177. Baby Budgies Hatching
  178. Budgie egg not hatching?
  179. Small tips for Chick care
  180. Adding pine shavings - Mother hen says no!
  181. Eggs with yolk?
  182. How should budgie eggs look like near hatching date?
  183. Is this egg viable? - photo attached
  184. Albino Chick Hatched
  185. Breeding Questions
  186. Pair is breeding
  187. Possible breeding outcomes for my pair?
  188. changing of hens cere
  189. A few egg Question!
  190. babies in nest! Making 2nd clutch??
  191. Why are my budgies not breeding?
  192. budgie parents
  193. Help w Baby
  194. Yikes
  195. Breeding Questions -- are the babies ill?
  196. Are Sprouts ok for new chicks?
  197. How long has my Budgie been incubating her eggs?
  198. Cracked eggs!!
  199. Budgie Laid an Egg
  200. Mother Attacking Chicks
  201. a question please help
  202. Bloody eggs!
  203. A female Budgie that i just purchased
  204. Hen laid two eggs, now nothing
  205. Bugie had first egg!!!!!!!
  206. Chick with oddly colored cere
  207. Beginner questions about budgies, Please help?
  208. Budgie Egg Shells - keep or throw?
  209. Baby budgie crop doesn't fill up on real food?
  210. Laying Hen and Scaly Face Mite
  211. Hen is almost in breeding condition
  212. Breeding To Improve
  213. Female Attacking Male Question
  214. Help with Fertile Eggs
  215. English budgies started breeding
  216. Father budgie killed mother
  217. Seperating boys and girls
  218. Budgie unable to mate with his partner
  219. Eggs not Hatching
  220. Keeping track of eggs?
  221. if i need to relocate the cage?
  222. Help! 2 of my juvenile birds want to breed!
  223. Hen starts to get violent towards the male
  224. Budgie Nest Box
  225. 10 week old budgie..should I move her?
  226. Is this is egg dead?
  227. Laying probable infertile eggs / encouraging more amorous behavior
  228. Maximum hen age?
  229. We have 5 fertile eggs with no parents
  230. Will Tame Budgies Breed?
  231. Choosing the right hen for Semion
  232. First baby budgie just hatched!
  233. How To Use A Hagen Vision (Plastic) Next Box Safely
  234. Fostering Budgie Chicks And Eggs Safely
  235. Cage And Colony Breeding Differences And Dangers
  236. Aggression Toward Chicks, And What To Do
  237. Budgie Hand Feeding And Weaning Guide
  238. Budgie Hand Feeding And Weaning Guide
  239. When We Don't Want Eggs!
  240. Are You Ready To Breed Your Budgies?
  241. Are Your Eggs Fertile?
  242. What Is Breeding Condition?
  243. A Budgie Breeding Diet