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Budgie Breeding

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  14. violet mutation
  15. Baby Hatched today, mother sitting on it a lot.
  16. Male bird attacking hen and eggs
  17. Breeding condition
  18. Female budgie entering the nest frequently but no mating happening
  19. Twos a crowd?
  20. My budgie only laid one egg.
  21. My male budgie is not taking interest in Female
  22. Breeding for hand tamed Budgie.
  23. can i get some help?
  24. Budgie laid an egg
  25. my hen is not breeding this time
  26. My Girl laid an egg!
  27. Budgie layed eggs before fledging the chicks she already has
  28. What color will these two be?
  29. Older Baby Not Eating
  30. Is this bird ok?
  31. how to breed Tcb hagoromo budgies ?
  32. 7/7 Eggs Hatched
  33. Couple questions of breeding
  34. No nesting box but budgie has laid an egg
  35. Nesting Place
  36. Male is in condition and I need advice
  37. 2 Pair budgies mystery.
  38. Aviary budgie laying without nesting box
  39. How to make rainbows?
  40. Help with ino sexing?
  41. Budgie Eating eggs
  42. can you give me advice please
  43. Coming out of Breeding Condition?
  44. Budgie about to lay an egg???
  45. My budgies not breeding
  46. Budgie gender?
  47. Bonded pair not mating
  48. Budgie Baby Died
  49. A question about egg laying
  50. Ultrasonic Humidifier for hatchlings
  51. New fledgelings
  52. Baby hen?
  53. Budgie baby poking its head out of the nest box
  54. Budgies Breeding and not sure how to proceed
  55. Breeding blue bugies from goldenfaces or yellowfaces..
  56. Zoro and cookie babies
  57. Boy or girl
  58. Infertility
  59. Is My budgie going to be laying eggs?
  60. Why wont she sit on them?
  61. Babies not eating!
  62. Hand rearing chicks
  63. Incubation
  64. Female budgie not entering the NestBox
  65. How to Stop Breeding
  66. when to introduce veggies to the youngsters?
  67. New to breeding
  68. Babys keep dying
  69. Breeding expectations ?
  70. I have eggs
  71. Babies not coming out of eggs
  72. how to prevent aspiration while feeding
  73. Baby hatched last night - need advice on renesting
  74. My first post - any advice is appreciated
  75. Which budgie should I separate?
  76. Breeding expectations ?
  77. Mother budgie attaching the father
  78. Hei Hei & Maui (mutation/breeding questions)
  79. Guidance for Breeding Advice Threads
  80. Question about breeding budgies diet
  81. Bird Show prices
  82. Female keeps switching boxes?
  83. breeding hen-is she feeded?
  84. Help me stop this nonsense
  85. Please help - advice on fledged chicks and parents unwanted behaviour.
  86. Banding your birds?
  87. Couple started mating
  88. Brooding Hen always coming out of nest box from 17th day
  89. Male budgie sitting on eggs too?
  90. the weird couple
  91. Needing to move eggs
  92. Budgie hiding eggs
  93. Help breeding budgies
  94. All 8 eggs infertile
  95. 21 days No Hatchlings
  96. How to encourage breeding in budgies
  97. Disco and Roxy
  98. Blood on perch; new egg laid
  99. Is 13 months too young?
  100. Breeding condition
  101. Female showing aggression to Male with 12 Day Old Chick
  102. Surprised with Budgie Egg!
  103. My parakeet just laid eggs and I want to keep one baby budgie to myself
  104. What do i put inside my budgie's nesting box?
  105. Getting my girls some male friends
  106. Breeders around NC
  107. Female passed away leaving 2 baby budgies-feeding advice pls
  108. Need help to determine my albino male and female
  109. If you were asked to breed for a locally owned pet store, what would your response be
  110. Budgies Mating only one egg
  111. Budgies and new eggs
  112. Hen Abandoned Nest as first chick hatched
  113. How long between Breeding Condition?
  114. Mating long after last egg was laid
  115. A couple questions from a first-time breeder
  116. Will male/female budgies remain tame after breeding?
  117. Resolved
  118. Looking for breeding boxes
  119. Breeding albino white hen and yellow Fallow
  120. Curiosity About Breeding! Not Important Just curious
  121. candeling eggs
  122. Help needed please
  123. Hi long time no post sapphire is a dad!
  124. Looking for a nursery box (or more)
  125. So, my budgies seem to be making another nest attempt?
  126. Budgie nesting
  127. Are they ready for breeding?
  128. hi i am new n ot sure where to post
  129. No Baby's Please.
  130. Help me name these two?
  131. How can I know if my budgie will lay eggs?
  132. Budgie Breeding: This may be a silly question but...
  133. Accidental eggs from possible non-viable breeding
  134. Opinion: introducing 2 females to boys and timing
  135. Preparing For Breeding Spring/Summer 2017 (Ongoing Thread)
  136. Male budgie kicks out hen from nesting box.
  137. question on babies
  138. budgie started breeding outside cage
  139. If a 3 week old baby was not getting fed enough
  140. Problem with babies
  141. Help With Budgie Eggs
  142. 1st hatch-ling here
  143. Nature vs Nurture
  144. new baby
  145. Father and 4 week old female chick
  146. Budgie Breeding Questions - Nest Box/ Nursery Box
  147. Usual Duration until breeding?
  148. Breeding Parakeets
  149. Too many eggs!!
  150. Excessive breeding
  151. Time to get in the nest?
  152. What colours to expect from a female albino/male lutino?
  153. Egg bound budgie?
  154. Male not helping hen feed?
  155. DIS reason?
  156. What kind of parakeet?
  157. keeping males and females separate until breeding?
  158. Can babies be 'hand tamed' and sold tame?
  159. If fostering eggs to another pair
  160. Why Won't My Budgie's Breed?
  161. Male is now in nest box with eggs and momma
  162. New babies
  163. To avoid another clutch?
  164. Beauties ready to leave the nest?
  165. Egg development
  166. Do I need to keep putting them back in the nestbox?
  167. Help me interpret the crime scene and save a few chicks
  168. New Breeding Pair
  169. what is the age
  170. When can chicks have time out of the nestbox?
  171. Soon to be proud parents ;) Their diary!
  172. Expectations?
  173. Differences are interesting
  174. EnglishxAmerican
  175. First time parents (and grandparents)
  176. How Long Does Breeding Condition Last?
  177. Possible splayed legs in chick
  178. Do budgie sounds help?
  179. Is my female too young, is my male too old?
  180. Budgie not going into nest box anymore?
  181. Babies are born - cleaning the nestbox
  182. Need help wtih hatching baby budgies
  183. Baby
  184. How can I tell if my budgie is going to have a baby?
  185. How to prevent another clutch?
  186. Problem
  187. Male died and female has laid eggs!
  188. Breeding query
  189. Are my budgies in breeding condition?
  190. Back Together Again?
  191. Hen still laying
  192. How many days will it take for a budgie egg to hatch?
  193. Bonded budgie pair making next in bottom of cage?
  194. What does watery poop mean?
  195. Breeding for color - detriment to bird health?
  196. Will chicks hatch in non breeding season?
  197. beginner problems..
  198. Any good nest box apps
  199. DNA sexing budgies
  200. My budgies mated
  201. Mating Budgies- Help!
  202. How old is too old?
  203. Homosexuality in Budgies?
  204. month old Budgie chick won't leave nest
  205. Female interested in nesting box
  206. Breeding trouble
  207. Fatherless chicks-Hen separation
  208. Budgie has given 2nd egg after 10 days of first.
  209. Disco & Roxy
  210. Inflated crop on chick
  211. How do i prepare for a life without daddy bird?
  212. Mother and baby care
  213. Caught Budgies Mating
  214. Baby wanted
  215. Budgie laying eggs on cage floor
  216. Yazzi & Piccolo Might Be Parents
  217. First time breeder
  218. Female budgie cere
  219. Budgies Mated
  220. Budgie Chicks
  221. Chick crop
  222. Discouraging breeding did not work?
  223. budgie dance
  224. Buying budgie eggs?
  225. Unintended clutch assistance
  226. Quick help
  227. Question about nest
  228. No Eggs Hatched - Qu. re Trying Again
  229. Help with budgie babies
  230. Chicks hatching
  231. Babies learning to fly
  232. Mama Budgie Tired?
  233. Dirty Vent! Oh no!
  234. Semi-aggressive hen
  235. Aggressive hen
  236. Thoughts on breeding?
  237. Questions about discouraging breeding
  238. How long before an egg is considered infertile?
  239. Introducing babies to the flock
  240. How Old Do Chicks Need To Be...
  241. Budgie problems
  242. how often females lies eggs if is they alone?
  243. Spring Pairs
  244. Been left with a massive budgie task, please help
  245. how to keep my budgies away from egg bound?
  246. Why is she like this?
  247. Question on hand feeding
  248. Badly managed colony breeding
  249. It is difficult to pair a male and female?
  250. My budgies are not breeding