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Your Budgie's Health

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  1. Normal poop but liquid pee all the time. Emergency?
  2. Question
  3. Please help a new budgie ower
  4. Long nails and beak, sleepy and unwell!
  5. Is this regurgitation?
  6. Sneezing budgie
  7. Update on Kiwi -Day 5 of Quarantine & Antibiotics
  8. "cardboard/box mites" Advice? Dangerous for budgies?
  9. Budgie sleeping more, but no other symptoms?
  10. New budgie about to lay an egg ?
  11. Advice needed on helping my little Kiwi
  12. Update on Trickee
  13. Losing feathers?
  14. Safe moisturiser advice
  15. Feathers around eyes look bad
  16. Feather plucking
  17. Is it OK to give egg food to adult budgies?
  18. Healthy Budgie Food
  19. How to prepare a budgie for a hurricane?
  20. Weak leg
  21. Mass on Kidney, please read further
  22. Female budgie - Diarrhea/wet drop
  23. Sif is starting to scratch himself on the bars of the cage
  24. Crusty eye
  25. Nail care for untamed budgies with long nails
  26. budgie sounding like Guinea pig ? Hoping someone can advise,
  27. Budgie messy belly hair
  28. Small pink bulge on above budgie's cere
  29. Sooo... I took Sherlock to the vet today
  30. Zircis Beak
  31. Is this tail bobbing a problem?
  32. New Budgie is sick?
  33. I think my budgie might be sick
  34. Kowhai has been admitted to the vet today
  35. Back with Sunshine
  36. My budgie is sick
  37. Dirty bird or sick?
  38. So ashamed!
  39. I am confusion
  40. My budgie is constantly fatigued and seems in discomfort –*what do I do??
  41. Longer Vacation for First Time
  42. Air Conditioning
  43. How important are yearly checkups?
  44. My budgie died today... Did I do enough for him?
  45. New Budgie Has Deformed Toe?
  46. New baby budgie
  47. Crusty Cere, Sneezing
  48. My budgie is ill, please help.
  49. Green tint to beak
  50. First time owner: Does my budgie look ill?
  51. Compilation of Health Questions For New Bird
  52. How do I tell if she is eating?
  53. Wing muscles too weak?
  54. Help! Is my baby budgie going to be disabled?
  55. Grief?
  56. Budgie Tail Bent
  57. Is this bad
  58. Warning Walnut Litter Killed My Budgies
  59. Cuisinart griddler GR-5b
  60. Green poo
  61. Has Tweety Got Mites?
  62. Sleeping noise
  63. worried about my budgie
  64. I am worried about my budgies
  65. Placing a new bird in the cage of my budgie who suffers from French Moult
  66. Disable budgie
  67. Lulu gone 😭
  68. Squeaking sounds
  69. Moving to California
  70. First bird ever named Sif
  71. New Budgie help
  72. Is my new budgie okay?
  73. Sneezing but fine otherwise?
  74. Budgie not active but eats all day still
  75. Opinion on Budgie beak
  76. Adopting a bird and quarantine.
  77. Nails too long?
  78. Nemo Wheezing
  79. New baby budgie not flying
  80. Small lump above cere
  81. Bird hasn't got any respiratory problems, but is fluffed up
  82. My little budgie Miya is dying..
  83. Budgie loose stools & now fluffed up unwell
  84. Extremely tiny tail bob normal for newly adopted budgie tossed from home to home?
  85. Constipation, seizure and death
  86. My budgie has 50% of his tail feathers ripped off
  87. Refinishing hardwood floors
  88. Cere looks strange
  89. Is my budgie plucking or molting?
  90. Is moving my bird's cage harmful?
  91. New budgie not acting 'right', have poop pictures!
  92. Found cracked baby bird egg
  93. Buddy is sick, maybe what Pepper had?
  94. Changed food to pellets
  95. Sleepless budgie
  96. Cere- Please advise.
  97. Feather loss under wings?
  98. Underweight bird- how long to gain weight back? Other signs of improving health?
  99. Washing Oil off of Budgie
  100. Wing feathers won't moult...
  101. Advice on how to transport budgie to vet
  102. Budgie's skin peeled
  103. Should I bring one or both budgies to the vet?
  104. Antibiotics, a heart-breaking necessity
  105. Overweight
  106. Our darling Digby
  107. pituitary tumor
  108. Cere Inflamed?
  109. Budgie eating poop
  110. Feather Problem...
  111. Lily's injured leg
  112. How can you tell the difference between preening and picking?
  113. Scaly face mites?
  114. Is my budgie’s wing bleeding?
  115. My New budgie
  116. My budgie has a small cut on it’s cere!!!
  117. Feather roots are rotting
  118. Feathers falling out
  119. My poor little Sky
  120. Molting constantly
  121. Baby Budgie Stands Hunched Over
  122. Growth on eyelid
  123. Can mineral block color the poop?
  124. Sore leg
  125. Beak trimming
  126. Jester being very hormonal
  127. New worried budgie owner
  128. Beak Length
  129. Device to reduce diameter of syringe tip
  130. Unusual Droppings
  131. Flaking Cere and Beak
  132. Please help, budgie wings shivering constantly
  133. Extra Claw on leg
  134. Clogged cere
  135. Budgie struggles too much when giving syringe medication
  136. Long nails
  137. Overall help
  138. Vicks Warm Mis Humidifier _ Teflon???
  139. Molting Question
  140. serious problem with my budgie
  141. Weakness, Odd Breathing and Damaged Claw, Injury or Infection?
  142. Strange squeaking/wheezing/sneezing
  143. Foot paralyzed? Raising wings?
  144. Lemmy’s cere
  145. What is happening in the wing
  146. Budgie birth control
  147. Can budgies get hiccups?
  148. Discoloured beak
  149. Drinking lots of water
  150. Can’t Fly and bleeding
  151. New Budgie: Rowdy
  152. Snowy's Broken Leg - Any Tips
  153. Flakey Beak?
  154. Sitting
  155. Stressed Budgie
  156. Stained feathers
  157. Reassurance for Vincey?
  158. Budgie Vomiting
  159. Young budgie, bald spots and missing feathers
  160. Sick budgie
  161. Help, wounded leg :(
  162. Is it safe to use mosquitoes repellent tablets in a room?
  163. Green Tongue? Harmful?
  164. Old budgie sick
  165. Is my budgie okay?
  166. Occasional whimpering sound?
  167. Clipping birds wings
  168. Need help finding a vet
  169. Help my budgie has been attacked by cat
  170. Is my budgie sick?
  171. Concerned
  172. Underside of budgie foot/claw yellow
  173. Healthy Sleep
  174. First Aid Bird Kit Suggestion
  175. Red Mites, Need advice
  176. Possibly throwing up.
  177. It looks like serious illness!
  178. Is my bird sick?
  179. Millet Spray Over Pellet Seeds Should I Be Concerned?
  180. Budgies hormonal - fighting
  181. New Budgie
  182. Nesting budgie with feces stuck around vent
  183. New sick budgie
  184. Lump Above Vent of Female
  185. What is this swollen thing on my budgie's rump?
  186. Craft Paint Safety
  187. Birds in the bathroom
  188. Aloe Detox?
  189. Will not covering the cage effect my budgies health?
  190. Cooking Bags Toxic to Budgies
  191. Male budgie beak
  192. Is there a problem with Inu's droppings?
  193. what happened to his tail?
  194. Advise re. Beak length
  195. Budgie Droppings/Bobbing Tail
  196. Budgies and Christmas Decorations
  197. Essential Oil Diffuser
  198. Bacteria Issue with Einstein
  199. Help/Advice Please - Straggly feathers
  200. Molt
  201. Unknown growth on lower breast of parakeet! Please help!
  202. Is it ok to feed your budgie dried corn?
  203. Budgie Help
  204. Can a budgie get a tetanus virus?
  205. Vitamin D3 via lighting
  206. Female Budgie Cere Color Change
  207. Vet questions
  208. "Baby Proofing" Budgie's Room
  209. Vent feather trimming
  210. Am I Doing What's Best?
  211. i don't know if my budgie sprained or broke her foot:(
  212. Air purifier
  213. Sticky poop?
  214. How much should they be eating?
  215. Tempature question *needs answered urgently*
  216. Regurgitating after flying?!
  217. Normal Droppings?
  218. Which supplement should I get?
  219. egg bound & future prevention
  220. Scaly mites??
  221. My boy with French Moult (Custard's ongoing thread)
  222. Budgie hasn?t moved still
  223. Budgie started making constant sqeaking/wheezing sounds
  224. Beak going green
  225. Are Uv cell phone sanitizer safe to use when you have budgies?
  226. Urgent health problem
  227. Are my budgie's feet normal?
  228. Baytril side effects
  229. Adult male cere color change
  230. Extra nasal hole
  231. Possible Illness or Normal Behavior
  232. Perpetual molting and yellowed feathers
  233. Mr. Boo has crop infection
  234. Broken wing?
  235. Is cutie metal poisoned ?
  236. My budgie BooBoo
  237. Mama bird flew away, has 2 babies in nest box; question on feeding
  238. Are my budgies getting enough vit D3?
  239. New Budgie Sneezing
  240. Pigwidgeon possibly sick?
  241. Could this be a health hazard to budgies?
  242. Budgie bumblefoot - Can you use a calendula ointment?
  243. Small concern about my newly bought budgie
  244. Foot peeling or bumblefoot
  245. Budgie is not drinking water
  246. Disinfecting a cage?
  247. should I cover cage
  248. Not preening vent properly and oil build up at uropygial gland
  249. How to wrap wing?
  250. Weird cere