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Your Budgie's Health

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  1. Thinning feathers?
  2. Incompetent vet clipped secondaries and most of the primaries of my three birds
  3. Possible respiratory infection?
  4. Loose Droppings
  5. Increasing a budgies life span?
  6. Is Birb sick?
  7. Budgie illness
  8. injure
  9. Acute Scaly Head mites?
  10. Nostril concern
  11. Isathal Eyedrops For Budgie?
  12. Egg food
  13. Essential oils, what not to use?
  14. Hair gel/glue
  15. Tail Bobbing?
  16. Concern for Renes health
  17. Is Pepper sick, or mourning?
  18. Cold weather, birds in the avairy
  19. Antifungal medication causing temporary regurgitation?
  20. Actually just wondering
  21. Bump where budgie's crop is?
  22. A sort of sick Hodor
  23. Exposing Budgies to Timothy Hay
  24. Peeling cere and possibility of mites
  25. Mites?
  26. Hot Summers= Hot Aviarys
  27. Poorly Budgies
  28. Budgie hurt rib or wing?
  29. Friend's budgie maybe has respiratory issue?
  30. Tumor...Going to put him down
  31. Can I use a reptile light for my birds?
  32. French Moult and Silica
  33. Dark spot on female budgie's beak?
  34. Tips for Bird with Broken Leg
  35. So I Took My Budgie To The Vet...
  36. Good update on Sam
  37. Budgie poo dark and smells toxic
  38. Molting and sneezing?
  39. Can my budgie go outside?
  40. Cosmo acting strange
  41. Unwell Budgie :(
  42. Albino Budgies
  43. Opening and closing beak
  44. Injured foot? Happened seemingly overnight...
  45. Probiotics after antibiotics
  46. Budgie hen not cleaning vent
  47. Is my budgie molting?
  48. Poorly bird
  49. Something gone down the wrongng way??
  50. Normal wing clip
  51. Green stain above nostrils? Spinach?
  52. Sick budgie help
  53. Traveling with my parakeet
  54. Budgies in summer
  55. Something wrong with Budgie's foot
  56. Annual check up turned up important info
  57. Is he sick?
  58. Nonstick Pan Questions
  59. Stool looks different
  60. Voice suddenly changed from high pitch to deep
  61. Blocked preen gland I need help please
  62. Budgie faints
  63. Lily's Health Woes
  64. Is my toy dangerous?
  65. Another Moulting Question
  66. What's up with Buzz?
  67. Have his wings been clipped?
  68. Is my budgie sick?
  69. Lime poop change
  70. Scabbed Pin Feather?
  71. Young budgie with possible feather mites
  72. Feather with a bloody quill
  73. Weird yellow-white poops
  74. Purple mystery
  75. Possible Cere Overgrowth, Looking For Advice!
  76. Is this molting?
  77. toxic plant help?
  78. Hormone change issues?
  79. How much sleep do budgies need?
  80. Helping Birds with Hyperkeratosis
  81. Sneezing Little Boy
  82. Feather plucking
  83. Whoops. Looks like mites.
  84. My Budgies Health and Age!
  85. Uh oh, this doesnt look good
  86. Is my new budgie sick or just scared?
  87. Panting
  88. Budgie with dried hand rearing formula
  89. Broken blood feathers??
  90. Is this a parasite?
  91. New mattress
  92. I need some help about flights
  93. 35% grade hydrogen peroxide
  94. Where should the budgie sleep?
  95. Can you tell me whats wrong with bobby?
  96. Chronic egg laying
  97. Sam's nails (again)
  98. Liver Disease
  99. Home or vet
  100. Budgie poop
  101. Double molt?
  102. Budgie lifespan
  103. Flying into windows
  104. Will diffusing essential oils make my Budgies sick?
  105. Impact of health?
  106. Just have a few questions.
  107. Poop stuck to butt.
  108. Is this normal breathing?
  109. Lost tail feather
  110. Runny poop
  111. Poop Change
  112. Help, my bird's cere is rapidly turning dark brown!
  113. Teflon and Non-stick question
  114. Budgie squeaking
  115. Pepper might have respiratory problems
  116. Poop change
  117. Worried about my baby
  118. Help, my budgie's cere has changed colour (and other symptoms)
  119. Putting Fred on a Diet
  120. Blood on Feathers
  121. Is my budgie fat?
  122. Budgie Making this Noise A Lot
  123. Milk thistle tea
  124. Feet
  125. Normal for these feathers to fall out?
  126. Beginning of scaly , normal adulting or ... ?
  127. Budgie Cough
  128. Molting Again (???) Hmmm....
  129. Is my budgie okay?
  130. Jester has an injury
  131. 67 F too chilly to sit outside in sunshine?
  132. Prince is panting
  133. Sore budgie eye?
  134. griddle
  135. Runny poop
  136. How euthanasia might affect the flock
  137. My bird is acting strange
  138. New baby budgie. Possible Cere Issue?
  139. Questions concerning Humidifier
  140. Droppings stuck on vent
  141. what can we do?
  142. Growth or feather cyst on my boy?
  143. budgie unusal behaviour
  144. Sick or Lonely
  145. Grumpy Baby Budgie Molt!
  146. Is my budgie okay?
  147. Weight Loss
  148. New Budgie Yellow Urates - Need 2nd opinion
  149. Medicine by beak
  150. Is there mold on my budgie?
  151. Need your advise please!
  152. My budgie has "runny bottom" what do I do?!?
  153. Is this a moult?
  154. Pet IP security camera
  155. Opening and closing beak
  156. Feather sickness?
  157. Is my parakeet/budgie sick?
  158. My budgies poop is very watery
  159. Sick or Resting
  160. My budgie is breathing hard
  161. Brownish Nail
  162. Hinged tail? What is it a deeper issue?
  163. Help needed with feather info.
  164. Weird Poop and cuddling
  165. Budgie with swollen leg
  166. Rio might be sick?
  167. Ivermectin
  168. Does my budgie need a beak trim?
  169. Is this plant safe?
  170. From blue to... brown?
  171. Help getting birds to return to their cages
  172. Sick budgie hard beak feathers
  173. Help! i think my budgie is dying
  174. Protocol for family illness?
  175. URGENT please help is my budgie sick?
  176. Can't catch budgie
  177. Is the Instant Pot safe?
  178. Budgie bleeding and flying trouble :(
  179. Darwin's feather loss
  180. Polyurea and Antibiotics
  181. Warning about Hawks and Birds of Prey
  182. My little feather friend with respiratory infection!
  183. Another macrorhabdus/megabacteria/AGY saga
  184. Questions about fumes
  185. New budgie has poop stuck to vent
  186. i want to know if my budgie is sick before it's too late
  187. Tell me about how much veggies you give? 1 tsp? 2? Tablespoon?
  188. Weird thing on head
  189. Does he have mites?
  190. Is Pinesol safe for birds
  191. Breeding condition? or Scaly face?
  192. Clogged feather follicle?
  193. Can I apply Ivermectin without holding my budgie?
  194. sick budgie?
  195. Is this Serious?
  196. What is this on my parakeets tail ??
  197. Caught Foot
  198. Occasional gray poo- normal
  199. hot air popcorn poppers
  200. How to give probiotics without giving veggies?
  201. A gap in hyde feathers?
  202. Yellow Urate
  203. toe bent back
  204. The risk of an air-fryer?
  205. bleeding lump on wing
  206. Not sure what to do here
  207. How often to you give raw apple cider
  208. AGY questions: need advice!
  209. I would like to know just how well am i taking care of my budgie
  210. Inexperienced owner requesting advice abt poops
  211. What probiotic do you like best?
  212. Is this just molting?
  213. Worried about Tundra's poo color
  214. Essential oil safety
  215. This slight cere discoloration normal?
  216. Now you see it,now you don't
  217. Pesky blood feather
  218. It seems Reggie has bad diarrhoea
  219. Bandit is sick
  220. Cookware- Is it dangerous?
  221. Bare spots under budgie's wing
  222. baby budgie being injured
  223. My bird just died
  224. My baby is losing feathers?
  225. Is my budgie depressed? I didn't notice something odd about him until now!
  226. Funky Looking Cere
  227. Is new Parakeet eating enough?
  228. Young budgie holding his head down low
  229. my budgie has been sleeping alot
  230. Sick budgie?
  231. Still on the "cure train"
  232. Batrylnot helping sick budgie
  233. My budgie was diagnosed with megabacteria or AGY
  234. Birdie has swelling on her side
  235. Is my little baby fine?
  236. My budgie is sick!
  237. Black eye update
  238. Black stuff on my budgie's beak
  239. Dry Retching that appears different from crop adjusting?
  240. How do you "restrain" a budgie?
  241. Bad smell from one area
  242. Budgie chick doesn't appear to be growing
  243. Gloppy green droppings today... runny
  244. is their something wrong with my budgie?
  245. Puffed up but active budgie.
  246. Burnt sticks
  247. We gotta go to the evil doctor
  248. Vet Issues
  249. New Budgie Catastrophe
  250. Broken Toe Nail