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Your Budgie's Health

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  1. Now you see it,now you don't
  2. Pesky blood feather
  3. It seems Reggie has bad diarrhoea
  4. Bandit is sick
  5. Cookware- Is it dangerous?
  6. Bare spots under budgie's wing
  7. baby budgie being injured
  8. My bird just died
  9. My baby is losing feathers?
  10. Is my budgie depressed? I didn't notice something odd about him until now!
  11. Funky Looking Cere
  12. Is new Parakeet eating enough?
  13. Young budgie holding his head down low
  14. my budgie has been sleeping alot
  15. Sick budgie?
  16. Still on the "cure train"
  17. Batrylnot helping sick budgie
  18. My budgie was diagnosed with megabacteria or AGY
  19. Birdie has swelling on her side
  20. Is my little baby fine?
  21. My budgie is sick!
  22. Black eye update
  23. Black stuff on my budgie's beak
  24. Dry Retching that appears different from crop adjusting?
  25. How do you "restrain" a budgie?
  26. Bad smell from one area
  27. Budgie chick doesn't appear to be growing
  28. Gloppy green droppings today... runny
  29. is their something wrong with my budgie?
  30. Puffed up but active budgie.
  31. Burnt sticks
  32. We gotta go to the evil doctor
  33. Vet Issues
  34. New Budgie Catastrophe
  35. Broken Toe Nail
  36. Is the trying to lay an egg...?
  37. Droppings color???
  38. Clicking beak?
  39. Question About Wing Clipping
  40. Talon problems
  41. Wing feathers disorder
  42. My Parakeet Really Needs Help
  43. Popsicle is a Pudgy Budgie
  44. Updates on Max's Health
  45. Just molting or something else?
  46. Heat lamp recommendations please
  47. Eye infection in budgie
  48. How to destroy scaly face/burrowing mites on budgie? (Updated)
  49. Molting budgies
  50. On the 2nd Molt - lost flight feathers - struggling with flying
  51. My little male doesn't fly
  52. Budgie molting?
  53. How much perfume/deodorant is harmful to the bird?
  54. Broken Femur or Something Else?
  55. Quarantine again?
  56. baby budgie's beak
  57. Does this look like a molt?
  58. Diabetes?
  59. Budgie beak
  60. New "male" budgie has dark reddish brown cere?
  61. Budgie eating poop and catfood !
  62. Taking my budgie to the vet
  63. Budgie Suddenly Died (long post)
  64. Flight & Tail Feathers coming out
  65. Nail clipping?
  66. Budgie died
  67. Silly question
  68. I wish I could fly
  69. Mineral block tie thing
  70. Is this cere ok?
  71. Back again but now about Beaks
  72. Is this a sign of egg laying? Advice please
  73. Budgie Molting?
  74. Broken new flight feather
  75. Please Help: Injured Toe
  76. Is my budgie okay?
  77. update
  78. Need help, is my budgie sick?
  79. Is it dangerous to cover your stove with aluminum foil then cook?
  80. Loss of feathers
  81. Precautions against avian flu?
  82. Moro Fire Insert?
  83. Budgie laid an egg
  84. Female Budgie's cere peeling?
  85. Please help with my budgie!
  86. My budgie doesn't seem well.
  87. Daisy has an eye infection!
  88. Emmy Vomited
  89. Itching around the eye
  90. Leave heat on or not while at work?
  91. Weighing budgies
  92. Orangish/redish above the nose
  93. Budgie poop
  94. Is my Budgie unhappy?
  95. First flight gone wrong
  96. Medicating your budgie
  97. Budgie cage bedding
  98. Help! Spitting out seeds?
  99. Heating needs
  100. Wrinkled flight feathers?
  101. Tailfeathers
  102. Things You’re Likely Doing That Will Eventually Kill Your Parrot
  103. Cleaning Protocol Plan - Toys/Cage/Home Surfaces - Knemidocoptes Scaly Leg/Face Mites
  104. Feather in Nose
  105. Does these droppings look concerning to you?
  106. Well Check
  107. I fear my bird is seriously ill
  108. She bit his beak
  109. Avian Gastric Yeast or Megabacteria
  110. Stressful birdies
  111. Homeo Medicine for Budgies.. your suggestion and guidense required.
  112. Does his cere looks okey?
  113. Is brown poop normal?
  114. Does this bird have scaly face mites?
  115. Little lump in corner of eye
  116. Sick (?!) Budgie
  117. Losing feathers
  118. What is going on? Please help
  119. Old budgie keeps falling
  120. She laid an what?
  121. Just molting or do we need to worry?
  122. Blood Tail Feather
  123. Room Temp Range
  124. Mosquitos
  125. Not using his foot
  126. Palliative care suggestions for budgie with tumor
  127. Long/Overgrown beak
  128. Rupert vomited?
  129. What is wrong with my budgie?
  130. Has max a broken feather?
  131. Budgie seems as if it may be ill
  132. Quick question regarding sleep
  133. Budige Eyes
  134. Another tumor
  135. Naked Area Under Budgie Neck?!
  136. Cutting the nails of untamed budgies
  137. flaky cere
  138. Budgie feather Help
  139. Sleeping all day but eating too
  140. Natural wood perches
  141. ACV Miscounted?
  142. Really scared about clipping my budgies nails - advice?
  143. New Budgie Owner Need Help Please
  144. worried about my little budgie
  145. my male budgie has dark brown/black cere
  146. Mexico Keeps Yawning
  147. Beak too long?
  148. vet and untame?
  149. Question regarding meds
  150. 3rd molt of the year?
  151. Budgie vit-drops
  152. Red Mites! LEAVE US ALONE
  153. What on earth did Lola just throw up?
  154. GYI what?
  155. Aristopet Bird Mite and Lice Spray, Is it safe?
  156. Brown tummy feathers?!
  157. Fluffing Budgie
  158. Two budgies and a choice to be made...
  159. Mites on Budgie Feather?
  160. Bird always getting sick!
  161. Seed mix
  162. Second molt?
  163. Charlie Bird is sick!
  164. Wondering if something is wrong with my budgie..
  165. Something's wrong with the foot!!
  166. Respiratory infection
  167. Full spectrum lighting
  168. Artemis's Vet Visit
  169. White lines across budgie's beak?
  170. Seed stuck??
  171. Budgie moulting
  172. Laying Eggs
  173. Messy bum, ill?
  174. Bubbles first well birdie visit!
  175. Sky has a missing feather by his beak
  176. Bad eyesight/clumsy?
  177. My budgierigar
  178. A question on wood
  179. new housed parakeet is having issues !
  180. Molting whilst sick
  181. Tips on keeping beak trim, please!
  182. How can I tell if my budgie is blind?
  183. Bug spray
  184. Orego Stim
  185. New Budgie Traumatic Experience. Quarantine Question.
  186. Active then not
  187. This is why we Quarantine, ALWAYS!
  188. Budgie Dropping
  189. budgie looking scruffy
  190. Just curious
  191. Beak length ok?
  192. Duration of UVB lighting
  193. Is my budgie sick?
  194. Turning pink??
  195. Can Outside to Inside House Temperature Change Cause Illness
  196. Munchkin has a tail bob and sleeps a lot
  197. Budgie poop
  198. Urgent! Walking sick budgie to the vet?
  199. Is my budgie sick?
  200. Another Health Question!
  201. Lost voice? End of a saga. Bit of a novel, sorry.
  202. Budgie sounds
  203. Jenny & her overgrown beak
  204. Need advice... Should I worry about Jay's cere
  205. Is it normal for budgies to have this kind of posture?
  206. Breeding budgies and health
  207. Do I really have to take my budgie to the vet?
  208. Vitamin Supplements
  209. Scared for my Budgies ):
  210. Is this normal ?
  211. Respiratory infection?
  212. Jen's organic Mix
  213. A question about poop
  214. Abnormal droppings and behavior
  215. Health indications
  216. An earwig in the cage?
  217. Chewing Paper Towel
  218. Eating or playing with poop
  219. Strange poops...again
  220. New budgie woes
  221. My budgie has sticky feathers on his head
  222. Budgies & Human Infections
  223. 3 Share Cage or 1 Alone?
  224. First Nail Trim
  225. Who Here Uses Avian Full Spectrum Lighting?
  226. No tail and short wings
  227. Sprained Leg?
  228. Excessive Regurgitation!!
  229. Budgie with reddish feathers on head
  230. Tail feathers look dirty on the edges
  231. Soft Droppings
  232. Budgie cooing?
  233. Nemo Vomiting
  234. Repiratory Infection: Post-Vet Visit
  235. My emergency of the month.
  236. Molting bald spot
  237. Household cleaners
  238. Beak Length
  239. Is she sneezing?
  240. Night fright accident
  241. Unscented tea light candles yes or no?
  242. Possible change in droppings?
  243. Sudden Death
  244. Feathers in eyes
  245. Playful Pascal
  246. When is it not "normal"
  247. Budgie safe candle?
  248. Budgie tonic/seed-please reply ASAP
  249. Budgie Diet
  250. My Baby Bourke Parakeet is bleeding