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Your Budgie's Health

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  1. Oskars wing feathers are missing!
  2. Sickbudgie?
  3. Should I bring my birds to storm shelter?
  4. Weak, sleepy bird => Avian Gastric Yeast (AGY)
  5. Whats wrong with my parakeet??
  6. Is this frying pan budgie safe? w/pictures
  7. Peeta has a tumor
  8. Eye won't open - very listless// Beauregard is better now!
  9. New Budgie Health
  10. Little overwhelmed with all the dangerous items in my house!
  11. Budgie face - scaly face or?
  12. Asking about other bird at vet exam?
  13. Manzanita Leaves?
  14. i want to know all about my new budgie
  15. I'm under the weather
  16. Budgie Wing Vibrating
  17. Vomiting
  18. Injured foot; ways to help her?
  19. Budgie hit a wall
  20. Is this plant safe?
  21. Trimming the talons
  22. Safety precautions when buying your birds Christmas/Holiday presents
  23. Cause of death?
  24. Milk Thistle with alcohol
  25. cere color in male budgie
  26. Thoughts needed
  27. My Birds Having The Sneezes?
  28. Budgie claws
  29. Anyone else with fatty liver disease?
  30. Budgie Health Questions and Concerns
  31. Budgie not acting right
  32. Flight Feathers
  33. can't fly!
  34. Mites?
  35. Acting Strange/Aggressive
  36. French molt
  37. Deworming birds using Garlic?
  38. Does he have french moult?
  39. Budgie food question
  40. Getting a new budgie in the future but I have a big problem.
  41. Losing tail feathers
  42. Sick budgies?
  43. Did I make right decision to euthanize 4yr budgie? Cholesterol tumor.
  44. Aloe vera detox for birds
  45. Budgie weight
  46. Is my Budgie Okay?
  47. Does he look healthy?
  48. Vacuumed Carpet Odor Remover?
  49. Clipped Wings/Moulting Question
  50. Talk about misery :(
  51. Flat beak
  52. pest bomb help
  53. strange behavior - new
  54. Need help identifying if this is normal
  55. Scaly face?
  56. First Vet Visit Results!
  57. Scaly face... I think?
  58. Budgie health question
  59. Bach Flower Remedies
  60. Feather loss?
  61. Air Fresheners
  62. Is this normal?
  63. How I got antibiotics out of my budgie's feathers!
  64. French Moult?
  65. Beak deformity? Help!
  66. Heater and Lamps for Vitamin D
  67. A moult that took a break?
  68. Please help whats wrong?
  69. poop on vent and losing feathers
  70. MRSA is no match for Spiral the Wonder Budgie!
  71. Is my new budgie sick?
  72. Oxidised aviary wire
  73. Guardian Angel
  74. Tailfeather Molt?
  75. Vet Verdict
  76. Lavender Essential Oil?
  77. Hyperkeratosis?
  78. Bucky is Depressed/Not Eating/Not interested!?
  79. Bene-Bac Plus
  80. How long until Chlamydophilosis clears up?
  81. Wet Poop
  82. my budgie health
  83. My budgie is sick!
  84. Weight loss and possibly bullied
  85. So I have happy news to report (Ongoing Thread)
  86. Nail trimming and filing
  87. Safe Way to Clean a Regular Oven?
  88. Budgie is partially bald; suspect the cagemate
  89. new budgie help?
  90. Another molt allready?!
  91. Poor Princess is at the Vet
  92. Daffodil's better
  93. Very stubborn sick budgie
  94. Baby budgie scratching
  95. Budgie with injured leg
  96. She keeps picking her wound
  97. Winter care for budgies.
  98. Aztecs head is orange..
  99. Broken feather maybe? Help!
  100. Budgie with a crop infection!
  101. Shaking head
  102. Please advice - Nike's symptoms
  103. Cage cleaning
  104. puffy budgie : (
  105. Dry looking cere- should I be worried??
  106. Worried
  107. Spot On Treatments
  108. Any Bourkes Parakeet owners about?
  109. Hopefully I'm just 'flapping' this just a cut?
  110. My Budgie's Chrips Worry Me A Little...
  111. Something on the Cere?
  112. Bumble foot in budgies?!
  113. Prayers for my little one
  114. Egg laying
  115. Vomiting
  116. Books on Budgies
  117. Avoiding Collisions with Mirrors and Glass
  118. I need help please
  119. Feathers: A Window into Your Bird's Health
  120. Her tails got pulled out accidentally...
  121. My budgie flew into a window
  122. Black 'points' - new feathers??
  123. Advice For Claw Trimming
  124. Bird Safe Candles Question
  125. feather growth
  126. Tap Water?
  127. Help ,I think my budgie broke her leg
  128. Vitamin supplements or food change?
  129. Budgies sick?
  130. Poop check
  131. Budgie Diet
  132. Odd growth on my budgies face
  133. Budgie vent infection
  134. Budgie poop changed, not sure if he's ok!?
  135. Tugging Clipped Wing
  136. Budgie Hurt Foot
  137. Bird-safe flea options
  138. My new baby
  139. Please help, bird sick?
  140. Too hot or something else?
  141. Weird "hole"
  142. Ip6
  143. Megabacteria
  144. Is this normal?
  145. Budgie cere colours
  146. Something wrong with Alice's bum
  147. How do you tell how he feels
  148. Just wondering if I cleaned out
  149. Peety molting
  150. Flight Feathers Won't Grow Back.
  151. Guardian Angel // Pedialyte // Pedialyte Recipe
  152. Tail bobbing and fast breathing when out of cage...?
  153. Moulting
  154. Choking or something else?
  155. Help Again :(
  156. Butterflies flight feathers
  157. Different looking budgie poop?
  158. Can I infect my birds?
  159. Is Spencer Ok? Or am I just paranoid.....
  160. Glue Trap Dangers
  161. Giving medication
  162. Affectionate when ill?
  163. Exhausted after vet visit
  164. Holding a budgie
  165. Black bit on budgie's head??
  166. Budgie clicking beak
  167. Health concerns about traveling with budgies
  168. If going on a vacation
  169. Wood shavings safe for birds?
  170. Would anyone happen to no the age of my bird
  171. She sneezed so much I thought she would collapse!
  172. Something's up with Daesyl
  173. How do I get rid of mites in an aviary
  174. Bad luck Marple
  175. Out of the cage
  176. What's wrong with my budgie?
  177. I have some questions!
  178. He needs to chew!
  179. bad genetics??
  180. Budgie Wing Twitch
  181. Should i be worried
  182. I found a feather on the floor of my budgie's cage
  183. Is panting normal for new budgie
  184. Is my Budgie Ill?
  185. FYI: Avian Vet handout/ Vomiting
  186. Advice on a potentially dying budgie :(
  187. A question
  188. I was just wondering if my budgies eyes where normal
  189. Scissor beak cage
  190. Update on Noah
  191. Best way to get these drops on him?
  192. Mink has diarrhea
  193. Apple Cider Vinegar With Mother Question
  194. swollen belly
  195. Itching and long toenails what should I do!!!
  196. Can budgies cry?
  197. Peppa keeps sneezing.
  198. Worried : ( Any Comforting Thoughts?
  199. Red/Brown stains on budgies side and tail
  200. French moult or not?
  201. My bird just died and i dont know why
  202. Taking Budgies To Avian Vet [Please Reply Advice needed]
  203. Cotton rope perches/toys
  204. A Few Questions from a Beginner
  205. Is my budgie sick?
  206. Scaly face mites confirmed
  207. Is Mika sick?
  208. Brown feathers
  209. Worried that budgie isn't sleeping enough!??
  210. Budgie wing broken?
  211. Charlie's first moult
  212. Get rid of rats / mice.
  213. Fluffed feathers, unable to fly, overall signs of weakness
  214. Sweetie has a red Vent.
  215. Making strange sound. Is he sick?
  216. Is Your Budgie Healthy?
  217. What should I do for a budgie at home
  218. Old, Bored, Moult, or Ill?
  219. Maintaining Rope Perches
  220. Toes
  221. Question about weight
  222. Budgie Making Squeaking sounds!
  223. Budgie has very splayed legs..need Help!
  224. Update on Melvin and Ludvig!
  225. At what age can I feed my budgie safe fruit and veg?
  226. New Budgie not Eating
  227. Health Issues?
  228. heavy breathing after flight
  229. A Brief Question on Digestible Substances
  230. Help...budgie making weird noises
  231. Updates on Luna!
  232. Rapid breathing
  233. Sweet potatoes- Raw or cooked?
  234. Leg Disease And Prevention
  235. Vet test reccommendations?
  236. Lump on Chest (Picture)
  237. Bald patch under budgie wing
  238. Maybe broken?
  239. Need Reassurance about molting
  240. Cere damage: How bad does it look?
  241. Budgie basic first aid kit
  242. Greyjoy is Molting?
  243. How to not traumatize sick budgie?
  244. possible foot fungus. what can i do?
  245. Avian Health Insurance
  246. my budgie is paralysed
  247. Budgie tiny lump?
  248. My Budgie girl, Spyro injured her beak... again :(
  249. Scaly face mite or just weird hormones?
  250. discolored spot above cere