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Your Budgie's Health

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  1. Severe moult
  2. UV Light
  3. Air Sac Mites
  4. My budgie is sick and my Vet cant help
  5. Sickly Budgie Sicker than Usual
  6. Scaly mite or...?
  7. Help with giving antibiotics! Giving up!
  8. Wheezing - Emergency Vet?
  9. Name of mutation
  10. “End of Life” comfort
  11. Slight tail bobbing
  12. Small growth above cere
  13. Advice for feeding a budgie that recently lost his beak
  14. Budgies relatively short lives are the downside!
  15. New budgies poops
  16. Budgie having really big poops
  17. pellet diet or moulting?
  18. I think my budgie is dying
  19. Wing twiching
  20. 9 weeks and not weaned! :(
  21. Psittacosis? (Parrot fever)
  22. Injured foot
  23. Yet another time
  24. Foot fungus?? Infection? Bumblefoot?
  25. My new budgie poops white
  26. Medication administration options
  27. Budgie swollen chest/crop??
  28. New budgie, is this a bad sign?
  29. At a loss
  30. Homeopathic medicine for budgies
  31. Is my new baby budgie sick?
  32. My budgie and his foot
  33. Budgie has red sore looking patch of skin?
  34. Washed clothes drying near the cage
  35. Is this normal?
  36. Help! Ragged messy feathers
  37. Budgie clicking when breathing
  38. Beak bruising
  39. Balding Budgie- Multiple Treatments attempted
  40. Milk thistle
  41. Not a feather cyst
  42. something in eye
  43. airconditioning problem
  44. Random regurgitation?
  45. Budgie Sneezing
  46. Can budgies get colds?
  47. ~June 2020 "Trill" changed formula causes diarrhea?
  48. Wing problem
  49. Preventing Budgie from licking window
  50. Individual or Pooled Fecal Sample? To Owners of Multiple Budgies/Birds
  51. Budgie has bald vent and is vomiting
  52. Please help! Not sure what's going on with my budgie
  53. Enlargement Testical
  54. Budgie Rapid Breathing
  55. Budgie polyuria? No other symptoms
  56. Cere is partially discolored
  57. What is happening with my budgie suddenly?
  58. Carpet deodorizing
  59. Quarantine with Related Budgies
  60. Vinegar Eels/Worms in Apple Cider Vinegar!?Please Help!
  61. How often should I be getting a comprehensive physical exam?
  62. Cere turning dark brown on male? budgie
  63. Falling over and difficulty climbing
  64. Swollen crop and insistent polyuria
  65. Recurring digestion issue
  66. How to get my budgie to stop biting cage bars
  67. My Budgie acting strange
  68. Disease or normal?
  69. Checking Cere's color
  70. Second moult within 2-3 months?
  71. Does my sister's budgie have a health problem?
  72. Male budgie’s cere is flaky?
  73. Changing House
  74. Can budgies catch the Corona Virus?
  75. Outdoor Aviary Flooring
  76. Amazing transformation
  77. Probiotic for budgies
  78. Food all over mouth
  79. Keeping birds in bedroom
  80. Overprotective Behavior
  81. Tip of Kiwi's beak turning lighter, almost white. A problem? (Picture included)
  82. Advice on moulting please
  83. Budgie Bleeding
  84. Two health scare stories with happy endings
  85. Buddy went from not eating or drinking to hyperactive constant eating
  86. Cleaning and disinfecting after an illness
  87. Clean Bill of Health!
  88. Would this paper be bird-safe?
  89. weird poops
  90. What causes liver and kidney failure
  91. Clicking sound when breathing
  92. Respiratory, megabacteria and smelly poops
  93. Funny Looking Belly
  94. Pasting of the vent advice
  95. Budgie singing and age ?
  96. Budgie with gout....
  97. Is thieves essential oil safe for birds
  98. Kermits bald patch
  99. Budgie can't find water?
  100. Leg question
  101. How often do budgies molt
  102. Cold or Comfy?
  103. Visiting Vet
  104. Is my kermits lower beak over grown?
  105. Reusing Cages and Toys
  106. Terrified new rescue budgie, possibly sick.
  107. Disinfecting Cage
  108. Tail bobbing normal while chattering/singing?
  109. Budgie is suddenly very affectionate
  110. Budgie sneeze fit?
  111. Baby Budgie issues
  112. Brown feathers above Rockys.cere
  113. Budgies won’t eat pellets from bowl
  114. is this slight panting something to worry about?
  115. Buy second budgie after died ?
  116. Potentially stunted baby budgie?
  117. simulating vomiting/regurgitating?
  118. Blood feather please help
  119. Sick budgie - AGY
  120. Budgies ear has wax like build up
  121. Feather causing pain?
  122. Sevro: More food options for budgie with a beak injury.
  123. Questions regarding my budgies health and looks
  124. Cutie again!!
  125. Red poop
  126. Is this infection? Scaly mites?
  127. Budgie feet
  128. Ways to give medication
  129. Molting support for elderly budgie?
  130. My little grey
  131. Is something wrong with Kiwi's chest?
  132. Kowhai's infected oil gland
  133. Male budgie voice change
  134. Still no change in cere color
  135. Do budgies get less active as they get old?
  136. small spot on cere
  137. Splayed legs
  138. Budgie doesn't fly very well
  139. Daisys tail feathers 2
  140. Is this face mites?!
  141. Lemon's uterus is swollen
  142. budgie itchy for 24 hours and slight tail bob
  143. My budgie's poop is getting whitish 😞
  144. Cutie again!
  145. Is there something wrong with Kiwi's cere?
  146. Is this Scaly Face mites?
  147. Changing Food
  148. Seeds in poop
  149. Molting
  150. Help - Vince cleaning herself / sneezing
  151. Apartment Being Sprayed for Bugs, are my budgies going to be okay?
  152. Budgie has been eating expired spinach for 2 weeks
  153. Feeding help
  154. Baytril... whoops!
  155. budgie health and respiratory issues
  156. signs of aspirating water, please
  157. Some dosage help?
  158. My budge laid an egg
  159. Yellow Urine
  160. Possibly overweight budgie
  161. Something is wrong with my budgie
  162. Beak And Feather Clearing
  163. wing wont lay flat??
  164. Daisy is acting strange
  165. Avian Bornavirus
  166. New Budgie Question
  167. Concern about clipped wings.
  168. Red area on budgie feet
  169. Budgie regurgitating?!
  170. Psittacosis/Chlamydia in budgies
  171. Loose stools with sprouts?
  172. First molt pt. 1
  173. Which sodium benzoate for megabacteria?
  174. herbal help??
  175. Scaly face?
  176. Delayed egg binding recovery
  177. Is this safe for my budgies when painting?
  178. SCATT for air sac mites
  179. Help with Crusty Cere
  180. Budgie making new noise - should I be concerned?
  181. Zupreem Food Color and sugar
  182. Pedi-perch question
  183. Perry is not well
  184. Wheeze ease in a diffuser
  185. Help with pellet conversion.
  186. So in case other people don't know...
  187. My budgie is very depressed
  188. oocho update and what to do??
  189. Budgies cere turning an odd color
  190. Budgie pecks air? Behavior or health concern?
  191. Discolored poop?
  192. New budgie can't fly
  193. Our first molt?
  194. Question about cleaning with vinegar.
  195. Is my budgie's cere normal
  196. Veterinary Tests
  197. General Health- Rico
  198. Why do my birds do this to me
  199. Head Feather Crud
  200. Birdie with neurological problem/now Tulip hates him
  201. Gassy bird? Or something else?
  202. My budgie has some eye problem, please help me!
  203. I think my budgie is ill
  204. New budgie question
  205. Molting frequency
  206. All natural lotion for myself
  207. Recommendation for Avian vet
  208. Cleaning cages with vinegar and water
  209. Bent Nail?
  210. Mites?
  211. Vet said Opie needs a vitamin supplement. Suggestions?
  212. Is our budgie sick
  213. Vet Fund
  214. How Long Do I Keep My Budgie in Quarantine?
  215. Foot issue ?
  216. Crust on budgie’s beak
  217. Dry Cere
  218. Redness on Budgies Head
  219. How to keep my budgie safe from a newly introduced cat?
  220. Did my budgie suffer a stroke?
  221. Budgie “coughing”
  222. Nail clipping?
  223. Possible foot injury
  224. Stringy Feathers and Constant Shivering?
  225. Pin Feathers
  226. What paint to choose for painting a room?
  227. Has my budgie ruptured an air sac?
  228. Help needed from budgie expert
  229. Skin Rash
  230. Why are there seeds in my budgies poop?
  231. Budgie maybe sick?
  232. Keeping Birds Warm in Winter
  233. poor little sick bird
  234. Worried please help!
  235. Budgie Wing
  236. Oil gland smells bad
  237. Should I get another?
  238. Regurgitating?
  239. Lemon gets a check up
  240. Notice an issue with budgies beak
  241. Calcium Block
  242. bald patches under wings and back
  243. Light bulb for budgie ?
  244. I think Petrie might be dying now (after the vet)
  245. Feather Plucking?
  246. Is my budgie unwell?
  247. Tail Bobbing but No Illness
  248. Hurt Wing?
  249. Second thoughts on euthanasia
  250. What's on his head?