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General Budgie Talk

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  1. Gender Swapped?
  2. Found new home for wild budgie
  3. Bird shelter needs help
  4. video of jessie hanging upside down recieving a head scratch
  5. Budgies letting me pet them.
  6. Budgie gender
  7. help with making this DIY spiral perch toy
  8. Tipping food bowls
  9. Budgie sitting
  10. is it possible for a budgies color to change all over?
  11. Travel cage or box for bringing budgie home?
  12. I need help on sexing my baby budgies!!!
  13. Budgie bites another one at night
  14. Grieving Budgie (And Owner)
  15. Flapping around at the bottom
  16. A certain little Princess is having a birthday soon!
  17. Need to rehome my baby girl
  18. Going on should I keep Bella entertained?
  19. Introducing parakeets questions
  20. Bird Show coming up- Chicago area
  21. Another cute video of Jessie talking to my old cell phone
  22. Terrorized budgie
  23. Tin Tins Home
  24. Mixed signals from our new family member
  25. Two new birdie friends!
  26. How many budgies?
  27. New Budgie ... need gender advice
  28. Daisy is here!
  29. Boiled egg is a success for Pepi!
  30. Is my budgie female
  31. Confused about gender!
  32. Not my Budgies Favorite Anymore?
  33. Boy or girl?
  34. My sweet blue boy Jango
  35. Sad about Tweety
  36. You don't want a lid? Fine.
  37. In The Corner!!
  38. Made a Toy For My Budgies!
  39. Introducing My New Boy
  40. yellow face HER or HIM?
  41. Should I avoid avocado OIL in products?
  42. do you ever get annoyed with your budgie? i feel guilty
  43. Two Cages
  44. Rio the defiant one!
  45. Budgie and dilemmas
  46. Moulting again
  47. Budgies Not Playing With Favorite Toy?
  48. Help with Aviary?
  49. Got a rare beauty!
  50. Sexing for a new little one
  51. Our babies are coming home!
  52. Old with the New
  53. An Experience with Jake.
  54. Budgie suddenly attacked us
  55. Timid Budgie
  56. Single Budgie & Leaving for College?
  57. Clipping Wings?
  58. Why do budgies get really hyper when the sun is out?
  59. Gay Budgies?
  60. big toy for the little guys
  61. Rehoming Budgie
  62. Our new re-homed female is here!
  63. Miss Marple meets Tommy and Tuppence
  64. One month later, so much progress!
  65. Lemony and her ongoing saga
  66. A rude Sunday Awakening
  67. I know this is long overdue
  68. Here's My Boy
  69. Rehoming Two Budgies
  70. Introducing Hershel :)
  71. White cere Budgie
  72. Jay becoming a grown up
  73. T-shirt
  74. Taps beak on perch when talking to her
  75. Budgie behavior: after losing companion
  76. Important information for all Budgie Owners
  77. Need advice with new budgie
  78. wing clipping
  79. outdoor Aviary floor
  80. Pink Cere With Blue "X"
  81. Skye and Number 6
  82. Sage being a little Problematic
  83. Encouraging Cage Exploration?
  84. Still Really Confused
  85. Checking in after a busy summer
  86. My Lambit has laid eggs!
  87. New, terrified budgie keeps getting out when changing food.
  88. Irises
  89. To cover or not to cover?
  90. Quiet Boy
  91. thoughts about a bird mansion
  92. Quarantine time?
  93. Merlin's moved into the penthouse suite!
  94. Peety won't leave his cage.
  95. 9 week old Tuck - Green Budgie
  96. Picking up a friend for Ducky today!
  97. My bird wants to mate
  98. Crazy!
  99. Budgie attacking the other, need advice!
  100. Sea shells
  101. New birdie
  102. I'd like help sexing my albino
  103. My new budgie is flying home!
  104. Flooring
  105. Sleeping weird?
  106. Who can sex my baby budgies?
  107. New Cresteds :D
  108. Serious help/advice needed!
  109. Anyone like to guess
  110. Loves to be scratched?
  111. Greedy budgie advice
  112. 6 Months old and Still has his Stripes?
  113. Owning a flock?
  114. Budgies dont get along
  115. Mink and Twigs gave me a good giggle today
  116. Introducing baby budgie to a group of 3?
  117. Pro's and Con's of splitting budgies into sexes
  118. have you ever experiencd a moment of strong closeness/understanding with your budgie
  119. Budgie can't seem to find water.
  120. Holiday deco?
  121. green cheek conure + Budgie?
  122. How to tell if my budgie is alright alone
  123. How Did You Decide To Get Bird #2?
  124. Questions about a flock of three
  125. The GIANT English budgies
  126. Houston, I have a problem.
  127. Name for our new greywing girl?
  128. Clementines
  129. female Budgie acting strange
  130. Ideas for outside on the side of the cage play areas?
  131. He's Here!
  132. Should I get another?
  133. Taming is going well!
  134. Baby budgie boy or girl?
  135. Budgie Lovebird couple
  136. HELP I want a male baby for my princess
  137. Recap on new budgie :)
  138. Is my budgie a girl or boy?
  139. How to keep the warm?
  140. Vacuuming and Budgie
  141. Chirping at night?
  142. D Rings to hang budgie toys
  143. My budgie is scared of my hand
  144. Some Questions about my funny birds :3
  145. Biting hen!!!! Ouch!!!!
  146. I'm going to emigrate and I need advice?
  147. Bathing budgie!
  148. New budgie doesn't seem settled
  149. Female keeps bothering and biting male's feet.. Should I get another male?
  150. Boy or Girl?
  151. How do I stop the flock calling noise?!
  152. DIY jungle gym
  153. Kiwi's new "ninja" move?
  154. I found an easy way for me not to buy budgies
  155. Is my budgie a boy or girl
  156. Big enough for three?
  157. Leg bands
  158. Post pictures of your budgies toys and perches.
  159. I actually saw her eyes!!
  160. Budgie eating his shredder toy?
  161. Baby budgies and nesting box
  162. Separation anxiety
  163. introduction
  164. More Questions
  165. Lemony landed on me!
  166. My very extensive collection of budgie books
  167. Wanted older male blue and white budgie
  168. I almost caved!
  169. Pretty boy or pretty girl?
  170. So how many budgies do you own?
  171. Untamed
  172. feels like it has been forever!
  173. Girl or boy
  174. Nail polish chewing
  175. Scaredy Quinn.
  176. Never trust your cat and a budgie!
  177. Quick Question
  178. Budgies Flight/Landing Ability
  179. Should I Get This(on Sale) YML Cage?
  180. opinions on new toys + pellet help
  181. weird behavior
  182. First time Budgie owner :)
  183. Plastic swing
  184. Jimmy & Jay, Meet Sage and Sunny
  185. foraging toys?
  186. Little green men
  187. They are doing great
  188. Sexing lacewings?
  189. Budgie facial feathers
  190. new owner - looking for help identifying sounds
  191. sad budgie??
  192. My New Cage
  193. Budgie tamed but started biting
  194. Angry biting budgie
  195. Store online
  196. How to tell approx age of albino budgie
  197. Zoo Med Avian Sun UVB bulb
  198. Idk if I'm getting too excited
  199. can banana's make budgies beaks shinnier and healthier?
  200. Tommy and Tuppence are home!
  201. Assistance in sexing parakeets
  202. Is it easy to tame a 4 month old budgie?
  203. Sexing help please!
  204. Guessing age..
  205. New budgie - looking for advice!
  206. What is karma?!
  207. Budgie is a loner
  208. They are out yippee
  209. my new cage
  210. Very loud boy - advice?
  211. My budgie Sammy turns 2 years old today
  212. New Member - injured budgie
  213. First Budgie...
  214. budgie cohabitation questions?
  215. Transferring budgies
  216. New sweeties are doing just fine
  217. Birthday Budgie
  218. Where to put new babies?
  219. Need a Pep Talk
  220. Bluey is so quiet please help
  221. Help sexing budgie
  222. Adopting older budgies when I already have a young one?
  223. Oh The Hormones :\
  224. VERY Hormonal Male
  225. Say Hi to Rio
  226. neat budgie gif i saw online
  227. Budgie cage bar spacing
  228. My new Budgie might have an issue. :(
  229. Fly, Birdie, Fly!
  230. A reminder for us all!//GRAPHIC PHOTOS
  231. Getting a New Cage!!
  232. How many budgies?
  233. What would work best?
  234. More Kimchi Photos-- and a Gender question!
  235. My beautiful baby has become a pimply teenager!
  236. Not sure whether im moving too fast to bond with one of my babies
  237. I know it's not rocket science, but how do these 'shredders' work?! :-)
  238. Question about mature female ceres
  239. Why no specialist bird stores?
  240. Here's my new sweetie!
  241. My new budgie is pretty shy...
  242. rearranging the bedroom
  243. Budgie very territorial in his cage (but not out of it)
  244. Meet Sky! :)
  245. Kiwi the Chatterbox!
  246. Wild Grapevines safe?
  247. I Feel Like A Horrible Person Who Shouldn't Own A Budgie!
  248. Scientific Evidence for Budgie Care
  249. Long time no speak!
  250. Keeping Budgies Warm During Winter