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General Budgie Talk

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  1. Figured Out What's Wrong
  2. Jimmy has a friend!
  3. My budgie story
  4. Feeling awful!
  5. Boy or girl?
  6. Baby is a GIRL!
  7. A cute little surprise//Tiny little bub
  8. Wondering what you all think.
  9. Budgie Feather Earrings
  10. Mr or Mrs?
  11. Female budgie in the mood?
  12. Hi!
  13. Head bobbing & eyes changing
  14. Good websites for buying Cages?
  15. Bored and Scared Budgie
  16. Help with gender and color mutation for budgies
  17. Another?
  18. New baby budgies - a boy and girl
  19. work
  20. Meet my Darling Darla !!
  21. How old are my babies?
  22. Holdind Wings Away From Body?
  23. Cage territorial budgie?
  24. Looking for Sex of these little keets
  25. Hiya! I'm Tally!
  26. Just got back from a pet store. There was a cute love bird there..
  27. Is styrofoam safe to chew on?
  28. Age/Gender of Budgies and are they ready for Breeding?
  29. Boy or girl
  30. Girls that get along
  31. My bird has something in its eye
  32. is this Jack or Jill?
  33. Getting two birds to get along
  34. What do you have in common with your budgie/s?
  35. Modifying a cage for parakeets
  36. Daylight hours, foraging, supplements etc.
  37. Unrequited love
  38. Are Air Filters/Purifiers safe for budgies?
  39. Randomly scared bird
  40. worried about going away
  41. couldn't help myself
  42. Budgie Changes Behaviour when I'm "spectating" him.
  43. Getting Buddy a buddy
  44. Leg band question
  45. Budgie stretching, puffing, and preening a lot..
  46. Budgie hates Taylor Swift???
  47. Cory is annoying Melody, should I worry?
  48. The Sweetest Thing
  49. Simon is under the weather.
  50. UVA/UVB Lighting
  51. Baby returning home
  52. My white birdie is dirty!
  53. Worried about Rosie
  54. Getting a new budgie friend
  55. Help sexing my two chicks :)
  56. What to do during power outage?
  57. DIY Foraging Toy
  58. Caesar has a friend now!
  59. kingstons avairy
  60. i want to stream my avairy
  61. Leaving my budgie behind
  62. I don't know how to entertain Peppa anymore..
  63. Peppa hearing another budgie outside, any chance I could find the owner?
  64. Long Distance Car Traveling//Traveling with your Pet Bird
  65. Is my bird a boy or a girl? Please advise
  66. Replacing Perches
  67. the water bowl
  68. New Budgie - Assistance Request
  69. New to this forum and to budgies...lots of questions
  70. Frantic/Baffling Behavior
  71. Unsure anymore
  72. Girl or boy : )
  73. Fluffed up?
  74. :'(
  75. Cheering up my bird
  76. Sky update
  77. Finally got my baby!
  78. Michael
  79. Nervous female budgie
  80. budgies who don't scream and screech
  81. Is my new budgie a female?
  82. Carefresh bedding - is it safe to use?
  83. Males fighting over one female
  84. My budgie's age?
  85. Tail shaking then a quick puff of the feathers
  86. I want that one!!
  87. It's a miracle
  88. Budgies in distress?!
  89. Alistair's really weird
  90. Shall I buy a new budgie?
  91. best combination
  92. Budgies and cockatiels
  93. Budgie not chirping
  94. Its snowy again - Is my bird stressed? Extremely Worried.
  95. Out of cage time
  96. Structuring a budgie flock?
  97. Tamed Budgies less than a week?
  98. Not sure if i have left my budgies in a safe home for 1week
  99. I want to buy an air filter! anyone have one as well?
  100. Boy and girl?
  101. Rough Age of my Budgie?
  102. is this houseplant toxic to budgies? im getting conflicting information
  103. Confusing colors
  104. Can my budgies breed
  105. I'm starting a Budgie Related Podcast
  106. Went to eat my lunch and Indigo said this.... Can you guess
  107. Traumatized bird
  108. Birds misunderstood!:-(
  109. His favorite toy for the moment.
  110. Feeding new foods
  111. Vacationing with/without budgies?
  112. Losing patience with budgie..
  113. All new Grim?
  114. Budgies and a Power Outage
  115. seperation anxiety
  116. Getting better
  117. Lemondrop?
  118. Say hello to...
  119. Lemon is finally chirping...kinda
  120. Switching homes
  121. Petrie Talking His First Words
  122. Constantly scratching his wings
  123. An update
  124. Frieghtened at night
  125. Misleading Pet Shops!
  126. Removal of Pet Store Tags
  127. Questions re my new budgies
  128. What is the sex of my new budgie friends?
  129. identifying sexe and mutation
  130. Travelling overseas w/budgies?
  131. Help sexing my 2 little ones
  132. Is Trix a He?
  133. I'm afraid my budgie will hurt itself...
  134. How to tell when Lemon is settled in
  135. I thought boy... what do you think?
  136. Gorgeous Baby Needs A Name
  137. Need some help
  138. Bickering budgies
  139. Budgie Weights
  140. Thunderstorm help?
  141. African Mahogany branches for aviary?
  142. Why?
  143. My budgie doesn't like to leave the swing
  144. boy or girl?
  145. Not Yet Named!
  146. Boogie's gender?
  147. Bean's gender?
  148. Budgie chews paint off cage bars?
  149. "Jellyfish" chew toy
  150. Any good foraging toys/bird puzzles for budgies?
  151. What is baby blu, and baby lemons. Boy or girl
  152. How do I bond with my newly purchased budgie
  153. Budgie been eating now for 5 hours
  154. Even the vet had a hard time...
  155. Some birds are like dogs lol
  156. Safe wood?
  157. Is it bad to buy budgie from pet store
  158. to correctly pronounce pied
  159. Finally decided on a name for my English budgie.
  160. My new budgie Lemon's behavior
  161. To fly or not to fly - that is the question
  162. She started molting... then nothing.
  163. How to make a budgie happy after a loss of cage mate
  164. Is my budgie too hot?
  165. destroying Iodine block
  166. Our New Blue
  167. Not a big girl after all?
  168. Christmas in July
  169. budgie unable to fly
  170. Budgies and Music
  171. Curiouse Owner
  172. covering the cage at night question
  173. Too soon?
  174. My first budgie
  175. My female budgie is so mean to my male budgie
  176. In desperate need of sexing and telling age ):
  177. New boy in our family
  178. Are those bird kabobs safe?
  179. My budgie has poop stuck on his face?
  180. How to make my cage safe for outside
  181. Einstein fractured his leg
  182. Banjo the new Boy
  183. Basil chewing cage bars and...
  184. Budgie's mood swings?
  185. New Budgie!
  186. Sex and Age
  187. Am I doing this right?
  188. Ralph and his toy issue
  189. Albino Budgie
  190. Nameless!
  191. Mer Boy's Budgie Planning thread
  192. Gender and Age?
  193. Bibi and Juli's thread
  194. Is this "bullying"?
  195. Huge Updated With Lots Of Pictures!
  196. Alistair isn't scared of greens anymore!
  197. My boy or girl??
  198. Setting up for new baby, advice? : )
  199. Nibbling while training?
  200. Crazy bird doing something I don't know what
  201. New Arrival
  202. funny but serious questiion. is it a sign of affection when they poop on you?
  203. Older bird passive to young new bird
  204. Drinking bottles and how to clean?
  205. Is it my budgie ok?
  206. Sexing my first feather baby!
  207. Budgie advice
  208. Keeping safe from kitchen fumes
  209. Budgie lost best friend, now bedtime is a struggle for her.
  210. Sooty and Sweep on their holidays
  211. Not satisfied
  212. Meet my new boy
  213. Gisele takes swing and refuse to share!
  214. Bedtime Brattiness
  215. Adding additional budgie
  216. Introducing Remy!
  217. Female budgie cere colour change
  218. Fomic sheet and wool
  219. Reusable Cuttlebone Mount
  220. what does this sound mean? & how can i stop my budgie making this noise?
  221. New baby!
  222. My newest feathered family member...
  223. dance dance dance
  224. Rehoming Tofu & Miku - Iowa or nearby
  225. Help overgrown beak
  226. Sex?
  227. Swings and Related Inquiries
  228. Squeaking?
  229. Fumigated raffia?
  230. Some advice please
  231. Introducing A New Bird - Help?
  232. Please Help with the Gender
  233. Please help me sex our two eldest flappers!
  234. Beaded Boings/Bungees
  235. Storing Seed
  236. Boy or Girl?
  237. In-cage shelf ideas?
  238. Strange beak clicking? Please help
  239. Don't want my Budgies to Breed. Help please!
  240. First budgie, help with gender?
  241. Is She All Right?
  242. Hoovers
  243. It's been 1 please!
  244. Easy foraging toy
  245. Is he happy
  246. I have a question!
  247. Chizu has me confused??
  248. Baby Raptor help
  249. Adding more to the family
  250. A simple idea that made a hit!