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General Budgie Talk

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  1. Help sexing new budgies.
  2. Echo Boy or Girl
  3. DIY Temporary Indoor Aviary
  4. Budgie who won't stop screaming- not the ACK ACK ACK sound
  5. Meet Echo
  6. males or females?
  7. Rolled Oats Replacement
  8. Name Help?
  9. Stop female budge from laying eggs.
  10. My New "baby?"
  11. Charlie and lemon, sleepy time
  12. Can an english budgie and normal budgie be housed together?
  13. Budgie Strange Eating Behavior
  14. Meet Budgebob!
  15. How'd that happen?
  16. New Friend for Old Budgie?
  17. New Arrival
  18. Having a bit of a nightmare
  19. Safe rope for budgies?
  20. Budgie sleeps weird (?)
  21. How Long can Budgies Live Outside
  22. Mink is playing now!
  23. Introducing new toys/perches?
  24. budgies are aggressive/attacking another
  25. Boys or girls
  26. Play time vs home time for a single budgie
  27. feeling like a bad budgie momma
  28. Does he look overweight?
  29. Girl?
  30. Sexing
  31. Baby prefers bottom instead of perches?
  32. Are My Budgies Unweaned?
  33. Male budgie cere is dark?
  34. ZuPreem Fruitblend
  35. How to get budgie to bathe in the tub and not drink from it
  36. feeder/drinker
  37. Budgie not warming up to environment
  38. Bird Room/office/tv room/craft room
  39. Budgie Addicted to Mirror
  40. Rickey is a new bird.
  41. Aviary Logistics/building/multiple bird moves
  42. Treat Bars?
  43. long car journey
  44. Behavior Question?
  45. Setup ok? Or Too Many toys etc?
  46. Having 2 Budgie's?
  47. Moult
  48. Together in new cage
  49. AJ the new budgie
  50. New kid gender and mutation help please!!
  51. We have a new addition!!
  52. Something amazing happened this morning!
  53. Charlie's new colour
  54. Hello everyone
  55. Seed/feather catchers
  56. Is Mink a female?
  57. How many budgies can I house in my aviary?
  58. Azur's domain
  59. how do I clean cuttlebone or mineral blocks?
  60. Please help with age of budgie pictured
  61. Canary winged
  62. Water bottle recommends
  63. fluffing feathers and stretching
  64. My Female Budgie ruining my clothes - Be Aware Funny Pictures
  65. Disciplining a budgie
  66. Cheeky going crazy
  67. Ensuring 10-12h of sleep during the long summer days
  68. day 4 with new budgie and she wont eat
  69. Princess Anna's little castle
  70. My dilemma about giving away my future baby budgies to a friend
  71. giving my budgie a spray mist and foods you feed
  72. New budgie new cage at day 3
  73. going to see this one tomorrow
  74. New Budgies!! Boy and Girl?
  75. Have I got a Surprise for You!
  76. Just wanted to double-check
  77. Aren"t you bored just sitting there?
  78. Linnen roap and bamboo?
  79. Azur, the little dragon
  80. Looking for a budgie sitter
  81. Getting a friend for ducky
  82. Joker in da house :)
  83. How to track American Parakeets
  84. Is this wee pal a lad or a lassie?
  85. Girl or a boy?
  86. 1 of 4 birds died
  87. Nails
  88. ~Opal's arrival~
  89. Unusual
  90. Cage change day May 2015
  91. My girl's cere color is different on each side!
  92. New budgie
  93. first budgie! young boy(?)
  94. Budgie cages
  95. Moving Budgies To New Cage?
  96. Progress... slow but sure
  97. Does anyone own cats and budgies?
  98. Learning more words?
  99. Cody... is this at all concerning?
  100. Bird now flying to target, what next?
  101. Sweet Talker
  102. Dumb Question
  103. One of our budgies are really much larger than others
  104. "Velcro" Budgie
  105. Homemade toy ideas please
  106. Shredding wood
  107. 47% off Montana Madeira 1 on Zooplus
  108. Doing it the right way this time
  109. Sleep Talking
  110. Is this usual?
  111. Charlie and lemon, male and male
  112. Encouraging my budgies to come out of their cage
  113. Where do you buy a budgie from
  114. 32g
  115. First moult?!
  116. Opaline, recessive, Pied
  117. Nail Clipping Advice
  118. New budgie and two tiels
  119. New Home Needed.
  120. Benny & Sally escape scare
  121. Is Freddie a girl or a boy?
  122. you can't afford not to look at this thread!
  123. New budgie
  124. Update on coco and two others birds
  125. Boarding the budgies at a rescue?
  126. I have a question
  127. I'm Excited.
  128. Meet Harper 🐤💛
  129. Meet charlie
  130. RE: Jessie shaking butt to poop - Vet Update
  131. Hamster wheel
  132. Can someone help with the Sex and Mutation of this Little One?
  133. Baby budgie digging
  134. girl or boy?
  135. One budgie down, one soon? Sexing help please.
  136. my new baby boy
  137. does your budgie pick at your skin? cuts/blemishes etc
  138. Do you take your budgie on walks?
  139. smart budgie
  140. Nick's depression
  141. Are both of my budgies female?
  142. A little scare with Lemony
  143. First molt - blue head?!
  144. pair formation
  145. Quarantine Question
  146. Rubbing his face on a perch
  147. Compulsive regurgitation
  148. I did it again
  149. Biting
  150. Finding Pied budgies In Illinois
  151. When do I stop feeding my budgie hand rearing formula?
  152. Favourite toy of the moment?
  153. Not for the faint of heart but a beautiful film
  154. Sam did the weirdest thing....
  155. Sex/color?
  156. Budgies in the wild in Australia!
  157. is it normal for budgies to shake their butt before pooping
  158. Family Feud
  159. Georgie has learnt something new
  160. new budgie!! what sex and colour?
  161. Griffins new friend!
  162. New babies, girls or boys
  163. Budgie Bathing
  164. Introducing a new baby budgie to an already bonded pair
  165. Baby Kicks and Scared Mr. Cheeks!
  166. Irregular behavior
  167. New arrival , help please
  168. Alarm call??!!
  169. Keeping Budgies with a Cat?
  170. Questions about budgies+college (prospective owner)
  171. female begging for food from male
  172. Budgie toys / swings / perches
  173. My two male budgies keep fighting...?
  174. when do baby budgies go to the pet store?
  175. Girls or boys
  176. What's best for when you slowly have to pick yourself up and move on
  177. Budgies and quail
  178. Big But Relatively Inexpensive Cages
  179. Looking for small fountain bath for 'keets
  180. The first face to face meeting
  181. Rico Talking
  182. Getting another budgie
  183. Is this normal?
  184. New budgie
  185. Jack and Joe
  186. Do You Know Any Good Budgie Toys? (specifically)
  187. Question about butt floof
  188. Need help sexing my recessive pied
  189. Introducing budgies
  190. Websites
  191. Charlie boy or girl ? Please help
  192. One of our budgies eat on our arms, normal or not?
  193. Please help with gender
  194. Sexing a chick
  195. Bed Time- Squawks only at me
  196. Are feijoa leaves ok?
  197. perfect weather for taking my budgies outdoors
  198. wall protection
  199. Found budgie
  200. boy girl?
  201. Charlie's recent behavour advise please
  202. How much squabbling is too much??
  203. Messy eater
  204. Bit of an update
  205. Griffins cage isn't the biggest...
  206. New wicker toy for my budgie - he seems to be eating it! is this ok?
  207. Introduction!
  208. Spot the bird
  209. How to get 6 week old budgie to wean?
  210. My Beautiful Baby
  211. If you buy a tamed budgie from a pet store can you put it with your other budgie?
  212. Oh My Gosh! Russell is
  213. DIY Budgie Shower
  214. Parrotlets
  215. Charlie's new home
  216. do you think you spoil your budgies?
  217. New budgie owner with asthma
  218. My budgie forgot about veggies?
  219. is it safe for budgies to eat the sand in their cages?
  220. Mistake
  221. I'm back...
  222. French moult budgie
  223. visitor message?
  224. New Budgies and New Aviary
  225. Too much time outside cage?
  226. does your budgie become difficult at bed time
  227. Need advice with sexing
  228. Paper or Sandpaper
  229. What have I got here? Pop and Ollie???
  230. Buddy's Progress
  231. Bob Martin egg biscuits?
  232. Korbee flicking the cage 24//7
  233. Griffin has a strange taste in music....
  234. A Budgie Breakfast
  235. Budgie not fully weaned?
  236. Budgie's age
  237. Basil is very active this afternoon!
  238. Stressful molting!!!
  239. My Neighbours new aviary
  240. The big question!
  241. A new day, a new question!
  242. One of our budgies turn his head around in the cage
  243. New budgie - Ducky!
  244. If your budgie was a human, what would a psychiatrist diagnose?
  245. sexing creamino budgies
  246. Our 2 new budgies sits for hours on the wall of the cage
  247. What is he doing?
  248. Free flying
  249. Awesome paper towels
  250. Confusion of sex?!