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General Budgie Talk

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  1. Sort of budgie please?
  2. Dangerous Glaze
  3. My budgie's behaviour
  4. Acting Strange
  5. Perch recommendations?
  6. Why is my budgies cere turning white?
  7. A reaction to spring?
  8. Male Budgie Possessive of toys, treat cup and playbox
  9. please help sweet Caillou!
  10. Funfetti?
  11. advice for aviary
  12. Zoey
  13. Should I buy a budgie that is already tamed from a pet store?
  14. New update on Joey and co
  15. It's official!!
  16. A little help for the color blind
  17. Adding anothee budgie?
  18. Zoey's Epic Escape!!!
  19. Lemony devouring cuttlebone
  20. Where can I buy a good carry cage?
  21. Rafi and new bird's
  22. Am I missing anything?
  23. Big Scary Posters?
  24. Get Sturdy Cages!
  25. Yet another sexing request!
  26. Is it normal for my budgie to do somersaults?
  27. Do i have a little girl?
  28. did you know that parrot parents give their chicks individual names?
  29. A bee friend for buzz
  30. My budgie squeezes into tight this normal?
  31. budgies have moved in together
  32. Are your Budgies noisy?
  33. Zoey starting to trust!
  34. It's the beginning of the month, you know what that means?
  35. Is my budgie scared?
  36. Lack of interest in fruit and veg?!
  37. Disinfecting water bowl
  38. Questions before getting a budgie
  39. Mutations
  40. Another Cere/Nares Question
  41. Boy or Girl?
  42. birdroom
  43. Check-List for Bringing Home First Budgie?
  44. Mating?
  45. Journey to a Budgie!
  46. Odd mating behavior
  47. Is it just the white around the cere and the
  48. Boyce
  49. Louis - a friend for Sunny Jim.
  50. There's one in every crowd
  51. sky flying to me in slow motion
  52. This is the one I thought looked female?
  53. Odd behavior
  54. help with gender
  55. Which better???
  56. Bird likes sitting in the dark
  57. Diving out of cage...
  58. Adjusting After House Move!
  59. Can budgies hurt each other while preening?
  60. Leaning forward
  61. Prefers cage bars than shredding toys
  62. Meet Blu
  63. Valid training?
  64. Welcome Home Zoey!!
  65. Does buzz need a friend?
  66. just a question
  67. Seeds Question
  68. Any breeders near San Antonio,TX?
  69. 2 New Rescues
  70. Remaining two budgies friendship detoriating
  71. Female budgie has laid 10 eggs in 1 months time
  72. Budgie Dynamics for Russell, Oliver, Albert and Toby
  73. Basil; Name Could Swing Both Ways
  74. Will my little girl ever talk?!
  75. The end of the road
  76. Need some ideas
  77. The Flocks Newest Members!
  78. snuggle sack hideaway or budgie tent
  79. Boy or Girl?!
  80. Confused...
  81. He or She?
  82. Is it Alice or Oakley
  83. Meet Sammy
  84. Favourite food
  85. meet casper
  86. Small seeds?
  87. Sunny Jim update - what would you do?
  88. Four New Birds!!
  89. What's your budgie's favorite word or phrase?
  90. Update on griffin
  91. Moulting
  92. Then Newest Addition To My Budgie Family!!!
  93. Displays
  94. will only have 7 hours of sleep a night harm my budgie
  95. Here's Sky!
  96. Seed Brand?
  97. Charlie's behavior
  98. I just added 4 pairs of English Budgies to my flock
  99. Like others, I Too am confused about the sex of my birb
  100. Anyone Up for Some Young One's?
  101. what plants are budgie safe?
  102. Is bread harmful to our feathered friends?
  103. Rapid death in young budgies?
  104. Weird budgie behavior
  105. looks like a girl to me but...
  106. I met and held one of Albert's clutch mates today
  107. One More Try w/ Better Pictures?
  108. Painful Molting
  109. Update on the little rascals
  110. New Comer!!!
  111. Dani and Suri diary
  112. Budgie colours
  113. Taming
  114. Bath time
  115. Two new arrivals!
  116. Holding training?
  117. What's your Budgies' favorite beak exercising
  118. New Budgie: Swablu!
  119. What do you think about implanting our little babies with geo-chips?
  120. Can I have some crossed fingers from y'all?
  121. Pudge update.
  122. New pair not eating yet..?
  123. anyone help with sexing asap?
  124. being messy
  125. Just had a very scary moment!
  126. Am I abusing my budgies? Or giving them a poor quality of life?
  127. Sexing my chicks
  128. Pine mulch?
  129. Noisy toys!
  130. Oliver Update
  131. Concerns For New Bird
  132. Closed eyes
  133. Sky talking
  134. budgies don't come out of the cage
  135. New arrival
  136. Is Joel actually Jolene?
  137. Birds fighting nonstop - Please help
  138. Lone budgie...should I get him a friend?
  139. Anyone in Los Angeles going to the Pomona Bird Mart tomorrow?
  140. placing male and female for mating
  141. Smitten Buttons
  142. Budgie goes insane when he sees spinach
  143. Is my she, actually a he?
  144. Gender on 4 week Bub
  145. moulting
  146. Do your Budgies stand almost beak to beak
  147. Just Some Typical Budgie Chatter :)
  148. No Mommy, Not Going Back In My Cage!
  149. Budgies Gender
  150. Confused about coloured Items and hands!
  151. Could Lemmy be part show budgie??
  152. Fluffy Budgies (cutee!)
  153. Lemon landed on me!!!
  154. New arrivals!
  155. Temperment Issues?
  156. Is My Budgie's Cere Healthy?
  157. Weird style bobbing
  158. do you think my budgie will get used to the window cleaner?
  159. My two budgies. DIET HELP
  160. help sexing budgies
  161. Budgies Are So Darn Amiable
  162. Reporting Animals being Abused, Mistreated or kept in Unsafe Conditions
  163. Hey Guys! :)
  164. A couple of newbies sex check
  165. Another biting thread
  166. Who's the boss
  167. New Budgie?
  168. a 2nd Budgie or nah?
  169. Budgie hides?
  170. In the mood to make noise all of a sudden
  171. Pluck Update
  172. Here's a short tale
  173. Biting budgie
  174. Strange coloured Budgie?
  175. A new experience- open window
  176. Lucy bullies Sky
  177. speedwagon is still very wary of me...
  178. Budgies have started fighting
  179. Rare budgie
  180. Budge no 2
  181. Anyone here who also has a tendency to change their budgies name? :v
  182. New Budgie Tonight! Advice on Gender Please?
  183. Do you use full spectrum lighting?
  184. Budgie Sleeps Laying Down?
  185. Scruffy joey will not bath
  186. Help me sex this Budgie please!
  187. Should i seperate my budgies?
  188. Soft poop
  189. Making a store toy more fun
  190. My female budgie is not sitting on her eggs from the day 1..?
  191. could this be affection???
  192. Lutino gender?
  193. My Baby Got To Come Home Yesterday
  194. My FEMALE budgie has started saying her own name?
  195. Does he just dislike me?
  196. Bonnie is getting so friendly, umm too friendly perhaps LOL
  197. Obsession with his reflection
  198. My budgie has escaped outdoors!
  199. help sexing and color identification
  200. Green Stops Eating Roudybush
  201. whats your budgies favorite unusual object/toy
  202. what do you think this behaviour means?
  203. Is she building a nest...?
  204. Scared budgie!! (Sky)
  205. My boys wont eat their fresh foods
  206. New Budgie Owner - Questions
  207. Back from Pudge's general check up :)
  208. New home for Jedi and Megatron (or maybe Storm Trooper and Bumblebee)
  209. Bonding between new & old budgie
  210. Please keep fingers crossed for baby rocky
  211. Zippi boy/girl?
  212. Budgie Blue
  213. Budgie Nervous about everything
  214. how often should budgies lose their tail feather
  215. check out this birdie basketball court!
  216. Olaf's New Home!
  217. Polly's Bird Proof Bell
  218. Please help me determine the sex of my budgie!
  219. Do budgies empathize?
  220. Budgie disinterested in making friends
  221. Weird foods that your budgie likes...
  222. Preening or feather plucking!
  223. when to add things to Georges new home
  224. 2 Female Budgies exhibiting mating behavior?? Totally baffled
  225. Zinc Poisoning?
  226. New budgie started acting erratic
  227. Separating genders.
  228. I am SO mean!
  229. I wish I could have this kind of "aviary" for my budgies
  230. Boy or girl?
  231. What Would You Suggest?
  232. Is it a female?
  233. introducing two budgies
  234. Jealous Budgie Syndrome?
  235. still a girl?
  236. Welcome, Pluck!
  237. Thank you For All The Support and Suggestions
  238. Need some advice about sand perches!
  239. It Would Seem That I Have a Cheeky Budgie
  240. Could anyone help confirm if baby boy or girl?
  241. Wanted Opinions on Clipping
  242. Meet Zeus & Lux!
  243. How to get budgies who have lost their appetite to eat?
  244. Peanuts Breeder Band
  245. Rechecking sex now a little older
  246. Do you keep odd numbers of Budgies
  247. One budgie, or two?
  248. Giggles and Geoffrey had free flight time
  249. Peanut has a thing for Rammstein
  250. Claw cut too short