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General Budgie Talk

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  1. Getting two budgies at once?
  2. Budgie breeders
  3. Travel help
  4. This might be a stupid question but.....
  5. How can I caretake for a budgie
  6. Should I get a new friend for my budgie?
  7. Amusing Stories
  8. Question on Behavior
  9. How do you play with your budgie?
  10. Heartbroken about rehoming my budgie
  11. Male or female? Please help
  12. Would being free to roam and fly around all day shorten a budgie's life span?
  13. A few question about budgies,(feeding,taking outdoors)
  14. Two budgies and a cockatiel
  15. Finally vision cage
  16. remedy for a funky couch
  17. Need Some Advice (regarding gender/discouraging breeding & housing)
  18. Getting a Second Budgie and Need Advice
  19. Looking for Breeders that Ship Budgdies
  20. Budgies coming towards me
  21. Bird Leg Band
  22. ISO Bird(s)
  23. UV light or Soluvite D?
  24. New Parakeet Behavior
  25. Male budgie near Dallas Texas looking for a home with friends~
  26. Budgies don't like and fruits or vegetables?
  27. new budgie driving Razzle mad!!!
  28. Budgie Mutation?
  29. Pizza Pie: House, Buddies, and Stress
  30. Some Tips Making Pictures Of Your Bird
  31. Should i clip my young budgie's wings to help w/training?
  32. How to ID a leg band?
  33. 2nd budgie - male or female?
  34. Zoo Med UV bulb
  35. budgie eye infection
  36. Vapes Around Budgies
  37. Question regridng feathers
  38. Bird safe cleaning
  39. should i get another budgie for a 10 yearold budgie?
  40. Budgies and newborn baby
  41. Lonely Budgie Needing New Friends?
  42. Healthy behavior while playing budgie sounds?
  43. Bringing home new budgies
  44. housing 2 sized together
  45. how much food to give budgie
  46. Cage Brands + Setup
  47. Bath time and Naming
  48. Harrison's fine vs superfine
  49. Lala's Progress
  50. My two cockatiels.
  51. Does my budgie need a trip to the vet?
  52. The Canary Effect
  53. Should I re-home my budgie?
  54. Helping a budgie deal with separation
  55. Update after a long absence
  56. any 1 knows about black wing budgie mutation
  57. New Budgies! General questions about hazards, etc.
  58. Full spectrum lighting
  59. Parrot Festival in Houston, 26-28 Jan 2018
  60. Iím back
  61. Had to separate them
  62. Oh CRUMB! We have eggs.
  63. Grieving Budgie and Adopting a Shelter Budgie Advice?
  64. What Can my Budgie eat?
  65. Flight suit
  66. Removing salt from floors
  67. Steps in lettuce bathing
  68. is Lime overweight?
  69. Coco keeps rubbing his rear end on his toy.
  70. Burning unscented candles that aren't beeswax based/diluted essential oils
  71. Budgie died last night :( Very sad but need advice if possible
  72. Teflon Cookware
  73. When should I covered her for the night?
  74. Mishandled New Budgie
  75. Awesome Foraging Toys by All Living Things!
  76. To take my budgie or leave my budgie?
  77. Adding in a parakeet?
  78. Poorly Little Man
  79. Air purifier, ok?
  80. Wee bit concerned
  81. Staying Warm in the Winter
  82. Should I bathe my budgie?
  83. Is my budgie okay?
  84. Best Boredom Breakers?
  85. Travelling 10 hours with budgies
  86. Need help setting up for new budgie arrival
  87. Three budgies?
  88. Question on having 2 budgies
  89. Got new Budgie but what age?
  90. About a little budgie with paralyzed legs
  91. Colors that would attract Budgies
  92. Budgie Chick Mutation Doubt!!!
  93. Budgie Beak Issue?
  94. Budgie Question!
  95. Well, I Did It
  96. Introduction update & new question
  97. Just want to brag on my girl !
  98. Cage Male to Female Ratio
  99. It's been a while
  100. Introduction question
  101. Charlie is talking...
  102. Christmas Treats
  103. growing spray millet?
  104. How far away is an escaped budgie likely to fly??
  105. How do you prepare a budgie for travel in the car?
  106. Suggestions for Care of Older Budgie?
  107. Budgie Care Youtube Series?
  108. Keeping Warm?
  109. ring around foot - take off?
  110. Lets talk water
  111. Budgie eating fruit & veg?
  112. New to budgies
  113. question about calci boost
  114. Breeders Choice cat litter
  115. my budgie Sammy is 4 years old today
  116. any one use pro line egg food
  117. Skittish bird
  118. Adding another budgie? Is it the right time?
  119. Female Budgie Safe Zone
  120. Apple twigs
  121. Which Advice to Follow?
  122. How friendly are your budgies?
  123. Is loofah safe?
  124. Old Seed Hulls
  125. Best food dish placement?
  126. my budgies vs cockatiel, any tips to make a friendship?
  127. New budgies! Tips please.
  128. Budgie afraid of the sun???
  129. Irma caused alot of stress
  130. Crunching Millet Stems
  131. Help About Introduction Between young and baby budgie
  132. Been reading about essential oils. Need your opinions on these?
  133. is spruce wood safe for budgies?
  134. Spectrum Lighting
  135. Sap/liquid from wooden perches?
  136. Avis likes spaghetti
  137. Safe paint?
  138. How old?
  139. Question about possibly ill budgie
  140. Budgies don't play?
  141. Sweetie learning to skateboard
  142. My RESCUE budgies
  143. Roasted Sesame Seeds
  144. Budgie passed away. One remaining, need advice.
  145. I guess no budgie for me...
  146. 'Sweetie' the female rescued/adopted budgie update
  147. can a UK Budgie owner help a guy out
  148. Back here guys
  149. budgie with cockatiel?
  150. Growth discrepancies between budgies
  151. father budgie problem
  152. My under 1year old budgie just passed.
  153. Should I Be Concerned?
  154. What is my budgie doing? (Video)
  155. Budgie Feathers = uneven
  156. Progress & some good news
  157. Question re switching Budgie food
  158. Any idea what this colouring is?
  159. Male budgie role in breeding
  160. Hunter's Life
  161. Time for a new budgie
  162. Petco or Petsmart?
  163. What is this baby's sex?
  164. Open wings
  165. Perch sizes
  166. Looking to Rehome Three Budgies in the Michigan Area
  167. Questions about my new Budgie - BonBon
  168. Cage Cleaning
  169. Looking To Rehome (MALE BUDGIE)
  170. Is Hodor possibly a Hodorina?
  171. Snow's feather loss
  172. Advice for Moving?
  173. Is this toy safe?
  174. My Stanley
  175. Learning how to fly
  176. Female Budgies in Va
  177. Chocolate mint?
  178. Female budgie - adoption info?
  179. Home grown millet
  180. It's Birdsday
  181. Finding Airline-approved Carry-on Carrier
  182. Please help these budgies, if you can
  183. Parakeets & Children
  184. Mourning bud.
  185. How to get rid of flies?
  186. Food Cup Filler
  187. A second Budgie
  188. Advice on switching diet
  189. Prepare your Budgie for the Upcoming Fireworks
  190. Any advise?
  191. water fountains
  192. Does your budgie coo?
  193. It's FINALLLLLLY budgies meet day!!!!!
  194. Inko Colors the animation
  195. Refusing to Bathe
  196. One left
  197. Guess Who's Back?
  198. Snow acting weird
  199. Happy Anniversary Petie
  200. Advice?
  201. Not sure..plz help
  202. Bath for french moult
  203. Mate for Single Bird?
  204. Budgie don't chew or bite food
  205. Lilac Scent...?
  206. Can you please help me figure out the gender?
  207. I pulled out all the budgie tail feather:(
  208. American and English
  209. Fertilizer?
  210. My budgie isn't scared of my fingers, but will bite them anyway.
  211. SOS getting untamed budgies into travel cage
  212. Adding new budgie(s)
  213. What should I know if I get another budgie.
  214. Any Tips For First Time Budgie Owners?
  215. Big renovation downstairs
  216. Bathing Tips
  217. Looking To Rehome (MALE BUDGIE)
  218. Better food and water dishes
  219. Join the photo competitions!
  220. Updates
  221. Which essential oils are safe for my budgie to breath in?
  222. How to make stained glass safe
  223. A new bird?
  224. A scary weekend
  225. Trying to find a good home.
  226. Is MDF safe for budgies?
  227. Update on Olaf
  228. Hampton Roads area (Virginia) budgie owners?
  229. Apple cider vinegar
  230. If a budgie talks to his toy an he learn to speak words
  231. Right timing for second budgie ?
  232. Budgie diet
  233. Budgie Sitting Exchange in Virginia
  234. New Owner Information - The Basics
  235. Problematic 3some
  236. Trying to decide if I should get another budgie
  237. Best online stores for budgies
  238. Questions about my new little friend's living area!
  239. Can budgies consume SMITE powder?
  240. Advice required on companion for a bereaved budgie
  241. anyone had experience buying from ebay?
  242. Cuttlebone
  243. Can someone give me some advice about my budgie and the tv
  244. Budgie won't drink from bottle?
  245. Budgies are afraid of new bird
  246. UK Commercial Seed Mixes and Pellets
  247. Wood safety question.
  248. Will They Breed?
  249. Need help- my budgie will no longer have a suitable owner
  250. My budgies have brigthened my life