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General Budgie Talk

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  1. Budgie Sitting Exchange in Virginia
  2. New Owner Information - The Basics
  3. Problematic 3some
  4. Trying to decide if I should get another budgie
  5. Best online stores for budgies
  6. Questions about my new little friend's living area!
  7. Can budgies consume SMITE powder?
  8. Advice required on companion for a bereaved budgie
  9. anyone had experience buying from ebay?
  10. Cuttlebone
  11. Can someone give me some advice about my budgie and the tv
  12. Budgie won't drink from bottle?
  13. Budgies are afraid of new bird
  14. UK Commercial Seed Mixes and Pellets
  15. Wood safety question.
  16. Will They Breed?
  17. Need help- my budgie will no longer have a suitable owner
  18. My budgies have brigthened my life
  19. Starlight
  20. Loss of Budgie mate, how to help him grieve
  21. Miserable moult
  22. sharing toys?
  23. Can budgies adapt to night shift?
  24. Let's Talk Budgies!
  25. Petie update and questions
  26. I Feel Like A Terrible Budgie Owner
  27. Marigolds and budgies?
  28. Zazu says hello
  29. Toy Sellers in the UK?
  30. Awesome Online Store in Australia!
  31. Why Do You Love Budgies?
  32. Just brought home my first budgie... help?
  33. Two Budgies and Three Cats?
  34. What's it like to own an english budgie?
  35. How to ensure a solo budgie isn't lonely
  36. Budgie's first Molt Borealis
  37. Finding the right roomate for Jester
  38. How to tell if A budgie is better alone?
  39. New budgie Help!
  40. Buying another budgie?
  41. Should I get my female budgie a male or female companion?
  42. Greenish beak?
  43. Looking for tips and tricks new budgie from about mid december
  44. Worried about my budgies droppings
  45. I'm a new Budgie owner and I'm scared I'm doing everything wrong :(
  46. Bird Flu.
  47. Fun with food
  48. Pippin
  49. New Budgies and New Diets!
  50. Artoo update
  51. English budgie breeders in Michigan?
  52. Is it safe?
  53. Questions for single-budgie owners
  54. Meet Davros
  55. Update!
  56. Getting a good bird in Colorado
  57. 1 budgie or 2
  58. Severe Weather Awareness Week (Ongoing Thread)
  59. How to help a molting budgie
  60. English Budgies
  61. Do we have any breeders here from British Columbia?
  62. Trouble in Paradise?
  63. bald patches
  64. mouse in the house
  65. Winston
  66. A second budgie
  67. Budgies in a caravan
  68. New baby budgie
  69. Severe weather??
  70. Ultrasonic and Electromagnetic Pest Control
  71. Budgie raising channel
  72. 5 new foster budgies!
  73. Allowing budgies out of cage for the first time
  74. Leaving my budgie whilst I'm on holiday?
  75. Not-for-profit bird supplies
  76. Orange Oil for Insect Control
  77. Budgie play land for our sweet girl Silvee
  78. Getting rid of silverfish in aviary
  79. Is my new budgie sick?
  80. Advice on outside cage time
  81. Can budgies eat bell pepper
  82. How much time to spend with single budgie?
  83. Parakeet and English budgies in same cage?
  84. confused about breeding condition
  85. Foraging toy
  86. Bonded Budgies Becoming Unbonded? Help!
  87. Need advice about housing for 2
  88. should I cover my new budgie's cage at night so soon?
  89. Soon to be new bird parents
  90. Ending Quarantine
  91. Help please...
  92. First time outside the cage
  93. Questions about Lulu and Cosmo (Ongoing Thread)
  94. Two parakeets
  95. Selling/Rehoming a Budgie
  96. Joey..... New bird
  97. Do I really need to bird proof my room?
  98. English Budgie vs American Budgie
  99. My rocky and kitty
  100. Mutation
  101. Advice on feathers
  102. My special bud
  103. Please Help with Water Bottle :)
  104. A Genuine Thank You
  105. Diy budgie safe woods
  106. Removing budgie from its pair
  107. Adding A New Budgie
  108. My budgie
  109. Wing Clipping
  110. Albino visual issues?
  111. Is this a safe toy.
  112. Should my Budgie's Wings be clipped right after I get it?
  113. Breeding Condition
  114. When is it time to get a friend?
  115. Arrowhead making
  116. Budgie is twitching his head rapidly into finger nail
  117. Hello! We're new here...
  118. Need Advice Buying a Budgie
  119. Taming
  120. Petie Update
  121. Leave cage door open all day?
  122. what are they?
  123. I'm so happy!
  124. How can I get my budgie to eat fruit
  125. Weekend Trip?
  126. Need Advice
  127. Question about introductions?
  128. Pacing
  129. Preventing breeding
  130. First meeting.
  131. Seed Question
  132. First time in a new home
  133. Young budgie
  134. Question about Quarantine
  135. An Update On Petal
  136. Rescued budgie
  137. Funny budgie...
  138. Need help about bird safe paint
  139. My first traumatic experience with budgies. Any help would be appreciated.
  140. New budgie owner - advice please :)
  141. Surrender Situation
  142. visiting budgie - will they get attached?
  143. Favourite Music
  144. Update
  145. Soluvite D dosage for one budgie
  146. Pictures of my beautiful budgie
  147. Havent been around in awhile
  148. How To Store Large Amounts of Bird Food
  149. Is this houseplant safe?
  150. Is Sisal Safe?
  151. Found water-soluble dietary it safe?
  152. Are budgies low maintenance pets?
  153. It's not pretty, but they love it
  154. New budgies?
  155. How to get Tommy to accept steel dishes
  156. Is there a way to tell if a solo budgie won't be good with a mate
  157. Minnie !
  158. Colour changes
  159. Any Recommendations for Plain Newsprint or Butcher Paper?
  160. Identifying the gender of my budgie
  161. Budgie Lighting?
  162. Any tips for keeping a budgie happy during noisy construction
  163. Is this toy safe
  164. Ice Storm Coming!
  165. Air Purifier
  166. Scared my budgie wont eat
  167. Advice about Budgies and Candles please?
  168. Safe bell
  169. Diy budgie play ground?
  170. Question about Smoke from Cooking - But not Teflon Related
  171. A curious question..
  172. Budgie toys
  173. A list of bird newbie questions
  174. This $1.99 Foraging Dowel was a huge hit...
  175. Female budgie cere
  176. Get 2nd budgie?
  177. Feeding
  178. Safe soil for growing millet and herbs?
  179. How to tell the age of albino budgies?
  180. Quarantine issue
  181. Making Jewelry With Feathers
  182. Two questions for Hagen Vision cage owners
  183. Advice about Zhozho please...
  184. Cleaning fresh wood
  185. Humidifiers and Budgies
  186. Introducing new budgie
  187. Reggie's play gyms project
  188. Drying laundry indoors
  189. Let's make the world a better place for our avian friends!
  190. I dont think im looking in the right place
  191. Bonding with two Budgies (seperate cages)
  192. Big enormous cage
  193. Three males in one cage (occasionally)?
  194. Bird Kabob- Allergen?
  195. Bird proofing?
  196. A question about quarantine
  197. Mycroft
  198. Budgie trying to play with the rabbit
  199. Update on Taming!
  200. Oscar .. behavior change
  201. Paper Party
  202. I caught the head bow on video!
  203. Need help finding a good breeder
  204. It's probably nothing but
  205. Air Purification experts please help
  206. He's acting strange...or I'm overreacting
  207. Dangerous batteries!
  208. Crush between non cage-mates
  209. Funny head bob
  210. Head Bobbing
  211. Taking a ride.... and an update
  212. Netting to protect indoor plants
  213. Budgie blindness?
  214. New Budgie Plucking Feathers
  215. Untamed budgie stretching legs and wings
  216. Food Bowl Recommendations
  217. Is my budgie cold? Or this this normal?
  218. Traveling with budgies or better to leave them at home?
  219. Bubbles the Regurgutator
  220. Oddly shaped hen -- carrying eggs?
  221. What's she doing?!
  222. How do you introduce new perches/toys to your budgies?
  223. Budgie hyperventilating and being more active when I'm not in room.
  224. Any idea what this one leg up on the swing is about?
  225. Need Help Introducing Another Budgie
  226. Not eating or drinking
  227. A rescue and finding a companion
  228. Meet Frost!
  229. new foods for celebrate holidays, si or no...
  230. Any tips for birds that bite just a little too hard?
  231. What is with my birds and toothpaste?
  232. Can I join two cages?
  233. Another Bird: Will She Mind?
  234. my mommy is getting me 2 more budgies
  235. Question about previous budgie
  236. Banding baby budgie
  237. Baby budgie constantly wants to be held how can I do this?
  238. Vacation
  239. Getting a new budgie!
  240. Funniest thing!
  241. Is this toy okay?
  242. Budgie behaving strangely.....
  243. Please help me find a name for my new baby!!
  244. Do these short tail feathers indicate a very young budgie?
  245. Unusual head movement. Anyone else experienced this?
  246. Recommendation: Mahogany Pod Slices
  247. How are you budgies with vegetables?
  248. Male budgie and female violent fighting
  249. Poor Hermes Had a Scary Incident Last Night
  250. Follow up for "Flying Around Alot"