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General Budgie Talk

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  1. Budgie perch help
  2. Please help me know the age of my budgies.. i got them recently..
  3. Can a White Eared Bulbul and a Budgie play together or live in a cage together?
  4. New budgie male or female?
  5. New little rescue budgie - problems
  6. Any budgies in your Petsmart stores?
  7. My bird sleeping on keyboard
  8. A lucky couple
  9. is sea grapes wood safe for budgies?
  10. A cute cartoon
  11. Do male Lutino budgies talk?
  12. Edible perch?
  13. New pair of budgies!!
  14. Welcome Sadie
  15. Need a Consensus
  16. get off my lawn
  17. are pumpkin seeds safe for budgies to eat
  18. Aggresive budgie
  19. Neighbor found a budgie in the yard
  20. New budgie - need help!
  21. Sexing Lutino Budgie?
  22. New budgie
  23. Budgie annoyed or excited?
  24. Do I need to separate them?
  25. Same room?
  26. The pickiest eater
  27. Keeping calm during an earthquake?
  28. My budgie is obsessed with her reflection
  29. Is this a safe toy?
  30. How old would a budgie be if you see a white ring around its black eye?
  31. Ants !:O
  32. Male attacking male
  33. Digging like a dog?
  34. New baby for gift
  35. Kudos once again to Faerybee
  36. Can I own a budgie?
  37. Budgie kisses
  38. New Babies have arrived
  39. Types of budgies
  40. Sleepy Budgie?
  41. Budgie in the back yard
  42. New budgie
  43. 2 males and a female
  44. Twinkle's behaviour, in need of advice!
  45. Bringing home two more Budgies?
  46. adopting a 3 yearold bird
  47. Preparing for vacation time
  48. Toki is going nuts looking for Greyjoy
  49. I don't understand Bebito's behavior
  50. When i want him learn word
  51. How to id low rez photo
  52. Bird-on-wheels toy
  53. hello there guys
  54. How old are they ?
  55. Introducing Toki Wartooth
  56. I've had to separate Buddy and Willow
  57. Vacation help
  58. Help Ants!!!
  59. Disinterested new budgie
  60. help with new/aggressive birds
  61. Oscar is biting me
  62. Playgyms? :)
  63. First Full Cleaning on Tiki's Cage Tomorrow.
  64. Bobbing Budgie
  65. Elise's nail got stuck in the cover
  66. Who else's budgie does this?
  67. Looking for a budgie breeder
  68. Question about my budgie's behavior
  69. Tie hanger to toy hanger
  70. new home for real pair,one is newbie
  71. Important Question about Krystal & Winter
  72. Looking for a DIY Playgym or Play Stand
  73. Birdy Maturity
  74. Are Male Lutino and Albino Budgies....
  75. Quails and budgies?
  76. Can I leave my budgie alone?
  77. Eating the ceiling
  78. New pictures of my soon to be birds\new members
  79. How to handle hand tamed budgie
  80. Meet Doc, Named After Doc Holliday
  81. "Green cookware" (100% PTFE and PFOA Free)
  82. Toy Cleaning and Millet Question.
  83. Trying my budgie outside the cage again, is it wise?
  84. Can't Get New Budgie In Cage
  85. Help with toys
  86. First nail trim for Greyjoy
  87. Ibi is biting too much
  88. Contact call question
  89. Is my budgie hand-taming going backwards?
  90. is cedar oil, lavendar oil and cinnamon sticks safe for budgies
  91. Ozzy won't eat
  92. Our Growing Family
  93. Free Time
  94. What to do
  95. I caught Ezio..!
  96. Flock calling
  97. Natural Bird Company- Shipping Overseas
  98. Update on Mexico and Ice
  99. Recently three new birds
  100. Going to Have to Rehome My Birds
  101. Made some swings for the budgies
  102. What flips the on switch?
  103. Parakeet behavior
  104. Is introducing a young, third male to two others a bad idea?
  105. So shaken and upset right now
  106. What budgie mutation do you think is the most stunning?
  107. Flying... why still holding the perch?
  108. Picking up 2 budgies soon; Would like tips and advice
  109. Which Parrot Should Be.......
  110. Impressed
  111. Blizzard calling for its owner(me)
  112. Coop cups rusting?!
  113. Need Advice Please
  114. Has anyone gotten a bird from Royal Wings Aviary?
  115. Freebie shredder
  116. Sweetie 'got frisky' with my hand
  117. Illnesses in Exotic Vet Places?
  118. new cage?
  119. Got another budgie today, not too happy about it.
  120. Twinkle
  121. Your opinions please
  122. English? American?
  123. New Budgie Question(s)
  124. Buffet hutch to cage
  125. Flowers!
  126. Budgies Together Now
  127. What can your bird say?
  128. Quiet Female Budgie 3 years old
  129. Are budgie videos ok?
  130. Sharp Beak
  131. New Budgie Alert!
  132. Budgie pecking and pulling feathers
  133. Budgie bath time!
  134. Cooling Packs
  135. First time out of cage did not go well.
  136. Jealous budgie??
  137. Thoughts and questions
  138. Introducing my budgie into an aviary!!
  139. I need a budgie behavior expert
  140. Do my budgies like each other?
  141. New movie coming out
  142. Chippy's New Boyfriend
  143. New budgie
  144. My Cousins new Budgie
  145. Training advice, please
  146. Male vs female
  147. Clipped feathers still haven't grown in
  148. Soap Opera of my Male Budgies' Behavior
  149. adding new birds to an existing pair
  150. Oh those hormones
  151. They are here
  152. New Budgie Question
  153. New to budgies: question on age
  154. The adventures of BB and Lee
  155. two handsome, young, and handfed male English budgies are seeking a new home
  156. My budgie is very tame but is not bonded to me
  157. Petal is gabbing!
  158. Budgies Attacking Tails
  159. Adding a 5 year old female to a cage with 2- 3 month old males?
  160. Two weeks in of owning my first budgie
  161. Budgie flying
  162. Eating Paper
  163. Keet or Con?
  164. I think i am finally Ready
  165. help aggravating bird
  166. Vision Birdcage M01 vs M02
  167. New Budgie Always wants out.
  168. Is this normal for new/young parakeet behavior?
  169. Randy Budgie Syndrome
  170. Difference b/t Flight Cage vs. Regular Cage?
  171. Budgie is driving me insane
  172. Nonstop loud contact call
  173. Out of cage time
  174. Chippy is Here!
  175. Whats normal and What is not
  176. Clothes Pegs as Food Holders?
  177. Budgie aviary and care advice please
  178. Levi
  179. Weekend Project
  180. I'm considering adding a couple of young cuties....
  181. Budgies don't like each other
  182. Budgies do understand emotions...
  183. Bringing a young female budgie
  184. Question about boppin
  185. When to Make Changes?
  186. Swing
  187. Help with my little ones
  188. What will the first words be?
  189. Said I Was Done
  190. Darwin Shyly says hi
  191. Canadian Members
  192. Male budgie flipping around
  193. Best Swing?
  194. Urgent advice needed! Does my budgie need a new buddy?
  195. Biting Budgie
  196. Female budgie being and picked on and starting fights
  197. Children and English budgie
  198. Budgie Care Essential?
  199. Coriander?
  200. Wing Clips
  201. New Budgie owner problems
  202. Budgie wallpaper!
  203. Opened bag of egg food
  204. New Budgies Are Home!
  205. Another new member to our Family
  206. Wing Clipping is Too Short!
  207. All Girls?
  208. Road trip
  209. Stubborn bird
  210. The baby and the beast saga (a journal?)
  211. While on a walk......
  212. Sky and thunder
  213. Are Avi One Cages Actually Impossible to Build: A Study
  214. Toilet Paper for Budgies in 2016
  215. The Eagle has Landed (sorry that was awful haha)
  216. I'm curious
  217. Getting two at once
  218. Quarantine in a non-budgie-proofed room
  219. Mounting a Perch
  220. A budgie flew into my school & I rescued it!
  221. Well someone is finally coming around
  222. Moving across the state
  223. Moving the cage around
  224. Misty is back!
  225. new budgie with bonded pair
  226. Thinking about getting more budgies!
  227. Identify the flock
  228. new pair
  229. Introducing a female budgie to another bird? Help needed :)
  230. Too early
  231. Comet has arrived
  232. I got a new cage
  233. Trained Budgies Are Kicked Out
  234. What size to make a swing?
  235. cage switch up
  236. What should I do?
  237. Sisal rope
  238. Bath Time
  239. Well, baby's here a little early <3
  240. Vacuum Help!
  241. Anyone else have window worries?
  242. A Few New Treats
  243. New chew toy!
  244. Out of cage time and other questions
  245. Help Bird playground
  246. Rabbit Chews for Budgies?
  247. Chronic egg layer or maybe not!
  248. My latest addition
  249. Travelling by ferry with budgies - help!
  250. Poor Georgie