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General Budgie Talk

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  1. Cuttle bone vs Mineral block
  2. Fish tank and parakeets in same room?
  3. new parakeet
  4. My sister got a budgie!
  5. Birds get out of a certain cage I have
  6. The budgie moving crate arrived!
  7. Emulsion paint?
  8. My new little man... I just had to!
  9. My New bird (Sage)
  10. Made my first bird toy!
  11. Advice for Bmo?
  12. Settling in - I hope
  13. Am I Too Emotional for a New Friend?
  14. what if the cuttlebone is made of plaster of paris?
  15. A drama
  16. Cat-proofing a home? Would a nest box lead to breeding?
  17. Which cage is better?
  18. To friend or not to friend that is the question
  19. Beautiful New Budgie
  20. Does budgies eat meat?
  21. Can anyone help out this poor bird?! (UK)
  22. New Budgie!
  23. Brand New Budgie behavior and New to being a Budgie Owner
  24. UPDATE from Mandyjay
  25. Anyone in north idaho here?
  26. When Should I Get My Budgie?
  27. My budgie is in love with me
  28. Introducing Jessica Jones!
  29. The Natural Bird Product Company
  30. Georgie meets the flock
  31. Take a chill pill
  32. UPDATE on found budgie
  33. Advice regarding budgie ownership
  34. DIY Toy Materials
  35. What is fun to teach a budgie to say?
  36. My New Budgie "Sunny"
  37. B.J.
  38. The Ultimate Bird Room
  39. Need help with cleaning!
  40. Live plants/trees for budgie "play room"- what is safe?
  41. wire for swing
  42. I was wondering..
  43. BB8 - Should I bring him Home?
  44. Cloud and YouTube.
  45. I want to sell my budgie
  46. Night lighting question
  47. Separating budgies into separate cages.
  48. Still confused.
  49. Budgies UK&Europe
  50. a heart felt thank you and appreciation
  51. Love birds and budgies
  52. A.J.'s new baby brother
  53. broke down and added to my little flock
  54. Not getting answers from reading
  55. Budgie "Found" and Rescued - General Concerns
  56. New & bigger "house"
  57. A new addition!!
  58. are my parakeets ready to breed?
  59. Update on moving the budgies across Canada
  60. So we got Rocket a new friend...
  61. New Little Budglet
  62. Caitec Foraging Box Feeder
  63. Fixing a Bad Clip
  64. Wacky Wood Perches
  65. Separating Two Budgies
  66. Heating your cage
  67. budgie tree
  68. Budgie Gender
  69. which other birds get along with budgies?
  70. New budgie
  71. New Budgies
  72. Sexing young budgie
  73. Toy Materials
  74. Adding to the forest and the flock!
  75. Coby and Sparky
  76. Richie's feathers
  77. Room for one more
  78. Dividing a Prevue F050?
  79. Help with gender please
  80. Not my bird but need to know gender....
  81. young budgie
  82. Is this a normal wing?
  83. Meet Mira and Kumiko
  84. Transferring Untamed Bird to New Cage
  85. My new bird :D
  86. Her Partner passed Yesterday
  87. He's finally home!
  88. 80,000 wild budgies form clouds in the sky
  89. Raising my kid right
  90. majestic palm?
  91. drum roll please?!?!
  92. just going to take a look...
  93. New Budgie
  94. Budgie landing problems
  95. moving birds around
  96. English budgie with american budgie
  97. Neptune (dirty)
  98. Is this toy safe for budgies?
  99. neophyte to budgie ownership & training
  100. Easter Eggs
  101. Haku hates his cage >.<
  102. Becoming Friendly
  103. More newbies
  104. Living with other birds?
  105. New budgies :)
  106. Meet Hazy!
  107. Moving in together!
  108. Feathers fly all over my house!
  109. And now there are 3...
  110. question about a possible budgie treat
  111. Large (61") Cage/4 Budgies?
  112. Getting another bird
  113. A friend for my 15 month old hen
  114. To vet or not to vet... that's the question
  115. good, great, bad, or terrible idea?
  116. Escaped budgie
  117. Budgie sitting in the morning!! (tips please)
  118. A new name
  119. Hello and a color question
  120. Poop is stuck on my budgies bottom! And my budgie is new!
  121. Have I made a mistake
  122. I knew I would
  123. quince wood perch
  124. oh boy! what have i started?!
  125. Issues with roommate and budgie
  126. There is a budgie at a shelter near me...
  127. Miss Marple & friends
  128. JoJo.... girl or boy?
  129. Again Alice VS Lettuce II
  130. Yes another boy or girl post
  131. Too hot for budgie?
  132. Shelter Budgie
  133. Meet Squawkers!
  134. Hot weather and open windows
  135. Looking for any suggestions
  136. Could Someone Help Me tell the Sex of my Budgies?
  137. a cute budgie sniffing story
  138. what house flowers are safe for budgies?
  139. Moving budgies across Canada update!
  140. Sexing Shenanigans
  141. Bubbles and Everly Enjoying New Cage&Toys
  142. Bird Boys Disagreeing
  143. Beware of rings
  144. Neptune
  145. strange event that happened to me
  146. New here, would like some good info
  147. What gender is Kyna?
  148. What gender is my bird!?
  149. Is this his first molt?
  150. Parrot Life Magazine
  151. Deciding the sex of my budgie
  152. My new additions
  153. Bushy's ...not so brief update!
  154. Can't wait any longer
  155. Birds dictate new level of creativity in home "decor"
  156. Sharing a Cage?
  157. Successfully moved Harry to new house
  158. Meet Haku!
  159. breeding condition
  160. Taming/Carrying cage! New arrivals
  161. some toys i made
  162. Question About the Strength of Budgie Friendships
  163. Contacted the OSPCA
  164. Was sold two boys but think I have a girl!
  165. Males or females
  166. Poop in water bottle
  167. Help me sex my new budgie, please!
  168. Budgie Toy Buying- My New Obsession
  169. Is a Budgie the right pet for you?
  170. Are these plants safe? (Photos Attached)
  171. Cage Covering in Warm Weather?
  172. How should I transfer them to a new cage.
  173. Possible converted rodent cage?
  174. RAWR! Can't Find Light Fixtures!
  175. New addition...
  176. Moving budgies via plane across Canada
  177. TheCageWarehouse?
  178. someone trying to rehome 2 budgies in GR, MI
  179. Mandy resorts to new levels
  180. 1 week and 3 days on
  181. Albino- M or F?
  182. Is she using "perfume?"
  183. Genuinely Confused About Gender
  184. Breeders in Connecticut?
  185. We have a birthday here!
  186. When do budgies stop growing
  187. Decision made
  188. Where do you allow your budgies to fly?
  189. Hand fed English baby
  190. New Bird Room!
  191. My Bernice
  192. English Budgies?
  193. Is Kokiri a boy or a girl?
  194. Can you help sex my budgies?
  195. Funny Budgie Stories (On-going Thread)
  196. New Member - what are my budgies' genders?
  197. Am I an animal addict :/
  198. 3 Budgies mutations? and Sex?
  199. Working at Petco
  200. My English budgie flock
  201. Got him out for the first time!
  202. Our newest addition to the flock Kwazi
  203. Banana the budgie (is terrified and it's my fault! D: )
  204. Trying to post a picture of my new Budgie Joey
  205. Budgies going to get dumped!! Need advice!
  206. Boy or Girl?
  207. Getting to know Ginkgo
  208. Whoops! Unexpected Egg
  209. Advice about potential new budgie
  210. Blue for a boy???
  211. Help Sexing Budgies
  212. budgie enviromnent
  213. Those are my 2 new budgies can u tell me what gender are, and about their age
  214. I have two new budgies!
  215. concern for using fresh flowers
  216. I Think Lara's About to Lay!
  217. What is the sex?
  218. Just got a new budgie
  219. Gender Crisis?
  220. Building cages
  221. Last one! Am I correct a girl?
  222. Boy or girl please. Picture attached.
  223. What Should He Eat ?
  224. How old is Jack?
  225. New budgies and a question
  226. Gender of little budgie,please!?
  227. Meet Sunday
  228. Dividing Cages?
  229. Help sexing my chicks? :)
  230. Male singing as single vs in a pair
  231. A friend
  232. New with a lot of questions! (Long post)
  233. English budgie gender assistance please
  234. Is this normal?
  235. Well, that was awkward....
  236. Getting out of cage
  237. Moving house - Any advice that'll help make it the least stressful for my bird?
  238. Perry's being a huge brat
  239. Budgie is left alone a lot
  240. Budgie Age, Gender
  241. English boy?
  242. Corn Starch (Flour) Glue
  243. New baby budgie on the way!!
  244. New budgie!!!
  245. Meet Chester. He lives in Geelong Victoria he is Indigo's friend.
  246. Cleaning and refinishing a cage?
  247. what is the next step?
  248. New Budgie Recomendations
  249. Is it first moult?
  250. Bird Safe Cleaning Products