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General Budgie Talk

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  1. Vishnu is back
  2. Christmas present
  3. Look at what i got for Christmas. Indi's gifts.
  4. Fly time exercise
  5. Polly Wanna Bird Box Reviews?
  6. Is it a boy or a girl?
  7. Budgies and moulting
  8. Budgie Rehome; Urgent.
  9. Strange behavior (and human pregnancy)
  10. Sexing my budgie
  11. Sexing this budgie
  12. Fireworks
  13. Roxy & Disco ??
  14. Bullied budgie?
  15. Worried for New Budgie
  16. Is this normal budgie behavior?
  17. Whats wrong with my budgies cere?
  18. My birdies have arrived! Also, question about clipped wings
  19. Sexing my budgie
  20. New Budgies- New Plan
  21. Are sand perches ok?
  22. Sprite is home
  23. New to this
  24. old budgie
  25. Is my budgie okay?
  26. Bird Toys
  27. Any tips for traveling with your budgie?
  28. Misty the Albino !
  29. Pair of budgies alone.
  30. Bird Safe Cleaning
  31. How long for a hand-tamed bird to adjust?
  32. What should I get the person that looked after my budgies while I was on Vacation?
  33. *Disco & Roxy* Update
  34. New budgie
  35. bird poop
  36. Tame budgie suddenly biting
  37. easy make recipe for budgie.
  38. Salem is warming up!
  39. Eating stuff other than seed?
  40. Non-Stick pans?
  41. Colour Mutations, please helpme understand
  42. Update on Macca
  43. What mutation is Sherbet?
  44. BSNSW 15/12/15 show results
  45. what have you bought your budgies for Christmas?
  46. Plywood Play-gym?
  47. Please Help With Gender!
  48. Timothy hay
  49. Baby budgie bought from Scaly Mite Mum
  50. Looks like I'm getting two after all!
  51. Covering Cage at night?
  52. Favourite budgie toy
  53. Indoor Aviaries
  54. The Magnificent... Eight!
  55. Resting aviary?
  56. Obessive bowl licking/chewing
  57. Budgie is "clucking"
  58. Meet Posiedon
  59. why do budgies always want what you have
  60. Nobody can tell me the sex of my budgies..
  61. Hi Again
  62. Buckaroo and Simon-roo (I mean, Simon)
  63. prevue hendrix
  64. is this budgei boy or girl?
  65. My office manager, Hershel, cracks the whip.
  66. What does this mean? Video attached
  67. Meet Yolanda!
  68. Thoughts on this cutie?
  69. is it ok for my budgie to eat popcorn?
  70. Gender Suggestions
  71. It's a boy?
  72. Need to rehome my budgies
  73. Mallory has finally come out of her shell!
  74. 8-10 month old budgie still look the same and still ha a pink nose?
  75. Is my budgie sick?
  76. More concerns about Birdie
  77. Need help with budgie gender
  78. One Budgie or Two?
  79. Dry feet
  80. And when you notice the semi feral bird
  81. free to good home.. prodigious egg laying female
  82. I think we might have a gender crisis..
  83. Redecorating Dilemma
  84. Twigs eats veggies!
  85. Christmas trees and budgies
  86. Is there such a thing as the terrible 2 s?
  87. Baxter
  88. Bossy hen's cagemate died - should she have a new one?
  89. Show Cages?
  90. Meet Tattoo! (And will he get iris rings?)
  91. Budgie flipping his friend on his back?
  92. Is my budgie ok?
  93. They went on my hand!!!
  94. My two budgies -- Morrigan and Flapjack
  95. The vet said this today
  96. Question about bar spacing
  97. Ceelo's progress and behavior
  98. Another Budgie Dream!
  99. Animal Control ByLaw Review
  100. I can't believe I did it!
  101. Budgie scared or playing?
  102. Letting her go - a new home
  103. Yes, another second budgie question! :)
  104. And the Baby Oskar says 'Hello!'
  105. Meet Mallow!
  106. Blood Feather Confusion
  107. Budgie has become totally silent
  108. Toys
  109. New Rescue
  110. Alice has a new home
  111. Spencer REALLY likes Mallorn...
  112. I think Malcom needs a new name....
  113. what sex is my budgie
  114. Update and (Lots) Questions
  115. Difficult Choice...Adding a budgie?
  116. Meet my new baby! :D
  117. Hyperactive babies
  118. Rehoming budgies
  119. Trudio
  120. Introducing Bella and the Now Established Flock
  121. Sage's behaviour
  122. Jakob II and Jakob III
  123. Bedtime Problems With Steve
  124. Thank you!
  125. Can someone help sex these two?
  126. I picked up a flock of babies
  127. Sudden outburst of hyperactivity? +General questions
  128. Contemplating switching to a 'teil
  129. Self Cleaning Cage with Automated Feeder & Water Dish
  130. A cute name for a cute baby?
  131. blue won't stop laying eggs! Help with some tips please?
  132. Sleep, diet and feather issues
  133. What sex if my white baby budgie please?
  134. Is this a boy or a girl?
  135. Re-introducing mean-ish budgie. Helps please!
  136. Furniture cleaning
  137. I had to stay strong...
  138. Look! Mink is all grown up now... and she has a DATE!
  139. questions on taming and bonding
  140. Budgie on back
  141. I've found a second, I just need to say yes!
  142. New budgie Bobbie
  143. I'm not sure of sex.
  144. Two Easy Do-It-Yourself Christmas Bird Toys
  145. Territorial?
  146. Feeling Festive!
  147. Someone is moulting, again
  148. Birdy Advice - Eggs!
  149. My Budgie's breathing heavily?
  150. Budgies depressed?
  151. Anybody buy there feathered babies stuff in the Black Friday Cyber Monday sales?
  152. meet Marina and Daisy
  153. Newbie has some misc. ?s
  154. Going home for the holidays for two weeks. Best options?
  155. Molting
  156. Mallorn's New Palace
  157. For the love of swings...
  158. Boy or Girl help?
  159. Easybird complete supplement birdcare co.
  160. Bathing safety
  161. Budgie in the cold?
  162. I like bad budgies, it's my budgie problem
  163. Best option for two budgies
  164. How can you tell if its crossbred?
  165. Baby boy?
  166. Mirror Addiction
  167. Sex of my baby?
  168. New budgie help with sexing
  169. Duo pair becoming less tame
  170. Males vs females - is there much difference?
  171. 2 new young budgies
  172. Female budgie vandal
  173. Bedtime
  174. Can i give oats or pearl millets to budgie?
  175. Bird auctions vs Bird shows
  176. Is this toe tapping or Some sort of dominance thing?
  177. Sexing, approx age, and mutation help?
  178. Levi and Bojangles New House
  179. Pecking at the air...
  180. Soft poop because of molting?
  181. Regaining Budgies friendship
  182. Molting + being in condition=one crabby girl
  183. Gender?
  184. Budgie panic attack?
  185. Special friend
  186. They Need a Home
  187. Change in the aviary?
  188. Hand Taming Adolescent / Adult Budgies
  189. are any type of plastic beads safe for budgie toys?
  190. New Budgie boy or girl?
  191. Getting our nails did!
  192. New budgie what should I call him
  193. Roger & Brian
  194. Thx talk budgie members...
  195. New budgie acting crazy...
  196. Updates
  197. ivermectin spot on
  198. How Smart Are Budgies? Adorable Behavior
  199. Aviary Progress
  200. Weekend Budgie Plans
  201. New Owner with Lots of Questions
  202. New Birds, New Pet Owner
  203. Hot Budgies
  204. Albino!
  205. Pete went back to the store
  206. Need help with sexing
  207. Is this normal?
  208. Twigs needs a birthday!
  209. It's been way too long
  210. Gender Swapped?
  211. Found new home for wild budgie
  212. Bird shelter needs help
  213. video of jessie hanging upside down recieving a head scratch
  214. Budgies letting me pet them.
  215. Budgie gender
  216. help with making this DIY spiral perch toy
  217. Tipping food bowls
  218. Budgie sitting
  219. is it possible for a budgies color to change all over?
  220. Travel cage or box for bringing budgie home?
  221. I need help on sexing my baby budgies!!!
  222. Budgie bites another one at night
  223. Grieving Budgie (And Owner)
  224. Flapping around at the bottom
  225. A certain little Princess is having a birthday soon!
  226. Need to rehome my baby girl
  227. Going on should I keep Bella entertained?
  228. Introducing parakeets questions
  229. Bird Show coming up- Chicago area
  230. Another cute video of Jessie talking to my old cell phone
  231. Terrorized budgie
  232. Tin Tins Home
  233. Mixed signals from our new family member
  234. Two new birdie friends!
  235. How many budgies?
  236. New Budgie ... need gender advice
  237. Daisy is here!
  238. Boiled egg is a success for Pepi!
  239. Is my budgie female
  240. Confused about gender!
  241. Not my Budgies Favorite Anymore?
  242. Boy or girl?
  243. My sweet blue boy Jango
  244. Sad about Tweety
  245. You don't want a lid? Fine.
  246. In The Corner!!
  247. Made a Toy For My Budgies!
  248. Introducing My New Boy
  249. yellow face HER or HIM?
  250. Should I avoid avocado OIL in products?