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General Budgie Talk

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  1. Budgie eye color
  2. Just got an albino budgie yesterday and she's trying to escape her cage
  3. Accidental pull of tail feathers
  4. Beak Smell
  5. are birch tree trunks safe for budgies?
  6. Update on Mercedes
  7. Upset she's possibly older than him
  8. Age at the time of purchase
  9. name suggestions!
  10. Should I get a 2nd?
  11. HELP - can't take budgies to new flat
  12. Does Harry need a buddy?
  13. Hello Again! We're back!
  14. Just got a baby
  15. Taking a Bath
  16. Hypocrite
  17. Should I get more birds?
  18. Help With Setting Up Quarantine Cage?
  19. Budgies health hazard
  20. Sick Coco
  21. Male female cage split?
  22. Jelly pots/fruit cups
  23. I couldnt be happier with Jay & Pip
  24. New Budgies
  25. Jay and Pip
  26. Got my new budgie
  27. How to make Budgie and puppy “friends”
  28. Putting my birdies on the porch
  29. Doodle is a young bird, 3 months, but his or her iris is clearly defined?
  30. How long do you leave their pellets out for?
  31. Is my budgie molting or sick?
  32. Requesting Rehoming Advice
  33. Ladder Chewing
  34. Colors of my budgies
  35. Good News!
  36. Feathers gone around eyes?
  37. !Budgie names! And genders!
  38. Taking a budgie outdoors
  39. Interesting video
  40. Where can I find these plastic penguins on wheels toys? (with backstory)
  41. Any tips before going to the Bird Show?
  42. Any idea why my budgie does this?
  43. Hormonal female budgie
  44. How much should a budgie weigh?
  45. How do I help a budgie with a clipped wing?
  46. Barley hay
  47. Question on choosing budgie(s)
  48. Best Practices in Budgie Care
  49. Going away leaving budgie alone?
  50. I'm so stuck!
  51. My sweet boy
  52. Play-gym suggestions?
  53. How to clean feathers around beak?
  54. Little hole in beak
  55. What are your favorite perches?
  56. How long does it take to get used new toys?
  57. Best handheld vacuum recommendation?
  58. How to feed medication to an untame budgie?
  59. Bird Safe Flea Bombs
  60. Budgie Benevolence Fund
  61. anthracite budgie
  62. Kiwi's eyes are still completely black after more than a year
  63. Lemon Drop Has Another Adventure
  64. Can this stress her out?
  65. Albus needs a new home
  66. Perching on windowsill
  67. how to keep new budgies from flying out the cage door?
  68. English budgie lifespan?
  69. Grit
  70. How do I get budgies back into cage?
  71. So many questions!
  72. Weird budgies
  73. Need help with rescues
  74. Anyone have suggestions on how to keep rodents away?
  75. Fresh Food Recommendations
  76. Playground
  77. Beak Cleaning?
  78. What is best method for introducing a rescue parakeet
  79. Dominant pied? Will his cere change?
  80. Books about budgies ?
  81. New budgie keeper
  82. Question about mutation and cere color
  83. my new budgie
  84. Molting, misting, trust
  85. Trickee's Ongoing Life Journal
  86. URGENT need advice
  87. Introducing budgies to each others
  88. Is it safe to eat?
  89. Latest addition to he flock
  90. Can't keep my Budgies anymore :(
  91. New Cage
  92. Where do you keep your cage
  93. Cheeky Escaped
  94. Insecticide
  95. Bird's first flight
  96. Dark Green Poop
  97. Eucalyptus
  98. Iodine
  99. Vitamin D3
  100. Taming and diet problems.
  101. Why is she doing this?
  102. Some Concerns with my New Budgie
  103. Am I overreacting to show budgie breeders?
  104. Out of cage behaviour
  105. Any suggestions on finding a new toy?
  106. Roudybush pellets and F040 fight cage sale
  107. Squeaking
  108. Budgie vitamin care
  109. Budgie Supplies Suggestions
  110. New budgies
  111. Keeping cockatiels and budgies together?
  112. Mr. Aloha Got A New Home
  113. Not the same anymore since school started
  114. Update and Chewing on Wires
  115. Eating only pellet crumbs, not pellet
  116. Delayed molting? And gender
  117. Molting patterns in different individuals
  118. Concerned about breeding
  119. Safety of perches containing rope?
  120. Budgie won’t stop screaming
  121. Budgie always sad and biting.
  122. Puff and Alex
  123. Budgie aviary
  124. Budgie by himself now
  125. What Gender is my budgie
  126. Need help determining my lutino’s gender
  127. Budgie in a mirror
  128. love bird type
  129. Two budgies!
  130. How will they cope with the loss?
  131. Transport for Annie
  132. Happy Hatchday Lemon and Sweetie!!
  133. 100W Equivalent LED Bulb - Suitable For Budgies?
  134. What to do directly after a budgie dies?
  135. Only millet
  136. A bit of reflection
  137. Budgie likes to chew wood!
  138. Budgies and feet!
  139. Trickee The Birb
  140. Budgie separation issues
  141. Question: How to Best Prepare for an Emergency Evacuation with Birds
  142. Safe Cage?
  143. Male or Female?
  144. Is it ever too late to add another budgie?
  145. Help sexing and understanding budgies
  146. Vet 10 minutes away 102 degrees outside, please help
  147. Budgies Fighting
  148. Recently traumatized budgie
  149. Zoonotic illnesses and budgies
  150. Topic of Full-Spectrum Lighting
  151. Gender
  152. would I be making a mistake?
  153. do my feather babies need a new home
  154. Chopped veggies menu
  155. Budgie chicks
  156. I have two budgies, but I want to get rid of one
  157. Is my new budgie getting enough sleep?
  158. Clipping wings
  159. All my questions about budgies after 3 days of research
  160. painting and wallpapering my bedroom
  161. My brother grabbed the budgie
  162. Can budgies mood change
  163. Feathers at the bottom of the cage
  164. A complicated problem
  165. Changing the food
  166. Is this lutino a girl or a boy?
  167. New cage incoming! And possible new bird(s)?
  168. Accidentally took a sip of my iced tea
  169. Cage size
  170. Budgies Make Me Happy
  171. I can't tell my budgies gender.
  172. His Taste In Music
  173. Budgie making strange noises
  174. How people see budgies
  175. Update - Second budgie & some questions
  176. Am I doing it right?
  177. Going on Vacation
  178. Going on vacation
  179. Flat Irons, Blow Dryers, and Birds
  180. Budgie moving beak
  181. ThingsforWings haul!
  182. Out of place feather
  183. Stressed outside her cage
  184. Funny Eating Habit
  185. How do I train my two budgies to be quiet?
  186. Travelling with a budgie?
  187. Back again!
  188. Should I use a 2nd UVB Lamp?
  189. Is my aviary warm enough
  190. Budgie acting strange
  191. Question on what to do
  192. Safe toy?
  193. Should I get another female?
  194. Feeding
  195. New Setup
  196. Just discovered eucalyptus
  197. Funny they do not seem to mind
  198. Troy & Risky
  199. Replacing my houseplant with another, is this one safe?
  200. A few questions before getting budgies
  201. Should I use a night light?
  202. Getting two budgies at once?
  203. Budgie breeders
  204. Travel help
  205. This might be a stupid question but.....
  206. How can I caretake for a budgie
  207. Should I get a new friend for my budgie?
  208. Amusing Stories
  209. Question on Behavior
  210. How do you play with your budgie?
  211. Heartbroken about rehoming my budgie
  212. Male or female? Please help
  213. Would being free to roam and fly around all day shorten a budgie's life span?
  214. A few question about budgies,(feeding,taking outdoors)
  215. Two budgies and a cockatiel
  216. Finally vision cage
  217. remedy for a funky couch
  218. Need Some Advice (regarding gender/discouraging breeding & housing)
  219. Getting a Second Budgie and Need Advice
  220. Looking for Breeders that Ship Budgdies
  221. Budgies coming towards me
  222. Bird Leg Band
  223. ISO Bird(s)
  224. UV light or Soluvite D?
  225. New Parakeet Behavior
  226. Male budgie near Dallas Texas looking for a home with friends~
  227. Budgies don't like and fruits or vegetables?
  228. new budgie driving Razzle mad!!!
  229. Budgie Mutation?
  230. Pizza Pie: House, Buddies, and Stress
  231. Some Tips Making Pictures Of Your Bird
  232. Should i clip my young budgie's wings to help w/training?
  233. How to ID a leg band?
  234. 2nd budgie - male or female?
  235. Zoo Med UV bulb
  236. budgie eye infection
  237. Vapes Around Budgies
  238. Question regridng feathers
  239. Bird safe cleaning
  240. should i get another budgie for a 10 yearold budgie?
  241. Budgies and newborn baby
  242. Lonely Budgie Needing New Friends?
  243. Healthy behavior while playing budgie sounds?
  244. Bringing home new budgies
  245. housing 2 sized together
  246. how much food to give budgie
  247. Cage Brands + Setup
  248. Bath time and Naming
  249. Harrison's fine vs superfine
  250. Lala's Progress