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Diseases and Illnesses

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  1. Chupe's crop problem
  2. Vomiting?
  3. Not coming out of cage, not pecking
  4. Possible Mites
  5. French moult - or not?
  6. Change in urine-more yellow
  7. Vet visit for Petie
  8. Healthy?
  9. odd feet movement in sleep
  10. An Update on Paulie
  11. Is my budgie sick?
  12. Sneezing and Itchy Cere
  13. My female budgie sleeps a lot
  14. My budgie jumped in a (shallow) bowl of dish-washing water. Is he going to be ok?
  15. New bought budgie acting weird
  16. Young Budgie tail bobbing, breathing funny
  17. Is there something wrong with my parakeets?
  18. French Moult I guess ?
  19. Rocky diarrhea food change?
  20. Swollen red bump between nostrils
  21. Wet Spot Under Where Rikki Sleeps
  22. Budgie Vomiting Please Help Urgent!
  23. Is Leo sick, stressed or just moulting?
  24. Red Area Under Budgie's Beak?
  25. Tips on giving antibiotic paste?
  26. Help with my budgie's cere
  27. Milk Thistle and Dandelion
  28. Curious
  29. My budgie is ill
  30. Why does my budgie make a strange noise? Is she sick?
  31. White poop?
  32. My budgie sick for days
  33. Chicken Illnesses?
  34. What's on the end of her toe?
  35. Milly and Pekoe's Health Journal (On-going Thread)
  36. Please help
  37. Peatri is not well
  38. Is my new budgie sick?
  39. Budgie lying on floor
  40. Crop Infection
  41. One Year Later
  42. Sick? Stressed? Okay?
  43. Something's wrong with my budgies poop
  44. Mass on chest
  45. unwell budgie
  46. Ibi's cere color
  47. Panting budgie with low chirps
  48. abnormal tail feathers, all quill no barbs
  49. Peta has a respiratory infection
  50. Squeaky noise
  51. New Budgie Mom Thoughts
  52. Why is my budgies head got blood on it?
  53. Scaly mites?
  54. How to use syringe
  55. Long term head tilt?
  56. Fluffed up baby budgie, sick?
  57. Crouched on perch, very quiet/still and puffed up
  58. Moulting or URTI?
  59. Feather loss
  60. Budgie with Chicks (baby chickens not budgies)
  61. Sudden loss of appetite & weight
  62. sick or molting?
  63. Weak legs?
  64. Skye
  65. Feather discolouration?
  66. Is My Budgie Sick or Dying?
  67. Injured Toe
  68. Budgie's Beak and Nails are overgrown
  69. Rocking back and forth while sleeping?
  70. My budgie is ill
  71. Green urine and yellow urates
  72. Vomiting Slime!
  73. Tumor in my Budgie
  74. Extremely heavy, raspy breathing!!!
  75. Budgie breathing in a weird way
  76. Sick budgie i dont get what,s happening. No avian vets
  77. Help I don't understand
  78. So important to have a good vet
  79. About mites
  80. Excessive sleeping and puffiness: what are your thoughts?
  81. My lovely boy has a bald eye and a crusty beak, what could be wrong?
  82. Sick budgie
  83. Is coughing ever nothing??
  84. Budgie loosing feather around eye
  85. is Aztec sick?
  86. Is my budgie sick?
  87. Bald red vent area
  88. what is it on our budgie?
  89. White droppings
  90. If im sick , can my budgies get sick?
  91. Is my budgie poorly
  92. Avicalmn and Featheriffic
  93. Does anybody know what this is??
  94. Alternative Remedies to help with Tumors
  95. Budgie Ingested Corn Cob Bedding
  96. Rocky had a mini stroke :(
  97. tail bobbing
  98. budgie wings and head keeps twitching
  99. Does anyone know what this is?
  100. another one dead
  101. Budgie Can't Fly
  102. Stroke and heavy breathing
  103. poofed feathers and sleepy
  104. Drooping wing can't fly
  105. Sick female budgie
  106. Puffy. Sick or relaxed??
  107. My Little Guy Has Been Sick Since December :(
  108. Budgies Dying
  109. (very) Light Brown "Staining" Above Budgie's Cere
  110. Throwing up and lack of appetite
  111. constant sneezing
  112. Tumor treatment?
  113. Fungal Infection
  114. Budgie tumour?
  115. Possible case of bacteria infection.
  116. Budgie throwing up seeds
  117. What's wrong?
  118. Talon problem
  119. Mites and Feather lice
  120. Dead bird?
  121. Shedding of Feathers
  122. Male cere color change
  123. Severe Constipation ?
  124. Mites?
  125. Weird neck stance and brown cere?
  126. Babies died shortly after fledging
  127. Help! Is my budgie going to be ok?
  128. lump on budgie's back
  129. always molting/ dry feet
  130. There's pink around my Budgie's eye!
  131. Extremely rare wart like tissue?
  132. Chronically sick budgie, what more can I do :(
  133. URGENT! unknown ectoparasites
  134. Budgie vomitting - allergic to my home?
  135. Problem with cere and around eyes?
  136. Chronic heavy metal poisoning
  137. regurgitating or vomiting?
  138. Recent Sudden Death
  139. Possible infection of cere?
  140. sick baby budgie, plz suggest something
  141. Regurgitating or Vomiting
  142. Sick budgie, what to do?
  143. My budgei has a lung problem?
  144. Help! Budgie nails and beak haemorrhage
  145. Sneezy little guy
  146. Sick Budgie
  147. Is my budgie sick? (Her friend recently passed)
  148. Could my budgie have gone deaf
  149. Fast breathing
  150. AGY Remission
  151. Irritating feather in eye
  152. Newbie here - Doe she have Scaly Mites?
  153. Bird Breeders Lung questions
  154. Marks on beak
  155. Sick budgie
  156. Psittacosis
  157. Is my budgie sick?
  158. Are my budgies cold all day?
  159. Can I spot a tumor in budgie? Can budgies live with small tumors, happily? Budgies lo
  160. Is beak OK?
  161. Male budgie's cere is Brown!
  162. Vomiting metronidazole
  163. Does she have mites?
  164. Clouds can't fly :(
  165. Budgie Poop Inconsistency-Sometime brown, increased size, or watery
  166. Molting and Getting Sick
  167. I believe my budgie has something similar to asthma
  168. Is my new bird sick
  169. Bumblefoot?
  170. Sodium Benzoate Treatment
  171. Crop Infection Question
  172. Budgie is Ill!
  173. Billy has epilepsy :(
  174. Mites!
  175. Franks feathers
  176. Numerous health issues, please help! (Potentially disturbing pictures)
  177. I am wondering about my budgie's cere.
  178. my male budgie's cere is turning brown
  179. Disease Carrier?
  180. Question about scaly face mites?
  181. Advice regarding budgie droppings requested
  182. Budgie with respiratory issues or not
  183. Advice/Encouragement for MRSA?
  184. Crying budgie HELP
  185. 7yo MALE budgie's cere turned brown
  186. Is this normal?
  187. Puffed up
  188. Budgie droppings
  189. Droppings Problem , Diagnosis and Treatment
  190. Please help budgie seems to be ill
  191. Mites, Breeding Condition, other?
  192. Is she sick?
  193. Digby
  194. Horny feathers on head
  195. is female ko kya hy? please help me.....
  196. What's on Piper's face?
  197. Cere is Protruding
  198. Red coloration above Cere
  199. [GRAPHIC PHOTOS] Unknown Growth on Parakeet
  200. Is Flash's beak too long?
  201. New budgie issue
  202. Caesar randomly died
  203. Itching
  204. What is Wrong With Aiden's Pin Feahters
  205. Still sick
  206. Possible Budgie Abscess - View Attached Video (Need Advice)
  207. My budgies beak: Normal?
  208. Candida SPP
  209. Can parakeets have a stroke?
  210. Irregular Droppings
  211. Is Buddy's beak healthy?
  212. Help sudden death
  213. My budgie seems really odd and weird
  214. Budgie sneezing
  215. Budgie's nose and cere issue
  216. Something very wrong, please help
  217. White Droppings
  218. Fifo Not Well
  219. sulphadim for budgies
  220. Sick Budgie
  221. Is something wrong with Basil's cere?
  222. Ideal Tempratures For Budgies?
  223. Wet/damp looking feathers, slightly chewed?
  224. Beak clinging on cage bars
  225. Mystery Diagnosis
  226. Bumblefoot surgery pros and cons?
  227. Dark spots on beak and nails
  228. Please Help!!
  229. I'd never thought I'd be posting this..
  230. Eye problem?
  231. Budgie biting itself aggresivley
  232. Scaly Mite Face?
  233. Mites?
  234. Budgie Illness
  235. Scaly Face Mites.
  236. I think my budgie has scaly face? She can't sit still.
  237. Loss Of Flight Feathers? Help?
  238. Wheezing Budgie?
  239. Toe-Curling, please help!
  240. My budgie keeps hopping all day
  241. My Budgie's Nostrils Are Clogged
  242. beak and feather disease
  243. My male budgies cere losing color?!?
  244. My budgie has a hole on her lower beak.
  245. Grey poops!! :(
  246. preen gland
  247. Baytril and Bacterial infection that won't go away?
  248. sticky poop, green poop butt (vent)
  249. Scaly Face Mites- Advice please
  250. Liver Disease