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Diseases and Illnesses

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  1. what is wrong with my budgie?
  2. stomachache?
  3. Budgie bitting his own neck
  4. Respiratory infection (under vet treatment)
  5. Budgie regurgitating more than usual?
  6. Possible French Moult?
  7. Kiwi seems sick
  8. Alkira obsessively ripping his feathers
  9. Change in behavior
  10. Sick Budgie or Stress/Diet?
  11. Budgies showing symptoms
  12. Please Help 8 year old Budgie sick
  13. Budgie balding?
  14. What should I ask the vet tomorrow to check for?
  15. Sodium Benzoate
  16. I'm worried about my budgie, Cosmo.
  17. chiku's health
  18. Need some advice please
  19. Reason of death?
  20. What's the brown stuff on his cere?It's not the crusty brown cere disease I know that
  21. Need some advice regarding our budgie
  22. To X-ray or not? (Bird with leg troubles)
  23. Budgie’s Poop Getting Stuck in Vent’s Feathers
  24. Budgie going through a reeeeeeally long molt?
  25. Yellow around eye- face mites?
  26. nasal congestion problem, nose
  27. help!budgie bottom is yellow
  28. Sam needs help
  29. Bumblefoot
  30. Tail bob
  31. Can my birdie catch my cold (flu) ?
  32. Rough moult or something worse?
  33. The mysterious death of a 42-day-old chick
  34. tail bobbing during molt
  35. Splayed legs
  36. Magical recovery
  37. Infected eye
  38. Is my budgie going to die?
  39. Budgie missing feathers around vent
  40. third day on enrofloxacin and noticed a small amount of blood under Sky's cere
  41. Update on Zeezu
  42. Cursed with budgie death
  43. afraid my budgie is sick, and can't afford anything but a physical for him
  44. Budgie is sick, can't take her to the vet!
  45. his leg is swollen and bleeding
  46. Worried about my parakeet
  47. sneezing budgie? worried...
  48. Sad Tallulah update and question
  49. Tallulah diagnosed with airsacculitis
  50. Light green poop?
  51. Undigested seed
  52. My budgie seems sick
  53. Six month old - sleepy and dry poo
  54. Is it a tumor?
  55. Does my budgie have MITES?
  56. Feather Loss
  57. help! my budgie seems to have an eye infection?
  58. Budgie hen under stress or sick??
  59. Need your advice
  60. He has cancer in lungs, cyst in kidney
  61. Just a quick question
  62. Fluffed up and watery poop
  63. Is anyone have tried giving Marijuana to their pets for Medical purposes?
  64. New budgie’s strange behaviour
  65. What’s this on Tulip!?
  66. My Budgie Has a growth! Please help
  67. My Bird's Health After Partner Passed
  68. Helio’s Homoeopathy CEH cream for budgies?
  69. Sick budgie
  70. Wholistic Advice Needed Please For Sick Budgie
  71. There’s something wrong with Pepe
  72. Budgie has air-sac mites
  73. Suddenly unable to fly, vomiting
  74. is my budgie okay??
  75. Overgrown beak? Help!
  76. Help with poorly budgie
  77. Budgie poo
  78. Problem with budgies face
  79. Zinc sulfate for my budgie's feet?
  80. Diarrhea during night?
  81. Worries about new baby budgie
  82. Mites
  83. Female with Rectal Prolapse
  84. Is she sleepy or some type of illness.
  85. Maybe a feather cyst?
  86. Mites & Diatomaceous earth
  87. Scaley face mites
  88. Air Quality?
  89. I think my budgie got a previous illness again
  90. Impacted Gizzard
  91. Eye colour
  92. Budgie with unknown illness + trying to give medicine help?
  93. Budgie wimpering
  94. Budgie Feet Problem
  95. Possibly paranoid but worried about plucking
  96. Does this qualify as an emergency?
  97. Luck is not on my side
  98. Sore eye or infection?
  99. Peanut the Parakeet
  100. Budgie was sick but is getting better
  101. My budgie is sick
  102. bloody poos
  103. Does my bird have air sac mites?
  104. Ear infection
  105. Megabacteria and bumblefoot
  106. Brown stuff above my budgie's cere
  107. Runny Poop at Night Only
  108. New budgie with green white feathers around vent and soiled tail
  109. Female budgie is ill
  110. Is my budgie sick? keeps opening and closing beak
  111. Scaly Mites
  112. Is Chitters beak overgrown?
  113. Wing Cancer Tumor Healed
  114. Scaly Mites?
  115. My budgie is making troubled noises. Possible respiratory issue?
  116. Scared for my budgie, bald spots on head (pics included)
  117. Is My Budgie Dying And how can i comfort him
  118. Coconut is at the vet's
  119. High liver bile acids - ideas needed
  120. French moult
  121. Tail bobbing
  122. Vet visit
  123. Tail bobbing
  124. Tail bobbing...
  125. Toxic Teflon!
  126. Is my budgie sick
  127. Fatty Liver Disease
  128. Eye Infection
  129. Research Your Avian Vet Before an Emergency Occurs
  130. Tail Bobbing?
  131. My budgie is has brain damage
  132. Passing undigested seed - vets can't figure out what's wrong
  133. Injured budgie
  134. Sick Budgie
  135. Does my budgie have scaly face mites?
  136. Computer Routers and Modems
  137. Gender? And what's Wrong?
  138. Smelly Mouth
  139. Diagnosed with AGY
  140. Liquid meds on millet?
  141. Respiratory Infection Causes
  142. foot injured or infection
  143. Weird Budgie droppings
  144. Could this be bumblefoot??
  145. Diarrhea and not playing
  146. Spots/ holes near the beak
  147. Possible Air Sac Mites
  148. Luna is sick:(
  149. Skye's fatty liver and new pellet diet
  150. Beak Breathing, Mites?
  151. Is Monty's poop normal?
  152. Budgie twitching?
  153. budgie balding?
  154. Cere looking dry? Possibly mites?
  155. Possible Wing Problem
  156. Cere thickening-is it normal?
  157. Ivermectin Mess-up
  158. Nonfunctional Toes
  159. New toy gym, is it safe?
  160. Respiratory infection or Stress?
  161. Tricks to get meds in?
  162. Avis has bumps
  163. Cracked Beak?
  164. Budgie tested positive for Chlamydia
  165. My budgie is underweight and we're very worried about her
  166. Tail bobbing & snuffling noise?
  167. My hen has diarrhea!
  168. Budgie with a drinking problem?
  169. Watery eye, feather loss, yellow patches?
  170. Blueberry doesn't look to well...
  171. Baytril
  172. Sodium Benzoate for Megabacteria - What is a safe dose in the hot summer months?
  173. Can my budgie chew on this?
  174. Sudden death
  175. Crop infection help
  176. Avis has suspicious colored poops
  177. Is this a respiratory infection or just some food stains?
  178. Great tit stopped chirping
  179. Rescued Neglected Parakeets
  180. Feather loss around eye
  181. New baby....can she has b&f?
  182. Budgie's cere is dry and one nostril has closed in?
  183. Heavy drinking and watery droppings
  184. Beak and Cere
  185. Overheating
  186. Kiwi has a lot of balding in her forehead - Concerned
  187. Best product for worming my budgie?
  188. First time bird mom, is my Sir Tweets Sick?
  189. large, soft lump... tumor??
  190. Something wrong with the Uropygial Gland.
  191. Antibiotic doesn't seem to be working
  192. Strange feathers ??
  193. My budgie has mites?
  194. Will an avian savvy vet suffice?
  195. Please help! My budgie has a bald patch.
  196. Abnormal Feathers
  197. Is Rebel regurgitating? sick?
  198. not laying the egg
  199. Tumor
  200. Unknown crust/scaliness on budgie cere
  201. Possible sick budgies, could use some support.
  202. Budgie weird droppings
  203. Scaly feet and eyelids problem
  204. worried about liver disease
  205. Is my budgie opening and closing a beak a sign of sickness?
  206. Rio budgie died, Homer now sick
  207. Scalyface?
  208. Is this mites?
  209. Mystery growth on back
  210. Smelly Head, Canker?
  211. Avian Gastric Yeast Attack
  212. not sure if this is mites?
  213. Succombing to Tumour
  214. Transparent Poop
  215. Is she sick?
  216. Urgently seeking advice..
  217. My Budgie has bumblefoot
  218. budgie lying on his tummy
  219. Is this the beginning of a scaly face?
  220. Mites? Now I'm worried.
  221. Does my budgie have respiratory disease
  222. Hydes face
  223. Large Growth
  224. Facebook friend's birds may have heavy metal poisoning
  225. Early Stages of Scaly Mites?
  226. Apparently not egg bound, but she's still "pushing"
  227. Please help. My Budgies loosing feathers from the top of his head and seems always ti
  228. Is my Budgie bobbing tail pronounced?
  229. Night fright gives my budgie Peep stress seizures
  230. Splayed leg
  231. Is this a normal feet hold?
  232. Worried about Bumblefoot
  233. Can two days of second hand smoking harm a young budgie?
  234. Beak problems
  235. Is my budgie ill?
  236. Scaly Beak and Constipation
  237. Smol Might Be Sick?
  238. Is avian gastric yeast curable?
  239. Sick flock need help
  240. Psittacosis?
  241. Help needed urgently! 2 budgies dead and a third gone blind!
  242. My budgie has AGY - advice appreciated
  243. I don't know what happened
  244. Is his cere normal?
  245. Sudden death of my 3 year old budgie
  246. Constant changes on cere
  247. Budgie has strange lump on chest??
  248. Budgie in Shock?
  249. My budgie got blind! Need help.
  250. Budgie depressed?