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Budgie Behavior

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  1. Weird Budgies !!!
  2. Incompatible personalities?
  3. Budgie won't eat until I do?
  4. Kimmy claims everything Jimmy has?
  5. Update on InkyBoy!
  6. Introducing new budgie- behaviour?
  7. Budgie regurgitating food.
  8. Budgie chasing??
  9. Scared budgie behaviour
  10. Sunburst One day after Sunshine's passing.
  11. New budgie wing tremble and digestion question
  12. Tail feather plucking?? not sure
  13. New English Budgie
  14. Getting budgie out of its cage
  15. Any advice on how to keep a budgie from the radiator?
  16. My budgie won't stop biting
  17. Need ideas please!
  18. How can I know if my budgie is lonely?
  19. When should Vince come out the cage?
  20. What is this behavior?
  21. Doesn't play with any toys!
  22. Bad flying
  23. New budgie doesn't want to go in cage and sleep on perches
  24. Budgie Enjoys Small Cage?
  25. Just a fun little quirk.
  26. Misty is finally talking!
  27. Parakeet scared again?
  28. Fighting?
  29. Young Budgie Aggression
  30. Talking to inanimate objects
  31. On and off shredding?
  32. Angry Baby Budgie
  33. Next steps in training?
  34. Introducing a new budgie to an older one
  35. Budgie Flew into my yard
  36. She won't stop shouting!
  37. What is wrong with stanley
  38. Max and his amazing loud chirps
  39. Budgie attacking at bedtime
  40. Insistent Calling Becoming a Problem
  41. Why does he sit like this ?:(
  42. Is my budgie play biting or being aggressive? Please Help!!
  43. Separation anxiety from Daisy?
  44. First meeting
  45. Current taming progress
  46. My little man seems to be a biter. Any advice?
  47. He Hits Him in the Eye!!
  48. Budgie Behavior Changes
  49. Budgies Fighting for Attention
  50. LOVES hanging upside down.
  51. leg lifting
  52. Build-up of poo
  53. What is this behavior?
  54. Why Is Maudie Doing This?
  55. My budgie took a spiral in the wrong direction the last 2 weeks
  56. Budgie screaming?
  57. My new budgie behaves like a monkey
  58. Some Strange Behaviours
  59. First Budgie
  60. Plastic Budgie Toy
  61. Acting Strange
  62. biting budgie
  63. On to the next step with my budgie
  64. Budgies started eating newspaper!
  65. How to calm a budgie?
  66. New budgie calling out to outside birds
  67. Cosmo has poor control when flying
  68. during the night
  69. Female head bobbing
  70. Budgies Dont want to come to me in the daytime
  71. Tail bobbing but acting fine
  72. Budgie Roosting Strange At Bedtime
  73. Outside the cage play?
  74. Budgie with mental issues?
  75. Extremely Aggressive Charlie
  76. Two male species fighting
  77. Cosmo just sits on bottom all day
  78. Budgie losing it!
  79. Bedtime Concern
  80. Being a bit protective of food
  81. New budgie
  82. Aggressive in the cage, confused outside of the cage?
  83. Budgie eating from my hand
  84. Budgie not very active?
  85. seeds problem
  86. My baby budgies are in love- are they trying to mate?
  87. What's changed?
  88. Behavior question
  89. short fight then stops
  90. Budgie in a Bowl!
  91. Budgie Sleeps with Tail in Water
  92. What's going on with my budgies?
  93. Unable to tame my budgie..
  94. My female attacked my male suddenly- why?
  95. shuffling left and right on perch or platform
  96. Mr.White eating droppings
  97. Training Tips
  98. Play Time, Or Not.
  99. Skye nibbling bars and water dish
  100. Not able to fly (normally)?
  101. Fast breathing
  102. Budgie Fear Observation
  103. My Jealous Aggressive Budgie
  104. Really Annoyed Bird
  105. Budgie "song" behaviour unlike other parrots?
  106. Harry always grabs the pink side
  107. Will my budgie forget me?
  108. Is my little boy going through teenage years? Or is he just aggressive ?
  109. Unusual behavior
  110. Budgie pulling its feathers out - Help
  111. My budgies won't stay on my hand
  112. How to play with a budgie?
  113. Budgies sitting on curtain rail
  114. Three's a Crowd
  115. Constant falling feathers
  116. Male budgie fighting
  117. Is it normal for new budgie to be THIS friendly? :D
  118. Can't fly
  119. Loud noises make my budgie speak soft and Im not sure if its okay!
  120. Lemon hanging from the cage
  121. Since I've taken away the mirrors....
  122. Budgie not playing?
  123. How to interpret sudden change in behavior
  124. Can you tell me what's up with pilot?
  125. Biting out of fear or curiosity?
  126. Chewing on basically everything
  127. Constant Loud Chirping
  128. Closing eyes
  129. Happy or Angry
  130. Is it normal???
  131. very loud budgie?
  132. budgies kissing and clicking!!
  133. Female Budgie "scrubbing" rear on objects and pooping?
  134. I'm scared for my bird
  135. separation anxiety?
  136. Bar Biting
  137. Budgies hatched an egg
  138. Budgie flew out of the cage
  139. Antisocial Lemon
  140. Stop a spoiled budgie demanding headrubs?
  141. Not coming out of cage
  142. Help with excluded budgie
  143. should I separate?
  144. new budgie-contact call for hours
  145. Budgie Suckling When I Hold Him
  146. Budgie bullying
  147. Buying new cage for 2
  148. Aggressive Male Budgie
  149. hissing or making gargling sound
  150. Help ! Aggressive budgie
  151. My budgie cannot fly....
  152. Budgie Kind of Trusts Me, Where To Next?
  153. Budgie Bickering
  154. Female Aggressive??
  155. Budgie Body Language
  156. My budgie is getting bullied
  157. Lemon is squeaking?
  158. Budgie goes crazy for... hand?
  159. Basil likes Bach....
  160. Picky Eater
  161. Budgie still trying to feed a mirror even though its been removed?
  162. Unhappy budgie
  163. budgie clamors before flight
  164. Budgie eating its poop
  165. Crunching noise?
  166. Hunched over budgie
  167. Random budgie observations
  168. Does Cosmo like being pet?
  169. Not using cuttlebone?
  170. Got my second budgie - things changed
  171. Singing through the night
  172. New English Budgie not eating but acting normal?
  173. What funny human sounds your budgies mimic?
  174. 2 New Male Budgies Fighting?
  175. Screeching and flapping
  176. Budgie 'Chewing' on Skin
  177. kissing while pulling their beaks
  178. 10 week old budgie kicks food from bowl and sits there
  179. The Mating Pose
  180. Charlie is so dramatic
  181. "Barking" (Demanding?) Budgie - What is this Noise?
  182. Budgie Mourning Help
  183. New Budgie, not sure if tired or sick
  184. Female Budgie Behavior
  185. Can my budgies learn to talk when I have three of them
  186. Injured wing or depression?
  187. Tundra behavior question
  188. "digging" in his food bowl wasting all his food and making a mess
  189. Do Female Budgies talk
  190. Do budgies ever teach each other to use human words?
  191. Won't take a bath
  192. depressed budgie?
  193. Weird noises?
  194. Ernie chewing on cage bars?
  195. Your Parrot (Budgie) Doesn't Hate You
  196. Losing "Feather"
  197. Yak, Yak Yak all Day
  198. Timid Budgie - Out of cage
  199. Not playing with toys?
  200. I have been chosen?
  201. Tundra, Tiki, Nevi Dynamics
  202. Does my budgie trust me?
  203. Suddenly very active
  204. Is my budgie traumatized??
  205. How does my budgie know his playgym is his designated area?
  206. Too sweet to each other
  207. Introduced Tundra and Tiki :) Tundra keeps wanting to be fed by Tiki?
  208. Male turns bully only when eating
  209. Bowie escaped (inside house still)
  210. Advice needed for general behavior
  211. Budgie Angry? What do I do?
  212. New hand raised budgie not bonding/eating out of my hands why?
  213. Bubbles took a bath!
  214. Teaching Rikki to Fly
  215. Nevi's Behaviors
  216. Shirt Chewing
  217. Budgie Basically Staying in One Place in His Cage
  218. Budgie scared of new cage
  219. Male bullies female?
  220. Standing on one leg.
  221. Budgie kisses turned into feisty bites?
  222. New Budgie Behavior Questions
  223. Wow- such different personalities between my old budgie and new one!
  224. Why is my budgie biting me?
  225. advice needed for my young budgie who just lost his brother.
  226. Mycroft making clicking sounds
  227. New Bird Sitting at Bottom of Cage
  228. Ernie bothering previous budgie
  229. Why have our budgies become less active
  230. My budgie want to get out of the cage but he's not tame yet
  231. Is Echo's behaviour safe?
  232. Charles is terrified of broccoli
  233. Budgie scared of dark..? please help!
  234. Not interested in new playground
  235. very agressive female to male
  236. My budgie is so chatty... he falls asleep while chirping....
  237. Budgie is placing his beak on my finger?
  238. Boy love Issues
  239. Questions about Cosmo's behaviors
  240. Aggressive male budgie
  241. 2 Aggressive Males...?
  242. New bird is aggressive, but the reason remains a mistery...
  243. Questions about aggressive young budgies
  244. Why is my young budgie suddenly aggressive?
  245. Female bullying male
  246. budgie laid unfertiized egg, seems more aggressive
  247. New scared budgie
  248. Female budgie aggressive towards male
  249. How can I deal with a jealous and bossy female?
  250. Two baby boys trying to mate with each other?