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Budgie Behavior

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  1. Santi ignores me & runs away
  2. Budgie kissing me?
  3. Bossy Female or Mean?
  4. Weird budgie behavior
  5. Strange behaviour
  6. Is it too late to teach a budgie to talk?
  7. Budgie is apparently super active and playful- til I get home
  8. Budgie behavior
  9. Occasional Hard Bite?
  10. Why are they so scared of me?
  11. George is Afraid of Nail Polish
  12. My budgie is exhibiting mating behavior
  13. mating behavior?
  14. Unexplained biting!
  15. Stretching Wings upon my entering?
  16. A bit of freedom for birdies?
  17. Help save my walls!
  18. Introductions didn't go well
  19. Do budgies need alone time from their people?
  20. Echo's behaviour has changed
  21. What the heck is my budgie doing
  22. Regurgitating.
  23. Why can't my girls get along...
  24. Biting!
  25. Kissing ok?
  26. are my budgies sad?
  27. Male Budgies Mate Behavior?
  28. Are Mating Behaviors Unhealthy in Very Young Female?
  29. Wow I can't believe that Indigo has a budgie behavior
  30. Will she grow out of it?
  31. My budgie is "pretending" to regurgitate?
  32. Mating Behavior Towards Baby
  33. attacking finger after giving spray millet :(
  34. Budgie scared of budgies
  35. Is my budgie happy?
  36. Very Defensive Budgie
  37. does your budgie eat and run
  38. Swimming in seed dish? (+ bad bite)
  39. Female budgie behaviour
  40. Night Activity?
  41. Extra cranky and biting lots
  42. Suddenly aggressive female budgie
  43. How I Get Budgie On Finger?
  44. Budgie watching tv
  45. Play fighting?
  46. They won't enter their new cage
  47. Budgie mourning mate
  48. Pacing
  49. Charlie is biting
  50. My two budgies won't get along
  51. Fighting
  52. how to stop them from fighting?
  53. Two males fighting
  54. Night Frights When I'm Gone
  55. Why has he suddenly become aggressive? And how to stop it?
  56. Budgie pair not bonded/seem to dislike each other (read inside)
  57. Copying other pets
  58. He just won't move
  59. Upside down
  60. Mirror licking?
  61. Learning words from other birdies
  62. breakthrough after 2 1/2 years
  63. How to keep budgies out of other birds cages?
  64. A.j.s behavior
  65. Switching Mates/Having Multiple?
  66. my budgie is scared and kinda quiet
  67. Strange Behaviour
  68. Budgies biting my ear
  69. Normal behavior?
  70. Very Active late night
  71. Budgies Hanging Onto Wall And SUPER Afraid of Toys?
  72. Singing and Head bobbing
  73. Help!
  74. Parakeet enjoys his toy too much.
  75. Are my budgies fighting?
  76. depressed
  77. Odd budgie behavior
  78. How do I know if little Rocket likes me?
  79. Aggressive Female
  80. maia budgie behaviour videos
  81. non-stop aggression, don't know what to do
  82. Budgie mimicing
  83. Eating too much
  84. Seeking out advice for rescue bird, we are both frustrated!!
  85. Quiet budgie
  86. Is my budgie angry or curious?
  87. Baby budgies vibrating
  88. budgie nibbling face-is it normal?
  89. Rescues fighting
  90. Need tips on how to teach budgie to mimic/talk
  91. Is she scared?
  92. Cuddles and snuggles?
  93. Baby Budgie regurgitation, Puberty?
  94. Too Stunned or Not scared
  95. Those naughty budgies!!
  96. Birdy backtracking on finger training
  97. How to teach him to play with his toys
  98. Budgie pulling out feathers?
  99. one of my budgies is throwing her food?
  100. Can I fix this situation?
  101. Why does Kyna start flapping her wings inside of her cage?
  102. Bully brother
  103. Roly is a squeaker
  104. Budgie mimicking
  105. Female budgie has nasty behavior
  106. They All Ignore Ginny
  107. Tweety bird won't move!
  108. Bickering budgies
  109. second budgie, made big mistake
  110. Is it possible for female budgie to be an "alpha"?
  111. Aggressive budgie!
  112. Vibrating wings??
  113. One Budgie to Two, back to One - Behavior Issues?
  114. How are they supposed to sleep?
  115. New budgie put in with current bird; concerned about behavior
  116. Changes in flock dynamics-what to expect
  117. Up The Ladder!
  118. Boredom or wanting to get out?
  119. Frustrated Male Budgie
  120. Budgie constantly wants to escape
  121. Hanging upside down
  122. Female Budgies Singing
  123. Budgies don't want to go back in cage...
  124. Help! New Budgie behavior baffling :-/
  125. The Mad Chewer
  126. Budgie bullying
  127. What does she want?! Advice requested.
  128. Suddenly Aggressive Female (Help)
  129. My budgie is obsessed with destroying my books
  130. Sunset Is acting weird :l
  131. Female budgie being aggressive at night
  132. Aggressive Budgie?
  133. How can I calm down an Aggressive Biting Female in heat?
  134. Female bullying male all the time
  135. Budgie Bully?
  136. Bullying over toys and food
  137. Getting more aggressive
  138. Frustrated with Budgie Behavior? Please read this thread
  139. Aggressive female budgie!
  140. Aggressive female budgie
  141. Suddenly Aggressive Budgie
  142. Oversexed, Aggressive Male
  143. bullying
  144. Budgie Bullying
  145. Screeching Budgies!
  146. Bird Terminology for Training