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Budgie Behavior

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  1. Budgie Breeding
  2. Sam flipping on his back...lol
  3. Budgie wants so bad to reach other budgies
  4. The saga of the mirror...
  5. Daisy does not play
  6. New female budgie aggressive towards current male? Do I have to return her?
  7. Panting after flight
  8. Separation, permanent?
  9. Do female budgies get a bad reputation?
  10. Rescue Budgie Questions
  11. Bossy budgie
  12. Body language
  13. Taming & Bonding Question
  14. Huge accomplishment
  15. Bickering
  16. Bonding with one after losing one :(
  17. Cute behavior but whats it mean?
  18. Female budgie raising her tail
  19. Budgie's developing aggression
  20. New Budgie behavior
  21. The digging budgie
  22. Budgie's obsession with the mirror
  23. Not leaving her cage
  24. Female Aggressive Toward Male
  25. Moody budgie
  26. Weird Behavior
  27. Squeaking
  28. Playing with Doodle
  29. Baby Budgie Sleeping & Swing ?’s
  30. Squawking help
  31. Budgie suddenly likes to fly onto me!
  32. Baby budgie flys into stuff
  33. Techno's Food Tantrum
  34. Budgie Happy, then skittish
  35. Preening Budgie ?
  36. Female Budgie behavior problems
  37. 4 budgies, 1 big problem.
  38. Male budgie bites me alot?
  39. How do I know when my budgies are comfortable with my hand?
  40. Budgies chewing their cage liner
  41. Budgies reluctant to trust me. Should I be worried?
  42. Self-Cleaning Budgies
  43. New Budgie - Training Question
  44. Psychologically Damaging to Listen to Budgie Recordings?
  45. Biting Help Please
  46. Questions about Budgies.
  47. Happily happy budgie starts aggressive behavior.
  48. Are we out of the woods?
  49. Squeaking for no reason
  50. Beak tapping & biting -what does it mean?
  51. Grieving budgies
  52. Beak grinding
  53. Long time since a post
  54. Should I put them in a smaller cage?
  55. Need advice
  56. My budgies act different at night time
  57. Quick wing flick
  58. anyone else's budgies love birdsong?
  59. Montyís Egg Laying
  60. I did it !!!!!
  61. budgie sounds, squack and chirping?
  62. Help on budgies?
  63. Are they cold and if so what to do
  64. One or two
  65. Ruffles feathers until outside cage
  66. Strange Budgie Behavior
  67. Throwing food on cage floor
  68. How long should the budgie sleep?
  69. Food bowl
  70. New to me budgies!
  71. Budgie Obsession with lights/Tv
  72. Budgie Jealousy Biting Problem
  73. Budgie acting weird
  74. Biting problems...
  75. Funny little quirk?
  76. Random flying in cage in the middle of the night
  77. injured or normal
  78. Weird Behavior?
  79. Healthy and fun alternative?
  80. Budgies always fight each other
  81. Budgie is attempting to brood her momís eggs
  82. Dislikes her cover
  83. Budgie Posture
  84. 2 Budgies - 1 super tamed while 1 less tamed
  85. My budgie has lost trust in me and is now very aggressive. Advice?
  86. Squeaky noise from budgie
  87. Drying/warming a budgie after bathing?
  88. Agressiveness
  89. Just A Curiosity Question
  90. Male budgie with an unhealthy relationship with toys, what do I do?
  91. Distress for not able to fly?
  92. How to stop bad behavior?
  93. Male is being a nuisance
  94. The Dreaded Teenager Phase
  95. Short Frayed Tail Feathers
  96. Can budgies be heard through a closed door/wall?
  97. Why does my female do this?
  98. I can't get why my bird went from loving me to hating me
  99. Squawking
  100. How do I deal best with Jimmy's anxiety?
  101. Is Skittles Ready To Be Handled?
  102. Crazy budgie
  103. Feather plucking!!!
  104. Can't tell if they're getting along?
  105. Strange obsession
  106. Kiger begging pippin to feed him
  107. Funny habit with talking
  108. Change in behavior
  109. How Much are my Budgies Sleeping?
  110. Cost and Procedure for sending a Budgie Overseas
  111. My budgie trying to mate with everything!
  112. Should I get a third budgie?
  113. pecking cagemate when grumpy
  114. Strange? movement
  115. Buddgies and nestbox problem.
  116. Can food aggression in budgies be fixed?
  117. Frustrated budgie?
  118. New weird behavior
  119. Budgie wasting food
  120. Bored Budgie
  121. Need help with understanding my budgies Behaviour
  122. Banging beak against my mouth?
  123. Male budgie doesn't like me
  124. Budgie lies down while eating
  125. Getting a friend for an agressive female...?
  126. Help! Best Friends Becoming Aggressive
  127. Is my budgie sick?
  128. Need advice on aggressive bird
  129. Is he just playing, or trying to feed his toy?
  130. My male budgie keeps pleasuring himself instead of mounting the female
  131. Help I think my budgie is Depressed
  132. Biting or Grooming?
  133. Hey!
  134. Lonely budgie
  135. New budgie replaced me?
  136. budgie lying on stomach
  137. Socializing young baby, at I expecting too much?
  138. these 2 dont seem to like to fly
  139. Birds sits at food bowl
  140. New parakeet is deathly afraid of my standing fan
  141. Mating
  142. Female being aggressive with male?
  143. Biting hands
  144. Why is one of my new budgies hanging from the cage at night time?
  145. Aggression to be concerned about, or normal teenage moodiness?
  146. Female budgie has mated with toy - what to do?
  147. What is normal baby budgie behavior?
  148. Teaching My Budgie to Talk
  149. Has my budgie warmed up to me?
  150. Kowhai's current behaivior
  151. Budgie is acting strange! Please Help!
  152. Bar pinging
  153. Tyr Settling In
  154. Vince's weird habit..
  155. Budgie and hands?
  156. Young male budgie suddenly aggressive?
  157. Troy & Risky together
  158. Aggressive female budgie
  159. Budgie suddenly being aggressive and flying away
  160. Squawking Budgie - To Seperate or Not?
  161. Kimmy stretching her toes in the middle of the night?
  162. Budgie suddenly bullying other budgie
  163. Worried.. He lost a flight feather..!?
  164. Budgie trying to jump on male Quaker parrots back?
  165. Help my budgie is acting strange!
  166. One Budgie Regurgitating and Feeding Another
  167. Lemmy
  168. Getting a Third Budgie
  169. Anyone know what he's doing?
  170. Is it normal for budgies to sleep like this?
  171. Female flirting like a boy budgie.
  172. Aggressive Young Budgie
  173. Budgie Body Language?
  174. Could my Budgie be hurt?
  175. Housing other birds with budgies
  176. How can I tell if my budgie likes me?
  177. 1 budgie is being picked on
  178. Enjoying head brushing but suddenly bites
  179. Discourage to go to certain spots
  180. Male budgie on top
  181. Wierd behaviour
  182. Monty wonít stop calling all day everyday
  183. Why is my budgie doing that?
  184. tail feather causing unbalance?
  185. Rocky closing his eyes when I talk to him
  186. Happy but bitey!
  187. Two new budgies
  188. Spikes on head and sneezing
  189. Greiving Budgie doesn't Accept New Budgie
  190. My Birds Are Now Competing For Me!
  191. Aerobatic budgie
  192. Scardey Cat
  193. Male Budgie Constantly Annoys Female
  194. New budgie is unhappy and not getting along
  195. Increase in ACK ACK ACK since moving to house with cat
  196. Senior budgies mating
  197. Veggies
  198. Plucked feather
  199. Budgie behavior
  200. Budgie bed?
  201. To seperate or not to seperate?
  202. My budgie Taco is suddenly not wanting to leave her cage?
  203. Obsessed with feathers
  204. Hormonal Budgies!
  205. Bird wants nothing to do with me!
  206. scared budgie
  207. Louis
  208. Clarification
  209. Desperately need advice on aggressive budgie
  210. Normal or wierd?
  211. is he Randy budgie syndrome
  212. New Budgie Help?
  213. Feather picking
  214. Questions about my budgie Beverly
  215. Is my Budgie Afraid of Me?
  216. My male budgie started to bite me?
  217. Is this normal or safe?
  218. Budgie & TV?
  219. Laying down while playing?
  220. Budgie pair not bonding
  221. jumping from high height
  222. Such a weird little bird
  223. Sideways over behavior and need advice!
  224. Chewing on the mirror
  225. Pauly and Bee
  226. My Birds Bite Each Other When Training
  227. Are These Ok?
  228. Flirting with Toys?
  229. Budgie Talks Back?
  230. Mating when not in Breeding Condition?!
  231. Quarantine Restlessness
  232. sleep time behavior?
  233. Does my parakeet hate me?
  234. My Budgies Keep Biting A Towel
  235. Why is my budgie not active?
  236. Budgie chewing her nails
  237. My budgie won't stop laying eggs?
  238. Beginnings of obsessive behavior?
  239. Can you keep 2 female budgies with one male budgie?
  240. Gentle Biting?
  241. Really bad fighting everyday
  242. English budgie question
  243. Weird Budgies !!!
  244. Incompatible personalities?
  245. Budgie won't eat until I do?
  246. Kimmy claims everything Jimmy has?
  247. Update on InkyBoy!
  248. Introducing new budgie- behaviour?
  249. Budgie regurgitating food.
  250. Budgie chasing??