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  1. Little kermits beak is going black
  2. help, sick budgie
  3. help! budgie bitten by a cat
  4. Tumor site scratched open
  5. Found blood in cage
  6. Poop Problem
  7. green lipped mussels powder
  8. Hand-fed baby budgie has issues with crop
  9. budgie making odd sounds at night
  10. Turbo and Cookie have their own little house now and Turbo seems much much happier
  11. Advice what "thought"was prolapse isn't
  12. Cutie choking
  13. Please help, mum's budgie isn't well
  14. New Budge is trembling
  15. Bald Spot on Oil Gland
  16. Update on Caesar/ Longterm Prednisone (corticosteroid) use?
  17. Help! Sick female Budgie
  18. Please help! Possible stomach problem?
  19. Hello all, another question please!
  20. help cutie is choking
  21. broken leg and neck collar
  22. Puffed up budgie
  23. blob of poop stuck to inflammed cuties's vent
  24. My budgie is very sick
  25. Bleeding toe
  26. I think my boy might be dying? I'm so scared
  27. Budgie broken leg.. Pls help urgent
  28. Rico got ahold of Tango
  29. Help pls - trying to save baby budgie
  30. Budgie Bleeding
  31. Sneezing and wheezing
  32. After vulgare oil he went into shock
  33. Parrot Kakariki stroke Help
  34. Is this tail bobbing? (video)
  35. Budgies seem to be pouring out too much water
  36. Budgie very sick and don't know what else to do
  37. Budgie Vomitting
  38. Sebastien - loss of feathers around eye
  39. Newspaper-eating budgie very sick, please help
  40. Blood Feather?
  41. Buddy's Toe
  42. Budgie has something on his cere! Does anyone know what this is?!
  43. Jester seems off
  44. My Poor Wee Joey: Large swelling
  45. Kimmy vomiting
  46. Blood in semen?
  47. Sick budgie
  48. Budgie with a crop infection
  49. Dying Budgie.
  50. I need help with my budgie ASAP
  51. Continuous pooping and diarrhea?
  52. Budgie Irina
  53. Fast deterioration in Ollie
  54. Branch is sick
  55. Swollen vent area and abdomen
  56. Balance Problems & Trouble Moving
  57. Serios trouble breathing :(
  58. Uh-oh! Ernie foaming at mouth
  59. Sick budgie
  60. Ollie pulling out own feathers (self mutilation)
  61. Foot injury?
  62. Vomiting and black droppings
  63. My old girl is very sick, how can I help her?
  64. Male budgie's cere colour change
  65. Exhausted Budgie
  66. Budgie’s cere trouble (one nostril enlarged?)
  67. Klink's injury
  68. Mysterious Illness
  69. Possibly Injured Budgie?
  70. Sick bird (vomiting?)
  71. Nemo was injured
  72. Sick birdy
  73. Beak breakdown?
  74. Fledgling very ill
  75. Cut the nail too short
  76. Budgie not eating for 2 days
  77. Rickey is sick
  78. Budgie having seizures
  79. Sick budgie ! What to feed ?
  80. Vomiting and now making sad noises
  81. Budgie swollen leg bleeding?!
  82. Concerned With New Budgie
  83. Injured baby
  84. Simon - baby budgie on bottom of cage fluffy and half closed eyes
  85. Runny, lime green poop of Budgie
  86. Please help me! Very sick bird.
  87. Giving meds to an anxious bird
  88. Budgie Tail Bobbing, HELP!
  89. Sick budgie, yellow vent, runny dropping, please help
  90. Feathers in eye and vomiting
  91. Please help! Sick budgie, vomiting, etc...
  92. Blocked gizzard
  93. Budige being sick
  94. Coughing seeds
  95. Ollie still has watery droppings
  96. Bad Foot / Leg - Over a week now.
  97. Injury help
  98. Poorly eye - scratching and closed
  99. Prince: Happy and Healthy!
  100. Eggbound Budgie
  101. My Budgie Has Died And Her Partner Is Stressed
  102. seriously ill budgie please help
  103. Eye problem
  104. Need help for a sick budgie
  105. Rio at Emergency Vet overnight
  106. Sick Budgie, hoping for some specific advice on how to keep him comfy
  107. my budgie can't eat in his own
  108. Please help if you can
  109. All 3 budgies seem very ill, need detailed response
  110. Wing is bleeding
  111. Budgie Bleeding
  112. Budgie died now the others are acting sick
  113. Beak has been torn off
  114. Budgie broke toenail
  115. Bone fracture
  116. I think my budgie very sick
  117. Is my budgie dying or close to death?
  118. Hurt wing...I think
  119. Budgie in Recovery from Respiratory Infection - But still very weak :(
  120. food not going into crop
  121. Budgie has a ruptured air sac?
  122. Budgie sneezing/coughing
  123. Banged up wing.
  124. Bleeding budgie.
  125. Laying on the cage floor
  126. smoke inhalation
  127. Sick Budgie
  128. Poorly Bird
  129. My budgie got injured
  130. My budgie is egg bound??
  131. Xanthoma getting worse-to operate or not ?
  132. Help! My sons bird isn't doing well :(
  133. Bleeding??
  134. Updates on Peatri
  135. Broken Blood Feather
  136. Egg binding?
  137. I might have just maced my birds!
  138. Budgie is acting very weird...
  139. My bird has diarrhea and is sleepy
  140. Any advice and opinions appreciated.
  141. Wings out, lethargic...
  142. Dizzy and fluffy?
  143. Malohkeh got medicine in his eye and it looks really red and sore?
  144. Blood on nostril
  145. Parakeet trying to laying egg?
  146. Budgie's chest swollen... Help! Pictures!
  147. Drowsy and Puffed up
  148. Help, my budgie is sick :(
  149. he losing his feathers, does he need to see a vet
  150. Sudden foot paralysis?
  151. Budgies Fighting
  152. Please advise. Do I need to go to vet
  153. Bourke - post egg paralysis
  154. Wet and vomitting budgie
  155. Female Budgies Keeps Sleeping
  156. Millet seed stuck in her throat...?
  157. Restless budgie, bobbing tail and heavy breathing
  158. Is this anything to worry about?
  159. What should I do
  160. Budgie caught own foot
  161. My buzz seems constipated
  162. My budgie has an injured eye
  163. foot care
  164. Egg Bound Quail!
  165. Budgie covered in oil !
  166. Suspect scaly face mite?
  167. Budgie got peroxide on her eyes
  168. Budgie in need of help!!
  169. my budgie is sick help me?
  170. Injured budgie help!
  171. Need help with suspected kidney issues
  172. Female Budgie and Blood
  173. Budgie Bleeding/No Avian Vet
  174. Bloody Preening Gland
  175. Overheating or ill?
  176. Growth on beak
  177. My budgie has a poorly eye?
  178. Parlyzed legs
  179. Coughing up Seeds
  180. Arthur Broke His Leg
  181. gases alfalfa sprouts
  182. Something wrong with her wings
  183. Budgie is very sick
  184. My budgie snowflake
  185. Budgie chick air in crop won't come out, starving
  186. Abnormal Budgie Behavior
  187. Fever!
  188. Budgie with liver problems, very sick
  189. Badly attacked by Cat
  190. Berry's Wing?
  191. Crust Around Eyes?
  192. Worrying neck movement
  193. Budgie still sick after vet visit
  194. Abcess advice
  195. Bleeding from beak and nostrils
  196. Bleeding above Cere?
  197. my budgie appears in pain
  198. Balding around the eye...
  199. injured eyelid
  200. Tiny cut on foot
  201. Blood on vent?!
  202. Budgie can't keep his balance
  203. Budgie with feet problems after antibiotics?
  204. Budgie was Bleeding - how do I handle this?
  205. Follow-up visit with vet tomorrow! (update)
  206. Brown "Growth"/Scab on Cere
  207. Susu didn't make it
  208. Cat attack earlier today- need advice
  209. strange noise
  210. Help budgie ankle red and swollen
  211. Help! Red on budgie's head
  212. Budgie Vomiting!
  213. Budgie Eye Problem
  214. Budgie has a wound !!
  215. Help! Burning light bulb
  216. My budgie has a injured leg
  217. my budgies wing
  218. Budgie choking when meds administered
  219. Sudden Illness
  220. Spiral has more issues-help?
  221. budgie's eye is closed , advice please !
  222. Cat got budgie
  223. Male budgie ill, still feeding young
  224. Budgie bit by cat and treated by vet//looking for ways to assist recovery
  225. Our little guy is sick
  226. My budgie sneezes blood
  227. Stoke or concussion?
  228. Swelling around eyes
  229. Cat attack! Very concerned!!
  230. Do Budgies Have Strokes?
  231. Lola's sick
  232. Splayed leg?
  233. 4 year old budgie has bald chest
  234. Budgie red around mouth
  235. Charlie has bumblefoot
  236. Cant stand on one foot
  237. cut foot bleeding
  238. Budgie recovering from mega bacteria
  239. Please help put my mind at ease
  240. Please help me find a vet online
  241. Melody is dying, please send prayers and positive thoughts to her
  242. Sitting in the emergency room now
  243. Nose Bleed
  244. Cat attacked budgie
  245. Tough Decisions
  246. budgie in hospital with mega bacteria
  247. Is my budgie dying?
  248. Melody is sick again, regurgitating and being fluffy all day
  249. Tail bobbing and other symptoms/ budgie overweight
  250. Foot gone partially numb