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Budgiekeet 12-29-2014 09:14 AM

Member of the Year 2014
Welcome all. It has been a tremendous year here at Talk Budgies. We have had lots of new members and lots of regulars sharing stories about our budgies and budgie care and sharing lots of pictures and sharing memories.

Each month we have chosen a "Member of the month" for someone special who stood out among all the wonderful people here with their assistance, sharing and kindness.

As we have done with the "Budgie of the Month", and chosen a "Budgie of the year", we have decided to do the same for the "Member of the month", and choose a "Member of the Year".

:happy4::clap: !WOOOOOOOOHOOOOOOO!:clap::happy4:

This past year we had 12 wonderful and deserving Members of the Month.

With a lot of hard work and perserverance we have whittled it down to one lucky and VERY deserving member.

This member has been very active with the forum each and every month. assisting others with their budgie questions. Her sharing of knowledge and genuine care of our budgies, as well as her genuine caring of all of us members can be seen in all the posts she makes.

Whether she is sharing a story about home or a story about her budgies she captivates us all. Her sharing of her budgie experiences helps a lot of us when we need assistance or reassurance.

She is always here to comfort us when we have losses and lend a kind word

Her sharing of recipes always gets a huge following.

:eek:OPPS! Did that just give it away?:eek:

Ok enough of the accolades now on to the announcement

The first annual Member of the Year



:grouphug::grouphug::grouphug::grouphug::grouphug: :grouphug:

Everyone gather around




Congratulations Despina

For her Member of the Year award
Despina will be receiving

300 karma points
1 year Membership Subscription
Color of her User ID is now Magenta because Member of the Year is a "Special Award".


skastle 12-29-2014 09:29 AM

Congrats Despina :)

FaeryBee 12-29-2014 09:37 AM


for the

Thank you for being such a wonderful member and friend!

PipSqueakZ 12-29-2014 09:50 AM

kaka 12-29-2014 09:54 AM

Congratulations :cup: (you must have some budgie blood in you to be so active) :)

nuxi 12-29-2014 09:54 AM



Budget baby 12-29-2014 10:42 AM

What a wonderful and well deserved reward for you Despina,:first::happy4: you are always offering your love and care to all who need it. Your recipes are so yummy too, congratulations and best wishes for your win.

despoinaki 12-29-2014 10:47 AM

Oh My!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Am I Member of the Year?? This is such a big honour for me, thank you!!!
You are all so kind!! Thank you so very much!!!
TB is a great family for us here, so this is so good!!! I am grateful that I have so great friends here and we have so much fun! :D

Impeckable 12-29-2014 10:50 AM

Congratulations Despina, you deserve it !!

dsavino 12-29-2014 11:42 AM

:first: congratulations Despina!

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