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FaeryBee 08-13-2014 02:04 PM

Requesting a Signature
Please keep in mind there are particular size limitations for each User Group on the Talk Budgies Forum:

0 - 99 posts - 300 wide pixels by 150 pixels high
100 - 999 posts - 400 pixels wide by 250 pixels high
1000+ posts - 500 pixels wide by 350 pixels high

If you would like to request a signature, you have a couple options. :)

1. You may request a signature by creating a thread in this forum asking that one be made for you.

2. You may send a Private Message requesting a signature.

In order to make the process easier -- please be sure to include:

~ photos of the pets you want included in your signature
~ Text is not recommended in your signature, but if you want any included, be sure to make that known (e.g. pets' names, your user name, real name, favorite quote)
~ whether you're a male or female (yes this helps, you don't want a feminine looking signature if your a male, do you?)
~ Include the gender of your budgies as well if they have a "unisex" type name. ;)
~ preferred colors

If you would like you may copy and paste the following into your thread.


Signature Form

Pictures you want:
Pet Names & Genders:
User Group:
If you have particular questions about signatures, please feel free to contact me via Private Message.

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