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  1. Budgie Pictures
    I wanted to pose him with my new dress, which is a 50s swing dress and is a lovely shade of blue. He didn't really like it but hung around for a photo anyway.
  2. General Budgie Talk
    Hello everyone, I got my lovely 8 week old budgie last Saturday and have been super excited about how quickly it (sorry but gender is undetermined atm!) has settled in to it's new home in my room. Unfortunately, despite dusting and vacuuming daily, I am starting to worry that the dust may be...
  3. Budgie Videos
    Ever since Nelle had a little night fright when a different alarm sound went off, and I went to his cage and cuddled him in my hands to calm him down, he has been sooooo cuddly with me! I think he finally realized that I'm here to love and comfort him :)
1-3 of 18 Results