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  1. General Budgie Talk
    I bought these beautiful Budgies yesterday, so it’s their second day at our house. Can you tell me by looking at the pics attached their gender and how old they might be?? The seller said they were too young to be able to identify their gender and he said they were around 5 months but I’m not...
  2. General Budgie Talk
    Hello guys! I have a yellow budgie named Minion and the lady I got it from wasn’t sure what it’s gender is or age. I think it’s a boy and maybe 5 months? I’m not sure because Minion is my first budgie and I got him or her a couple months ago. And he or she has been moulting for 1 month now, I...
  3. Determining Gender
    Hi this is my new budgie Lemon! Can anyone help with age and gender? I'm thinking boy but I'm not sure?? :clearwing 1:
  4. General Budgie Talk
    Hi i guess you could say I'm a new budgie gramma! We brought home two new birds about 2 weeks ago. On my daughters 7th birthday she and her sister picked out 2 parakeets. It's been about 30 years since I've had one of my own - the sweetest bird ever! I however don't know a lot about them and...
  5. Determining Gender
    Hi - I always wanted a parakeet but never had one. This guy caught my eye at the pet store and so I went for it. I know he's a male -- however I didn't know about aging birds before I bought him. I might have picked a younger one had I known some of the indicators, but, he's really great and...
  6. Determining Gender
    Have a few photos of my DF dominant pied parakeet (5-6 months) and a normal parakeet (4-5 months) :blue pied::cobalt: I was wondering what are their genders? Their age are predicted, forgot to ask how old they are when I adopted them in the pet store.
  7. Taming and Bonding
    Hi, first post here! I've been lurking for a few months now though, loving all the great advice on here. As a newbie budgie owner you've all been a great help to me! I've had my budgie (Zelda) for about 4 months now. It's been an interesting 4 months to say the least! A bit of "one step...
  8. General Budgie Talk
    Hello everyone, I'm introducing my two new budgies Summer and Cotton. I was curious about their age. They both have their baby bars so does that mean they are under 4 months? :budgie:
  9. General Budgie Talk
    These are my budgies Alpha on left and Charlie on right ... I got them 3 days back from a friend... I want to know are they looking ready for breeding?... should I place a nesting box?
  10. General Budgie Talk
    I have a few pictures if it helps!
  11. Mutations and Genetics
    This beautiful lady (I assume) had landed on a tree in my garden. I'm already owned by a handsome budgie, and they have been getting along pretty well after the quarantine period. I would like to have some help in identifying her age, sex and age if possible. Finally, I just love this forum...
  12. General Budgie Talk
    We are having a hard time deciding if Loki is a girl or not. We are also not sure of her/his age, although we have now had her/him for a month. Any information would be great!
1-12 of 35 Results