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  1. Your Budgie's Health
    My green budgie has randomly started making weird noises at me. I've had my two budgies for nearly 2 years now and he's never done it before. He usually does it in the night before bed but sometimes during the day too. I can't work out what the sound means. Is he angry, in pain? They've never...
  2. New Member Introductions
    Hi there, New to this forum and got a budgie less than a month ago. He is less than a year old and male. The breeder has hand-tamed them and taught him to step up. Diet is mainly seeds (what the breeder fed him but I'm looking to slowly transition into pellets), and daily veg and fruit. He is...
  3. Budgie Behavior
    My budgie what I have had since yesterday, called Wheatley, I have set up a perch for him in the corner of my room and when I first put him in the cage he was OK with me stroking him and petting him (slightly scared and would move away at times). He started sitting on his makeshift perch and...
1-3 of 11 Results